The highest and best healing to any problem is volunteer the Almighty - do righteous of the Almighty to someone who needs God help

Mind is this world that blocks the Almighty healing alive in you. By pass this world for the Almighty - God of simple things serves result of the Almighty that unlike the five elements of life on earth existances will appear of life on earth. Although many were present only few had vision God/angel appeared - seen was not of physical - willing heart enlightend the self by passed world of mindset - mindset is seen the Sun and stars that they are far beyond the eyes - seen was the light rays reflected from maximum vision some where earth's atmosphere. Eclipses but never when light rays begun the journey from the Sun, because it is not a part of human intellect - man cannot calculate how many galaxy until the light arrives here. In other words "the world does not know the Almighty". There are stars further far not yet the light reached on earth even at speed two Lakhs miles per second - can you imagine the Power and far distance - that musch and more Power Mightly Universe by the Almighty, no one can imagine the Almighty - Yet in our lives "God of simple things - God of life - within split of a second" That is Almighty truth beyond intellectual truth. Join me Volunteer the Almighty - you do it ownself that you don't have to tell me - I introduce to it myself in the Greatness, the Almighty. Your healing is my heavenly joy, volunteer the Almighty.

The Almighty speaks to man in human ways - inhabitants of other planets in those ways - but the Heavens beyond universe there is only one language for all, the Almighty, that is the Religion for God in my human.

Volunteering the Almighty is life on the Almighty activated in the Almighty - Divine Providence of healing, blessing, charity, Thanksgiving, timely Incarnation for the self and others. Volunteering the Almighty is heavenly greatest and keep in heart you are healed of the Almighty. Wish the Almighty and perform the righteouness you expect from others - look at parable Good Samaritan a volunteer of the Almighty. Volunteer to heal the sufferings from the sick world - Do in simple kindness never a show off authority or luxury - It is PEACE and JOY when the troublesome world rejects you. True volunteer is like of a battary in life, Christ the action of the Almighty, the world does not and cannot know the Almighty but do know Christ the action. The world does not know the Almighty but the action is known Christ. For miracle healing if asked what is your offer to God - never reply offering things of material world FOR HEALING - REPLY "WILL VOLUNTEER THE ALMIGHTY" - (Financial support necessary is moral part of the healing) - Volunteer the Almighty at least after attained a miracle healing. Non-Christians too can Volunteer. It is Divine Providence "God Is". Salvation is the offer of the Almighty.

How can you activate the Almighty - the world does not know the Almighty thus how can you volunteer the Almighty? The Almighty is original the Wisdom before religion in every person. Material gains are morals of the world - Divine Providence is the Almighty. Life is nothing else just tale of the Almighty and you (action word Christ) - melody of love - imperfect love cause problems - there is stream of perfect pleasure in every heart - volunteers stand divine bank melody of love support others is of willing heart. At the Time of True salvation everyone is in the self no one think of the other, even now in perfection no materialistic watch or comparison.

Action word for the Almighty is Christ - Volunteering the Almighty is action word Christ - Christ in Service is Divine Providence. “Volunteers of Christ in Service” is a volunteer mission the Almighty in service. A child or stranger volunteer cries out for help and the help arrives from unknown. A member you are "Almighty in Service". Register in heart you are volunteer of Christ in Service. Do in personnal commitment both for the self and public, is of Jesus heart. It is you are immitating "God Is". At any rate volunteer the Almighty in maintaining life and attained healing.

GOD and the ALMIGHTY? One God all people if so why some are suffering more than others, some have many things than others, why wars and nations, is God injustice etc? Answer:-

Answer: God as the Almighty is misunderstood. People pray/worship God wrong on "GOD IS" for the Almighty. God is the highest moral one God on the Almighty. As lessen morals are many Gods, thus are many religions, many sufferings, and differences are much. The world does not know the Almighty. The Almighty is unman and never an intellectual truth. The Almighty works with all even the the least and discarded by the world. There is not even an extra drop of the Almighty greater in the highest human than a poor. Volunteer the Righteous self beyond the world of riches, intellectual, religious etc. The Volunteering is two way action, Cry of a child for help fron unknown and help arrives - but as grown wishing the Almighty. Volunteer the Almighty is the charity of the Almighty. Volunteer individually as well as with local, national and international levels. Volunteer prayer group on the Almighty. Willing and living Righteousness is great moral but "the Volunteers of Christ in Service" selves the Almighty and lead Almighty Healing. If any question contact: godhealing@yahoo.com

A child may not know the parents but receiving the service both the child and parent are volunteers in the Almighty, the word God is appropriate for moral by the Almighty is the action. We all are educated by morals and we are the one children of the Almighty. It is not intellect or religion etc of a child knowing the parent. The world does not know the Almighty. Every person always is a volunteer for the Almighty but person may not identify it. The community and the world itself are organized on volunteer missions depending on every human regardless of known or unknown God. No one is less important than any one else or a believer and at times every one can be miracle of the Almighty God who Is. Attain the insight and volunteer the Almighty.

God is the highest moral one God on the Almighty all people, the Almighty. Every person is a body of volunteer organs, every community or country is an institution of volunteers. Volunteer is function of life. Every organization is an organization of volunteers. The volunteer makes person or nation strong. The most volunteer participation makes the country strong. Government fails if none or the least volunteered in the government. Strength of a government is the most citizens take share. “Volunteers of Christ in Service” is human integration in the Almighty of all people. Do God by self for miracle healing needed.

Why Christ? Christ is neither moral nor religion or intellegence, or physical or world etc, Christ is the Service of the Almighty. The Almighty existed before world names came into being, thus the Almighty does not require a name for the Almighty. That at the end of human life "God Is" is the Almighty. Service of the Almighty is the Healing, healing individuala and the world, God Healing regardless big or small every human being praying. God - Gods lessen the moral may change value. As a human volunteer Christ of God the Almighty I choose the title “Volunteers of Christ in Service”. The world of intellectual truth: mitigation, preparation, response and recovery, people of Christ is the most in victim service over morals of the world. Christ of the Almighty is beyond Christ of God - Christ the Almighty - Volunteer for how much you can be in the Service. Whosoever is of willing heart the self healing offer will come forward and for others too.

If an emergency or disaster happens at your reach you can be a volunteer of Christ in Service to help the victims. Individuals are the First responders before any organized victim service arrives. You can be the victim as well as the first responder. Personally volunteering to be Christ in Service is the greatest and highest common factor among all people. The world does not know the Almighty. Any one can volunteer Christ of the Almighty or God of the Almighty. On listening me now you may be laughing on me but when emergency or disaster strikes on you it will no more a joke or laughing matter, so get involved "Volunteers of Christ in Service" now on.

You may be a member of Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Pentecostal or others, that is religious part of the Christian volunteering Christ in Faith. Religion, Faith or Religion can be changed but service to a victim volunteering the Almighty shall be an Instant Command inborn the Almighty. Study a religion you will find the Instant Command happened through stars, animals, birds, fishes and plants so on. If you are Non-Christian and do not like the word Christ transilate to your language of Saviour of God the Almighty to fit in your best satisfaction.

There are two types of volunteers. Spontaneous and registered. Spontaneous are on the spot volunteers and are many, their willingness or ability to serve as volunteer was not registered because they never thought of an emergency or they would not care in general or they did not know such registration available. Registerted are prequalified by the value of willing and ready and able to take position as and when necessary. When problem happens every one calls the Almighty but those who taken the membership shall be accepted or considered first. Registered volunteers established willing heart and qualified, they keep the insight and character the selves, taken the blessings and responsibility of service. They are healers of God on the Almighty, the Salvation of souls.

Life Saving - Protection of life and property - You life and property are in the hands of the Almighty - your property is your body and organs of your body your property is also your mind - Life is the Almighty and property is moral and in Christ is the activation among human beings on the Almighty. Christ is the action word the Almighty, it sounds and feel greater than saviour - The Almighty activated is Christ – God is people activated morals AND Christ is the Almighty Activated among people - There is only one Christ but many denominations. For a true Christian the purpose is not the religion but is Christ is Service. The religion seeks membership, religions want you to follow them - "the Volunteers of Christ in Service" for Christ in service, the Almighty, you will be above crowded world of morals. This will volunteer true God, true life, true faith and true healing exists in the Almightybut the Salvation of Christ. Organize the Volunteers and serve victims if emergency or disaster strikes amongst you, your community, your nation and internationally.

What if you do not like the word Christ being it is Christian? The word is your culture, you may comfort word of your faith in the Almighty, and the Almighty will guide you as you are in the Almighty. It will take time to change a culture or tradition by education that ask the Almighty to enlighten instantly the Truth of the Almighty. Conduct charity, victim service, interfaith meetings, seminars, leadership classes helping victims is need. Disaster strikes all but those who in the Almighty are covered with protection. Christ is Service is equally for all, no one shall be left behind for Christ in Service. Taken the membership shall Serve the Almighty.

Since 2000 when I started this website so many persons from all seven continents contacted me for miracle healing. Some wants the healing in confidential on behalf of faith, religion, celebrity, etc., all wish to receive miracle healing but never wants to testify for others. Some wants to keep confidential in the nature of the sickness or problems. Such persons do not wish to provide correct information saying God knows. Some persons doubt miracle, yet try any way. Remember: God knows every thing that the Almighty Know you heart on your excuses, please do not contact me saying excuses. Be honest before us in the Almighty. Thank you. PRAYER CHANGES LIFE - PRAYER CHANGES GOD - PRAYER CHANGES THE ALMIGHTY - thus I pray for you - You may lead “Volunteers of Christ in Service” in the community you are. You may keep the purpose in your confidentiality. And expand the mission to region and worldwide if possible in your ability. Religion talks the Almighty – We act the Almighty – Ittycheria Abraham

An average of 3 healing requests I receive per day, most requsts are:- cancer - kidney problems - diabtic - HIV - mental disorder - family problems - financial problems - employment - old age parents - used to get many requests on migrant but none recently.

Example of seeing God - we see diffetrent but can Volunteering the Almighty: I was at a sepecial Sunday School class in a very rich and famous church. The room was highly decorated, expensive material silk carpet with picture cross very beautifully designed. Others saw the cross as beautiful church decoration but I denied steping on that carpet that I saw the Cross in heart. Every one stunned on my comment - before next Sunday they replaced the carpet.

VOLUNTEER CHRIST IN SERVICE - VOLUNTEER THE ALMIGHTY - The world does not know the Almighty that does not mean you do not but is warning you be carefull - You are human an individual surrounded by of not knowing you and the Almighty such that mistake can happen by you as well as by the world - Begin every day wishing the Volunteer for the day to come and look for to perform - Remove the sins of the world Volunteer the Almighty - Let it grow from you too to the entire world that the True Life starts with you too!!! ( www.godhealing.org )

You have seen only one Sun but the Suns are many in the cosmic universe. God is not an intellectual truth but no intellectual person can deny God. O Almighty steal me from me and hide me in your heart