God the one word in every word. Infinite words in the word God. God the word is infinite of words. No one word alone reserved for God. Trinity is three (3) levels of God existence under creation. God is not by number but number is very important in our human life. One religion or many but God has no religion. Religion depends on what, when, where, why, who wrote, who does, how, Etc. Religion that stands for almighty God comforts every human free religion, no harm or disturb, regardless of belief. Christianity has as many as 3800 denominations yet in the internal sense everyone offers comfort to all people through Christ is God. In God each of us stands the same that everyone is only one of us - Religion is human story of God. - God action is Righteousness - God in God or God the Almighty or Christ the Lord - Christ is God in human ways, the Word of God. God is outside time and space and matter the infinite is in every split second. God is infinite can count how many apples in one seed while religion can count how many seeds in one apple - We live in God that God touch us as we deserve. Trees stand in the Sky but no tree touches the Sky. The world is Diversity Awareness Almighty. God and religion are like man and woman or Truth and the story or in the beginning and made in earth. Regardless religion everyone stands the same queue God for what will happen the next. Those who have God's eye and ear will see and listen. Those who attained the Word will serve. This website is not of a religious declaration.

Trinity represents Three functions unity the Almighty - they are God in human ways equal in Holy - the Trinity is heart mind and soul in God spiritual stand. God and Man and Woman - Almighty and Christ and religion - Jew and Christian and Muslim (Three religions from same base) - TRINITY SIGNIFY GOD IN the WAYS OF LIFE on earth - Trinity is service of God above written


Holy Quaran: Certainly should not dispute Holy Bible says God (Allah). Holy Quaran Chapter 10 Verses 194: "But if you are in doubt as to what We have revealed to you, ask those who read the Bible before you, certainly the truth has come to you from your Lord, therefore you should not be of the disputers". Chapter 10 Verses 29: "Therefore Allah is sufficient as a witness between us and you that we were quite unaware of your serving (us)". +++Thus needless is Muslim argument on Christian - God is love, this not we loved God but that God loved us - God the Word not argument : Archbishop Abraham Christ:: Trinity is perfect reflection of God ( Allah) - that - Trinity is perfect reflection of the Father ( Allah) - Trinity is perfect reflection of the Son - ( Allah) - Trinity is perfect reflection in the Holy Spirit ( Allah) - please read the concluding of "Why Christ".

On God human edit, update, revise, alter, correct, change, amend, adapt, polish, redact, interpret, study, reflect, retrace, survey, consider, assess, examine, criticize, weigh, modernize, rejuvenate, renovate, recast, reorganize, rework, reform, reshape, remake, adjust, convert, transform, remove, reject, split, variation and so on are many religions and its divisions and subdivisions. All those are man - True in me is invisible of none of those and invisible is religion in me - God is invisible - God declaration is indivisible - human declaration is divisible and divisebly bad.

Trinity is mystery beyond human comprehend - It is heavenly truth through earthy human ways - Father the heavenly Son and the Spirit in unending unity in human life< - True religion is invisible - True Christianity is invisible - the Father and the Son and Holy Spirit is invisible - Names, sounds, shapes, visible are ways humans can clear the path

The highest sameness in all things is one God of all - there is no separate God for any thing - Muslims too understand one God three highest functions is Trinity - Islam has +1000 names for one God - God is God without a name - name is a name for human purposes - not as that many persons but can be that many persons in God - no religion greater than God unman - God is one regardless what is believed - always everywhere - Names signifys functions/service - a brother can be: father - son - husband - friend - neighbor - citizen - priest and so on, it is true God has many names as and when presence needed - every human has more than one name - Every human or every name invisibly stands the line God to happpning beyond earthly life - One God is sameness in understanding not as a count - if sameness is missing God is missing - in geomatry a triangle AB/BC = BC/AC = AC/AB = 1 = the measure can be different for the type and function, each side measure for its function - Trees stand in the sky but no trees touch the Sky - no man touches God - don't take God in vain has meaning beyond knowledge - in the Holy 1 or 1000 or any just the human - even with all knowledge this body, even earth or religion itself is remainder of a life - living in the remainder call many names and enjoy for this life - People are set for their community, however, alive with the Truth to remove darkness - Know God humble and simple equally helping others to live risen from darkness - Christ Abraham - God Healing - Everyone standing the invisible line God for everything happens - Do God for God will stand with you - Earth is short stay in God, same as all stars or planets, same as you too in God - and will end name-less as everything earthly - Do God while you are living and is the same the earth also to do God, remove darkness for THY KINGDOM COME. I wrote these words :with Christ in God - Christ is God in human ways or in human understanding - you may write with yours in God - at the end result the sameness in God - One God

Trinity simplyfies God in human ways for manifestation of three functions of the Holy - Infinity all are. Trinity identity of the future is the Holy Spirit, of the current is the Son and of always is the Father. Trinity past present future timelessly living God - Trinity early man is man in terms of future man - Anyone can calim wrong is right - Jesus Christ God in human ways - angels - birds - plants - animals - fishes - and other planets God is the sameness known of own ways - "Healing Creed". Few illustrations below -

God is Unman - The Trinity is Unman - "the Word" - the Word is invisible Noun for the Scriptures speak so much more than the message in religion - Trinity speaks God functions in three forms of service, different workings of the same Spirit with individual manifestation of the Spirit. Speaks more than father (mother), son (daughter), husband (wife), in relationship yet the Same person. Trinity the early man is man in terms of future - the Father - Son - Holy Spirit is one in all

God is one - God of God one God. God is unbreakable and undividable. The same person you can be father, son and husband - Trinity neither breaking nor dividing but better in function being human. God is unman, the word one is for human understanding of the Sameness, it is not of human counting of 1 - 2 - 3 etc. Such the Trinity is not THREE but God Almighty Holy Sameness (1) Word Past - God Creator - God Father and of the (2) Word Present - God Son - God in Action and of the (3) Word Future - God Holy Spirit - Clean Hope. It is the Same of the Future and of the Present and of the Past in sameness - one means common understanding among men - is the same Trinity to functions of the past of the present of the future - the Holy Spirit the hope of the future in human words and such is Infinity in Christ - God of yesterday God of today God of tomorrow is the Same God Holy is one God. Once we enter into the future will be judged of the past and of the present for result or even the Salvation - Enter deep in God will find the Spirit is neither one nor Trinity or Infinity, but clean human spirit is the Trinity. God is Salvation not count - "+The Word is God+"

Holy the Bible: The Spirit of Lord God fills the whole world. It holds all things together and knows every word spoken by man, alleluia ( Wisdom 1:7 ) - the Spirit fills every place in the ocean, on the land, and the heaven. It is Unman - not counted of the man one or three or infinite but is the Sprirt, the Sameness every where. Trinity is the clean Spirit, the very same God the Spirit in your place and life yet you pilgrimage for a belief.

A man who traditionally believe seen the Sun in the Sky when explained the Sun is millions of miles away, byond of human eyes - not possible to see that far - seen was an image within eye reach in earth atmosphere he understood and agreed not seen the Sun. If not clean spirit it is not that easy to change religion but in either case true understanding serves better.

Brothers and sisters of the world: You would not say "Trinity is One God" if not the Holy Spirit in you. In much deeper: No one can say "Trinity is One God" except by the Holy Spirit. Only unclean spirit can argue. God the Spirit has different forms of service and workings of the same Lord with individual manifestation of the Spirit, such should be scripted in fulfillment of the Faith. In the Fulfillment only everyone speaks in one heart - understands in one Spirit - The fulfillment is manifestation to Peace and Love of the Spirit to clean benefit - the Trinity is the mighty Act one God unman Holy.

"Abraham Creed"


Abraham Cross

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Three functions of the same spirit is Trinity. The Father Son and Holy Spirit - Holy things consist of Trinity in function - such is countless examples of proven the Trinity, the following are a few -

1. Worship God at home, Mosque and at Mecca � ( Three in one ) Muslim

2. 3 Abrahamic Riligions: Jewish � Christian � Muslim ( There in one )

3. Nature, man, woman � ( Three in one ) birth

4. Mind � thought � words (three in one ) Talk

5. Womb � earth � eternal ( Three in one ) Life

6. Past � present � future ( Three in one ) Time

7. Heaven Earth Hell ( Three in one ) Judgment

8. Space � matter and Time ( Three in one ) Universe

9. Ocean � land � air ( Three in one ) Earth

10. Fire � Light � Heat ( Three in one ) Energy

11. Ice � water � steam ( Three in one ) Strength

12. Life � liberty � prosperity ( Three in one ) Freedom

13. Food � Clothing � Shelter ( Three in life ) Survival

14. Learn � do it � save it for future ( Three in one ) Happiness

15. Christ Way � Life � Truth ( Three in one ) Jesus

16. In construction Triangle ( Three in one )

17. Bible Old � New � Coming back ( Three in one ) Testament

18 Mind God Almighty ( memory - prayer - life are kept ) 18. Executive, Legislative - Judicial ( Three in one ) Government

19. For self, others for you - you for others ( Three in one ) prayer

20. Love - Peace - Happiness (Three in one) Salvation

21. Spirit - Water - Blood ( Three in one ) Jesus

22. Grace (Jesus) - Love (God) - Fellowship (Holy Spirit) - (Trinity)

23. Father - Son - Holy Spirit (Trinity) - God

24. Love the Lord with whole heart - soul - mind (Trinity)

(1. In the beginning was the Word - 2. the Word was God's presence - and 3. Word was God ( Three in one ) "+The Word is God+" - Countless simple examples that Trinity is the function of the One.

Triangle is one which has three angles inseparable and simultaneous. Triangle has three sides, three corners and three angles and are three types of triangles. The one that all three sides, angles and corners are equal is the Christian - Trinity - among similar triangles it seems the best fix fit similar - on function may be called sides: AB - AC - BC, angles BAC - ABC - BCA, triangle ABC - BCA - CAB but still the same one equi-triangle - Others too believe in Trinity but on irregular may accuse the Right is the earth.

Among many religions Muslim a religion to stand for peace but attack Christians while others agree or not would not hate as such - Clean or unclean the mind speaks what is possessed - God so great in such do they charity and where their charity goes - if so much oil in Christian hands the earth would have been heaven by now

FIGURE OF SPEECH: MAN SPEAK ABOUT GOD WHILE GOD IS UNMAN - MAN SPEAKS ABOUT GOD WHAT IS REVEALED BUT THERE IS BIG GAP WHAT GOD IS AND WHAT IS KNOWN. What human speak is only a figure of speach by culture or mind on the UNMAN SPIRIT. FATHER - SON - HOLY SPIRIT - Angel - Saint all are figure of speech - JESUS CHRIST too otherwise Godwise is God - FOR TRUE GOD WHAT SO EVER YOU CALL IN YOUR CULTURE TOO - In emergency: A police car - Fire Dept Truck - Ambulance Van - Calling Bell - Thunder in the Sky - and so on are figure of speech - For God Father Son Holy Spirit - Trinity and so on - when figure of speeach ends then is God and I was there too where ended