GOD Spiritual Offer: receive God miracle healing - many were healed and many more will be. Miracle of God to you and you to others signify Salvation of your soul - Blessed be you - first decide the healing you want from God, make new yourself accept the Offer - your innocent sufferings and losses will be healed and intentional will be healed on made new yourself - in thanking and sacrificing make spirtual offer to help others - Purity in God true God from true God will Heal you Bless you Protect you Guide you Stay with you Make new you - and Eternal salvation God the Purity for you above all reliogins: God Healing - God Miracle - God offer from God above all the created. God existence in you unman becomes neither noun nor verb or word of man possible, above religious ways - In simple Mighty the Beginningless endless nameless timeless spaceless shapeless sizeless inseparable indisputable Purity all in all infinite above the Creation unman wordless eternal purity you can attain from the standardised human communication common terminology God. Attain God in heart - God heart for the creation Instant Miracle Healing. God existence undefinable in the shared created life, God is free of sharing and believing. Meditate God in good times to recover from bad times. Infinity visible is shared between visible and invisible. God infinity invisible above visible infinity. God infinity invisible is empty learning God. God above any human activity inclusive belief in God. Attain the offer child of God above a true believer. Attain in God above in religion - God offer to you are above agreed peace and love and shared truth and blessing. Creation shadow of God and Man image of God under the Creation through purity with purity in purity in heart will attain infinite offer from God unspeakable the vast. God above infinity man the image of God creation shadow of God and salvation body of God in the creation in the eternal of God. Eternal life of Eternal God above salvation. Salvation is qualification from the creation man should serve each other the eligibility. Offer God all in all purity above the creation and the salvation and the spirit. Saved from the creation is the salvation and God above the salvation is serving Purity in the creation. God Offer above spirital offer yet used spititual for early understanding in God. God all in all God exists of no other way - God above all human standard terminology. God is God only God anything separable is not God, that two spirits, human can be deceived by the opposite in the name of God, God inseparable must not be used with words of separable, therefore first go God in invisible heart Purity - obedience to life purity no harm to others - Life above body of life no word in self - you shall revoke anything other than God to attain God the Offer. Salvation for creation God above Salvation, spirit of the creation God above the creation. At any place you are first in heart revoke the opposite and invoke God and the heart enter into and stay on the purpose you are there. Invoke God only of no human wise because human is deceived by spirit promises in the name of God. God is greater than the standard terminology communication, for God righteous view God above the spirit divided between good and evil. God never dies otherwise might have been killed by the opposite, so in the creation good and bad your own experience. Purity the Image activated under the Shadow shall attain amazing from God - God salvation neither past or present or future nor old or new that God make new all things is the creation, not the salvation - God the Purity neither old nor new or belief - God the eternal anything separable of any reason is not God. Between religions separable is not God and what is intogether is for God - God above all that everyone looks at God for the victory - God the total Purity is above all human ways usages holy and evil spirits. In God always God only of no comparision good and bad, or holy or evil or friend or enemy. God above the human common termonology of love and peace and worship and salvation etc, God second to none always and everywhere that everyone looks at God for help. God infinite within every split second the Offer in instant as well. In God less is more and a lot more and the least itself is infinity. Infinity for student can be a big or unreachable number while also as small minute as invisible in God as how much the student wanted to be. Man image of God infinite helping each other. God everlasting no word under creation fits God, that in God no word evelating, while human standarised words are used for common communication. We make new things for victory with us while the victory or salvation neither old or new within in God. At perfection will see God in and through heart of no earthly speakable or no important to others. The Offer God I am and we are, may and can be you too, not a religious declaraton while Spiritual Offer earthly right can a religion. In God bad never exists that God is greater than the saying good God, that God no separation no division than comparision not in God. God is greater than saying holy Spirit so as greater than evil Spirit, God is greater than Beginningless nameless timeless spaceless. God is greater than human knowledge wisdom of eternal. Humans are image of God, the image of God man has shade in the Communication while watch the shade is from the Eternal whom you are the image for the true value to receive. God is God no human terminology matches, influence by the created the words and things as God by the Spirit is not God. Anything we know or we can know is not the God. God in simple is Purity and the purity terminology is one God - God make new all things the purity maping out are religions, the God has no religion. Commonsense for God is greater than religions. God within everyone keeps the Purity above religious objectives. Lost the Purity is not of God. Do righteous is done the purity God. God is action verb of the almighty unman. God is help - God helps - God help the highest. God offer us God eternal above the salvation - Eternal is above the salvation - Eternal is God. Word spocken spirit is creation to good and bad spirits - while God all in all speachless experience within now word possible. Bad spirit confuse between good and bad takes over in cunning. Knowledge is power for the word while purity is power for the Eternal.In the Common Terminology for communication God the Spiritual is spiritual offer - Image of God the nature we help each other. God all in all exist nameless timeless and spaceless above our level of creation. The creation God offer highest is Salvation. Salvation is mercy favour. Salvation is a grant. Salvation is a reward. The creation is way of salvation. Before the creation all in all was God of total purity of no issue of salvation. Creation is tutorial to return to God through salvation. Salvation is position between the creation or human life and God. God offer us the salvation in accepting us in God. Purity of life is the passing grade needed - earthly diversities must pass through the purity. Live in purity God is above salvation. Live in Purity God is above spirit. Live in purity God is Nameless. Salvation is invisible spiritual creation of God likewise of God created heaven and earth. There was existence no creation and no salvation when all in all God. Salvation is higher creation of God to attain through purity qualified - Then the cunning in humans made religions maping out the purity. Under the creation God purity attains the salvation while in religions are impurity added the belief in God. god has or is not religion. Religion or not must pass the purity to qualify the salvation. Spiritually every man the same while religiously is great and least. Human God is spiritual. Spiritual is good and bad but in Pirity God is inseparable. Lacks the purity disqualify the salvation. Human salvation is need from earthly in existence. Image God human life says the salvation. The image is salvation offer, accept is the Salvation and reject is the enemy who caused the creation. Need of salvation the highest offer existed even before the creation. It is the Salvation need we know is God we know otherwise the God of Salvation is another level above human life and the creation. Yet we are commissioned in God the beginningless. This is somethng people misrepresent God or Holy Spirit or Fire while God is Purity of no impurity, but under the creation our life on the Earth is mixed with confusion, if the offer not been accepted. Purity is God the everlasting infinity. The purity beyond all many diversities the One itself is infinity. God eternal infinity the destination another level from the creation no man knows the creator. God no impurity the destination unending Purity. The world and mankind between Purity and impurity, divided between good and bad, but God is inseparable and indivisible and infinity everyone stands the same line God to accept or reject the Salvation above the creation. TERMINOLOGY GOD: What is the highest number INFINITY - how many numbers between 1 and 3 or any two numbers INFINITY - how many numbers together is any number or 1 itself INFINITY - or a circle 360 degrees, how many 360 degrees circle within a circle INFINITY - the value unknown evermore of man the one itself one God - it is the same for all things in God and the truth in Maths all in all. Every word righteously is God and unrighteous is the enemy - Eternal truth God is unman and undivided and uncreated inseparable above the Spirit. Our existence in God is above the Spirit. Even the spirit anything separable or dividable is not God. God is beyond the Spirit never divisible and separable between good and good or good and bad. No human language fits God. God in me no religion needed to beleive and share and assemble in God. Purity is beyond any human expression God is love, God is peace, God is salvation and God is the creator. God is life purity in every human. As long as material life in priority no human life is in the Purity. Human limit God is spirit that in the name of God both purity ant impurities can be played and religions are drama of salvation, imitation purity for material gains. See God the Purity all the way above knowledge and worship and words of people. God created the Sun and the Sky and the Creation Etc. but we see only a reflection not the creation itself, that the Sun light takes many years to us yet we enjoy current, we belive seen the Sun but is only a reflection in the close atmosphere, if can understand the Sun will attain religions are dama of salvation for human life - God make new all things is different of God make all things new are the creaton yet the salvation is neither old nor new or the creation. That the Purity is the Salvation above old and new and creation - that learn from the Sun light now that neither old nor new or story telling - yet - I say Spiritual Offer humanly way of message for higher communication. Good words are used in evil purposes that holy and spirit, but God above human language. In God is more than known and pray and behave. Spiritual Offer is GOD to us above our offers while we too can offer in the highest inseparatable above human diversities, PURE and inseparable ETERNAL untestifyable of human. It is above faih matter to God matter in self, above stuck with diversities languages religious ways. God all in all above serve God in Purity of no spirit good and bad. Word meaning used with good and bad can unfit the God eternal. Human experience as good spirit misled to worse that the word spirit for God is not true for the Purity. Good ends same as bad was evil spirit that the purity is greater than the spirt. Religions declares God beteeen good and bad but that is their way but God personal and personally in life no religion is the answer. The God the purity the perfection the fulfilment I have no language of man - and only the Satanic argue or fight in thier names. I say God the best word of human communication. The God the Pure unman uncreated is another level of existence of no religious works for the Salvation. Get into that level the Eternal no man religion is in the God. Where ever there is life there is another life too so the God is above the life we know. Whereever there is a preacher here is another preacher bhut the God above all that nothing under creation can identify the God. Yet the offer from the God I sat Spiritual Offer a way of communication, in the Purity of heart to the God. In spirit man is separated in evil spirit and that should not be identified with a word of language spirit - even the word Holy Spirit is limiting the God with dividing spirit. The Spiritual Offer the highest we serve inseparably not only one God all people but also the entirity of the God we are limited to the Spirit, we must attain inseparable more than the impure ability what we belive in God. This is more than we know and pray and salvation that we can perforn or through us happen the God above the Spirit. We can do God in Person and community initiative as well. The God above community of man the God is personal life of the Eternal within even in community the God unbreakable and inseparable neither old or new or any diversity is the Self only Self the God within. The God unman but human existence between Spiritual and Physical both are human - Man physical is more correct than God spiritual because the evil spirit is also spiritual - and the evil spirit is highly more active everywhere in the hearts of mankind taking over the God from mankind. Been both are spirits the God is above that spirits. We said Holy Spirit but say HOLY of no spirit added is better the God. Earth is made of mud and man is mand from the mud may be no man can unserstand the truth of the God and mud. Our physcal creation from the mud is renewable for human salvation while the God eternal neither old nor new or the creation, that Spiritual Offer done by us is Eternal Salvatuon. The spirit is offer in human ways understandable of God above all we know that Spiritual Offer unparallel and unparable and inseparable from the God that we are in the God above God. God make all things new is the creation towards the salvation the God. Parables insight God above spiritual and physical diversities. Naturally attain one God all people, attained shall testify God no comparison possible. Parables are Spiritual Offer education signify God spaceless and nameless Spiritual Offer possible within own soul. Names identity in the community for comparison in the creation. God the Purity free old or new, the Purity the Identity. Make everything new is still many things and make everything Pure all are one thing the Spiritual Offer God and man. Parable guides to God higher life. In self parable offer the Spirit. God make all things new the self in creation, God neither old nor new the nameless eternal pure - Anything God is exempted of the separations. God exempted from all diversities do Nameless Spiritual Offer greater of diversity prophets, for the in Purity above prophets, infinity of God in self. PARABLE of GOD INFINITY by Abraham Christ: A circle 360 Degrees yet countless circles can be drawn within, a point full stop is circle represents a person no spiritual offer within. How many numbers between one and three or how many numbers make a number o what is the highest number - all are INFINITY and unseparable - God infinite greater than drama of religious salcation. Spiritual Offer the "I Am" beyond the image of God serve the Word. The source of life and existence the highest exists free of creation who why when where what how but is "I Am". Make Spiritual Offer from "I Am" that the I Am is the Spirit and the Spiritual Offer is from the Spirit. A feeling or experience I Am is "I Am" itself is Spiritual Offer above all problems and lacking the feeling is fa from "the Spiritual Offer" even though pain and sufferings unwanted. Brief between "Spiritual Offer" and "Financial Offer" that Spiritual is doing God in service and financial signify the belief. Everyone regardless of differences stands the Spiritual Offer line the Mighty, this seems general but in God the General all could be as reach there in persoon - in simple God all people unbiased and neutral and no religion - good things will bring good results - Spiritual Offer brings Spiritual Things - Human agenda of controlling is not God or religion for God or Spiritual Offer - Controlling agenda stands the line enemy of God who made hardships to attract against God. Spiritual Offer God make all things new, further, further God make all things new, furthermore God new all things - is the Father and Son and Holy Spirit - then neither the father, neither the Son, neither the Holy Spirit, neither the Trinity, neither anything we know or believe, the Spiritual Offer is Eternal and at this time in the human the Eternity what we do Righteous. Own life is the eassiest to define God that God and my life.

Eternal God free from confusion controling religious ways - Eternal is free from what we know - Eternal is all about you and God can happen even in split Second of no religious ways - Satan agenda religion wants to control one against the other. Physical life limits everything whereas live in the Spirit free from Satan control the eternal timeless the highest decoration yet dishonesty on eternity the response invisible at hand greater than physical document that no man predicts to undivided beginning or end, the happening co-exists with all the successions in the order. Take youself God Offer on earth above all the creation.

Human life is evidence of God in parable while life more than a parable for those who attained the Offer - Jesus Christ is evidence of God above religiously the Son and the parables - and the Eternal is above the Father and Holy Spirit - if attained no one will be satisfied with any religion but humanly the life not the words to to communicate - thus let us see in heaven is just a human expression in the Spirirual Offer. Spiritual Offer our life too can prove evidence of God. Eternity the parable of the eternal - we all I can and you can and we can do Spiritual Offer - The consciousness who I Am and who you are and who why when where what how briefs the options and choices - the conscientiousness free of the derogatory. God the work happens through every living and nonliving in the ways the creation - even a small grain of sand - even the split second - even unborn in the womb - exists free of creation is eternal above name or space or time or anything of separation, the level of existence free of diversity - three types individual and community and the perfection God free of separation is one and the same is the Spiritual Offer miracles happens - where is this human body and sickness and problems all are null and void with the Spiritual Offer the eternal within heals the body and problems and life - yet neglect not the protection from the enemy of the creation. The purity Eternal in you would see the eternal within - I see Eternal in split second free from creation. No existence without Eternal within. Creation everything exists in Eternal that intentional Spiritual Offer or intentional of doing God will removes evil influence under the creation and the purity will attain Blessed God Healing - every human can do. Spiritual Sacrifice - Spiritual help - Do from the purity of heart above order of a tradition - Live resurrected above religion and ascended above physical and common of God make all things new. physical - Help who needs help - God is help so be help - Help enemy - Care enemy too - Life is greater than enmity - Be righteous - Do good things - Wish peace on earth - Pray healing - Visit sick and suffering - Be honest - Be true - Listen good things - Visit good places - Don't be lazy - Feel God travelling with you - above worshiping serve the godhead - think good things done - think good people met - offer and serve help - Reject bad and negativity - Be honest - Be true - Be good - Be kind - Be in purity - Serve stranger - Help needy - Feed the hungry - Have mercy - Support charity - don't revenge forget - so on many - add few more you feel - ------SPIRITUAL OFFER HUMANLY MANY WE CAN -BUT- NO HUMAN LANGUAGE FOR IT - NO HUMAN EXPRESSION FOR IT - IT IS SPEECHLESS WISDOM BEYOND THE CREATION - that the world or the creation itself is Bleeding of the Eternal and every life has suffering - the Highest Spiritual Offer is innocent suffering - GOD Invisibly Bleeding is the Creation Visibly Bleeding and Human visible and invisible Bleeding, Abraham Christ of God. Christ is not religious Jesus Christ - Christ is the Bleeding of the Eternal in the briefing of human salvation. You can be Good Samaritan not from Samariya that regardless the Christian you can be Christ. Name is Jesus for Nameless human Birth and - Christ is value for Nameless in us and you and I. Jesus is human life for humans to communicate - is physical sacrifice of God and Christ is the Spirit Sacrifice through human that every human is able Christ through heartfull purity Christ is unspeakable of unman the Perfection. The Mighty free of Mankind the world requires unity human ways. Spiritual Offer is unity with the Mighty above all the human. Parable Good Samaritan is associated with many things in God we spiritually bleeding and no peace in religious answers is the conspiracy there is and there are more than known ...

ETERNITY. Blood of Jesus is one of the greatest and most powerful mystery revealed to a human being. It is not the Blood of physical word but is humanly another word for life existence. Creation is bleeding of God that the enemy happy with bleeding of others - blood of Jesus on the Cross is mystery of God on earth, Blood of Jesus in Spiritual is greater above the physical. God eternal the eternity is the human ways to do - Physical blood for life on earth - the Creation is Bleeding of the eternal God in Mystery for those who wisdom God and Creation and life on earth. I am Abraham Christ of God. Blood eternal is not physical of human ways. Life on earth is mystery in blood and God Love Future beginningless bloodless eternity heals beyond the creation - Abraham Creed is mystery in Abraham Cross and Abraham Cross is mystery creation is bleeding of God. Healing mission of God in every existence

CREATION IS BLEEDING OF THE ETERNAL so everyone and everything in the creation is bleeding - Bleeding is spiritual communication of Spiritual Blood of no physical - CHRIST IS BLEEDING OF THE ETERNAL IN HUMAN WAYS - Christ is not the Bleeding of Angel or others - God is human expression universal bleeding of the Eternal in the ways of the World - Every one is bleeding of the Eternal in the ways of the existence - Bleeding is not the physical visible creation - attain vision the universe or the creation is Bleeding of the Eternal - the Bleeding visible from the consciousnesses above the creation that the Spiritual Blood existed caused the creation of physical life the creation - otherwise the Eternal is always free and exempt of creation and visible and life that Blood is life and life is in blood (No language to explain it). Everyone is bleeding even the nonliving too in the ways of creation - the Bleeding everyone invisible above visible of the Creation - GOD REVEALED ME above things known traditionally - DIVINE self BLEEDIN CROSS above neighbor for you love your neighbor - the enemy stroger make you weak so be BLEEDING CROSS stronger than before and is common need and obligation - ABRAHAM CROSS OF CHRIST BLEEDING GOD

Holy Cross signifies light of the Word free from darkness - "Abraham Cross" is ABRAHAM CROSS OF CHRIST BLEEDING GOD world's most powerful cross on earth and Abraham Creed Most Powerful Creed on earth "God is Life" for you shall meditate "God is my true Life" - Abraham Cross together with Abraham Creed the most power victory against any enemy - founded by Archbishop in God Abraham Christ

"Be a Healing Cross" - own self - “Incarnated Cross” - ownself an Infinite Healing Cross - Cross signifies light and the light is the simplest message of God - Life is Cross in every section of life - Life and light are Infinite of Birth - The Cross is infinite in Glory - The result is "Psalm 91 - Holy Cross Psalm 91", "Abraham Cross" in life for protection - do God the salvation - the Cross is infinite spirituality - be Holy Unique the Spirit of God in glory - be in Christ than religion is Holy unique the Glory that own work and prayer picture through Christ - make a cross of your own - instaul prayers of ownself and choice saints or family members and Thanksgiving as well instauled even hidden in the cross - hidden for greater sacred in nature - Right away think of this Cross at times of good and bad - This Cross is spiritual center at home or church or office - Dedicate your choice angels - saints - on the cross - Seven to Seventy dedicated blessing points and even Cathedrals and Basilica may dedicate all the Apostles, Saints and the Bishops in Unity in the Cross with Seventy Blessing Points. Brain is where memory or secrets hept, God is where prayers kept, Holy Almighty is where the living kept and Abraham Cross I made at home enlighten Holy God Blessings upon me

Faith buys cross from where selling - Greater is make or order the Cross of own choice of size, color, shape, material, prayers and even foot the cross on the Holy Bible - attach Holy Bible with the Cross - The Scriptures speak so much more than the message of religion - The Scripture is infinite

Matching size you may the cross is of Seven, Ten, Twelve, Thirty, Thirty Three, Forty One and Seventy blessing positions instauled inside the Cross or visible outside by pictures or words. Hidden are these positions are not seen from the front and are in the hollow inside or visible as you like. The blessing points are built in or clipped or welded inside the hollow for prayers and pictures are placed. Prayers are placed on the cross hands both sides, pictures and prayers of Saints are placed at any blessing postions even together with those of the believer. The believer has the choice of selecting the Saints, angels, prayers and pictures. May change them from time to time and season to season, keep confidentiality, even the blessing positions may be kept with door locked.

Made of choice materials metal or wood or other material the Cross is placed in homes, churches and in buildings, never at open field - always under a roof. Select choice of the Saints, pictures and prayers, even Jesus and the Trinity. Cross can be available or purchased through commercial marketing but the instaulation of saints, prayer, etc should be by choice and with prayers. This Cross is priceless blessings

Example how to make this cross: Choice material - Metal pipe - hollow inside - cut material for choice size Cross - For hidden blessing positions remove a slice open a side taking out a segment and make the cross. A cross has four sections: both hands, head and below the cross section. In the hollow inside create blessing positions 7-10-12-30-33-41-70 built in by welding or clipping depends how you want and the size and where to be placed, the smallest has seven blessing dedication points and the large has upto seventy points, where prayers and pictures are dedicated.

In Churches if also build a frame on the foot of the Cross the faithfull can dedicate their pictures and prayers at the foot of the Cross - If the dedication for example the saints exeeds the blessing positions in the Cross more than one saint or prayers can be instaulled at ane blessing position. Eg: Cathedrals and Basilica may dedicate all the Saints and the Bishops etc in one Cross. The Cross is the symbol of the Christian that all the Apostles, Saints and the Key Bishops in the Unity may be dedicated in the Cross

For personolized the cross may be made with own prayers and choice saint or family members printed

Creed of the Healing and Incarnared Cross are "anointed" in Scripts

Jesus risen and ascended into the heaven but left the Cross with us to carry and follow, for people of God life on earth is CROSS - the earth is CROSS - in the Spirit be in the Cross with prayers and saints - Massaya will come back in Glory to remove the Cross. Christ is the true Spirit of Holy God and all others are world - Abraham Cross is Cross of the Psalm 91 - in deep who can argue or touch you and the answer is NO ONE except the Holy Spirit that you are "the anointed" as "truly anointed" by the Spirit of God.

God make new the creation forget all the past yet the salvation is free of creation - would you like this anointed cross send to you must coimmunicate via email first then will conversate on the phone