People say God is the Almighty - the Creator - the Power and so on and so forth - but is that concerns in your heart or mind - but what concerns is your life - that above all those title explanations God is own Home Living - own living in own Home - above all titles the Perfection own alone

You saw a small portion of the infinite universe. Deep in searching the size of God the infinite of the infinite brain can be busted to end life that you do not have to know the greatness of the Lord

Prayer changes life - changes by how much the Almighty in you? - thus know the Almighty to make up the gap - Do Christ to fill in the gap - earth is like a drop of morning water particle - this universe is like a grain from a balance - Universe of many universes lives in the Almighty - man is like a seed does not know the Tree, the Almighty the Tree knows every seed otherwise will not be known by the tree. Life on earth is made of certain known elements - life on earth can also of elements unknown - life on other planets and universes can be other elements unknown on earth - it is not by what we know or do not know but is God for things happen.

: An ant by its small never gets to vision elephant or even a lamb - but shall be as grown - a child who visions the father glorifies himself too God local on earth - another place LIFE different - another galaxy another insight - Almighty the same Mightly ALL many Universes:-

Read - understand - meditate the RANGE OF THE ALMIGHTY - major miracle healing as enlighten the Range of the Almighty within

Mightly range Unman - speachless - timeless - ageless - spaceless - endless - sizeless - beyond all the light years of human intellect or Astro Science - of any communication of even the Angels - Might - yet Is part of yourself too - the Almighty speaks to man in human ways and to others in their ways - ebery one understands accordigly in their ways - Science of man is like zero point in the Mightly - we are seeds of God and the seed does not know the tree- seeds grown plants each plant different life but the beliefs of people can be different. The range of the Almighty beyond all the light years and the speed covers all the infinite light years within the split of a second. Mightly World of countless light years in you, the Almighty. Inhabitants from another planet if land on earth on Mightly you may know their language instant the Almighty. (all the very many languages on earth is just one language - the Almighty communicate with all the universes or galaxies, in their ways - the Almighty has just one language for all the Mightily Universe). The range size is Mystery - seen only a small image the Sun in earth's atmosphere yet believe saw the Sun - only the Almighty sees, knows, position, size, range, shape and see the Sun). My life is to bring all generations into the Mightly World the Almighty - My life is to introduce you the Almighty beyond all religions - religious Gods are dark earth and introduce the drama of evil in morals - they teach earthly range and does not activate the Mightly Universe in life. Truth of one God and will get to attain the Almighty celibrated Holy Communion the Mightly World - Body of the Almighty the Mightly Universe beyond a drama of Salvation on this planet earth, there is only one Salvations for the Entire Universe. New religion needed (Entire Universe = including many other universes of many other Suns countless light years that science of humans never can spot them. The Mightly Universe World a language humanly for the sum total the Body of the person the Almighty) (words Universe/ Mightly/World limits the Size)

Your range is you casn volunteer the Almighty - you can act God for those who need God help - you can act God by reoving bad habits

Read - understand - meditate - Save in heart the SIZE OF THE ALMIGHTY - major miracle healing as enlighten the Size of the Almighty within - A big tree on earth - the roots spread invisible far under earth bringing the healing to all the leaves - meditate your roots invisible from above Mightly and you can be a leaf or branch or even the tree


How big the Almighty IS - Let me try in human ways that the Almighty speaks to man in human ways - God is mistery - means those who have the enlightenment shall understand : we all are invisibly standing on the line for where our forefathers gone - regardless young or old and born early or late will be taken from the invisible line - a rubber ball or echo of sound when strikes each time the power diminishes but never the invisible of God - although the sun light makes us seeing objects or heat but it was invisible or heatless in its millions of miles travel to reach us - imagine the mystery of light years of galaxies - God language travels infinite light years with the Truth - your heart absorbs the truth greater than light years, only in the Almighty but neither wealth nor learning shall attain It - in the human you can realise beyond light years on your nonthing before the Almighty - DO NOT CRASH BRAIN or GO CRAZY OF SLEEPLESS on the thinking, if fearful skip PARAGRAPH three - meditate calm and cool ATTAIN THE ALMIGHTY POWER WISDOM - meditate in the Almighty - Attract the Future into the Almighty than God of religions. Get into the size of the Almighty then gather roots from there into your body that is miracle healing is your look, wind, body, word and touch

PARAGRAPH one - Did you ever see the Sun in the Sky - if you believe yes, as that is wrong signifies of God - you did not see the Sun - seen was reflection image 0 - 60 miles in earth's atmosphere of an object the Sun that is millions miles away - about the Sun at least see countless light rays reflected image on earth's atmosphere but God of the master infinite light rays from the Almighty you may not see even a split of a single light ray - single light ray from the Almighty is greater than infinite light rays of the Sun - Goodness of the Almighty is greater than goodness of thrillions of persons on earth and the universe of seen and unseen - God we know is the highest moral one God all people on the Almighty - as lessen the moral are many Gods and religions - Yet the size of the Almighty Is so simple and humble you can be is the hight and weight and size of the Almighty in your willing heart to help others - for size of the Almighty must be Way of rigteousness, the Truth and the Life. Jesus said: Jesus is the Way the Truth and the Life - that you will see the Almighty in full - then in perfection the Universe of infinite stars or planets occupies in you. Many stars are further far off that the light rays not yet reached on earth's atmosphere even after still travelling many light years. Attract all the Future into the Almighty than God of religions.

PARAGRAPH two - The reflection light rays the Sun - reflection is a character of earth's atmosphere - even a child makes reflection or image of objects. Religions make God images to reflect the belief, but the Almighty is purely personal testimonials. I have many testimonials on the Almighty. At my First Grade in India, age 6 - lesson on a day was the Sun - rises in the East - sets in the West - gives light - heat - plants grow etc. The teacher asked the class any one who did not see the Sun - all the students except one student myself answered saw the Sun, others laughed on the answer. I did not know what made me to answer so when I did see like all others. Years later when studied the Universe, speed, light year, etc., satisfied with my answer divinely correct. Even the reflection in the atmosphere each person sees from different distance as the maximun vision of the person, and space above ground is the Sky. Although standing on the ground arround the body is the Sky. Likewise is the belief God for the Almighty - My testimony the Way, the Truth, and the Life is greater than Universe of infinite light years, although is an earthly language the Scope is not limited to this world. Attract aa the Future into the Almighty than God of religions.

PARAGRAPH three - Depends on vision power people are limited to see things at far - 0 to 60 miles - for example imagine few persons looking at a star together, the star is at millions of miles or light years away - each person seeing is earth's atmosphere reflercted light rays at the maximum distance of vision power, it can be in the Sky one mile for one person or eleven miles to another person. The Sun millions of miles away beyond human eyes - what they see is relection of light rays in earth's atmosphere, in good eye sight in the morning see at 60 miles while ant the same time a week eye sight may see as near as one mile in the Sky - The Sun or stars, imagine many people look at the same time, although in the Sky each one sees reflection of light rays on earth's atmosphere at different distances according to their maximum vision - while the stars are millions of miles away. They think seeing them instantly - may be the light started the journey generations or ages before. Light rays from certain stars now started journey may take Ages to reach on earth, yet when seen may think seen instantly. There are many more stars in the cosmic universe than we see now and light rays from those still travelling but not yet reached here. Yet the Almighty is furthermore in the Creation - the Almighty is beyond Infinity of the world - Infinite bigger than all we can study the Holy Scriptures, than all the Prophesy of any religion - than all more and highly skilled inhabitants on other planets or stars, than all cosmic of angels - greater than infinte light years together in one person, that is my God the Almighty. The Almighty my worship, the Almighty. PARA three continues

Continue PARA three: Light year - an idea how long they are - measure of distance by miles started recently - before distance was measured by journey of hours or days - still we say an hour of driving or 10 hours by plain - 30 days distance long before means that many days by walking - on camel or ship - when I was a child distance between India and America was 30 days, means 30 days on the ship - How far is the Sun or stars we have calculations by light years - but still no calculation on the Almighty because infinit big the Almighty but still is with you within split of a second. PARA three continues

Continue PARA three: Imagine a flash light and how far the light goes if has the power - if has the power light travels about 2 lakh miles per Second - as the power is less diminishes and the light ends - good example for now is a flash light - The Sun light is so powerful its rays reaches to us after travelled millions of miles - seeing is the relection on earth's atmosphere. It is reflection image not the Sun. It is an image like man is also an Image of the Almighty. Earth's atmosphere is about 200 miles from the ground, the best vision human eyes even cannot see the half way of the 200 miles, as the eyes weak may be even less than one half of a mile - yet can see the Sun in the Sky at a distance the maximun vision of the eyes - it not noy by where the Sun is but is the eyes, how far the eyes can see - PARA three continues

Continue PARA three:Human eyes can not see the Sun, but says seen for the world does not know the Sun - the Sun is far and further far and furthermore far - the distance is not by miles but is measured by light years - by miles there is no measure - by light years may be words - How much a light year? how much distance the light travels per year? - multiply second X 60 for minutes X 60 for hours X 24 for days X 365 for year. A light year is approximately 2 lakhs per second X 60 for minutes X 60 for hours X 24 for days X 365 for year and that much distance is one light year: ( 200,000 X 60 X 60 X 24 X365 = ) miles is a light year. Times 5000 to calculate the distance of miles the light travelled from Adam and Eve until now - Can you imagine the time before Adam and how far the stars are - If the earth is million years old how much far the stars are and the Power the Almighty. Is it in the human intellect other than wisdom of the Almighty in human?

Continue PARA three: There are millions an thrillions of stars in the Sky and light rays from certain stars not yet been reached on earth and still travelling - finding a new star means the star was not new but the light just reached on earth, PARA three continues

Continue PARA three: Some light you see in the Sky started the journey many generations and Ages before, they are not of the time you were seeing - yet many more light to reach on earth - SO CAN YOU IMAGINE THE ZISIE Of the Almighty - What is human or earth or moon or stars in the power of the Almighty - I can not say nothing but still I can feel O God How Big You Are? How big if you think you may go your head brusted or crazy so please do not go that deep.PARA three continues

Continue PARA three: Yet God of simple things - humble things - when a tree is full of fruits the branches will come down, if no fruits it will stay high. When a well is deeper or the deepest the water is the best - When you know the Almighty you do be in Christ than in the Christian, etc and in Christ you see the Sun of the Almighty. Deeper the well water is purer or fruits in the tree branches come so low down

How many stars in the Sky, countless. How many Sun in the Sky, may be you say one - there are millions or billion Suns in the Sky and we saw just one of them. Each Sun lights so vast one universe and can you imagine how many universe and how big the Master Universes is? Now think how big the Master Universe and one person the Almighty the Father of the countless universe and the Suns, the Almighty size for the heaveny Almighty

So come to the point - the Almighty - have you ever see or know the Almighty - Answer is no - Are you able to know - Answewr is no - How big is the Almighty - Answer is explained in this pages for your understanding - human intellect is not for knowing all the Almighty Powers - You may not agree yet my wisdom is there are stars with heaveny life in terms of our belief of the heaven. Those stars instead of light years might at Light Ages far from us - yet almighty beyond all - those stars each other are as far as we are far from them - if understood a miracle waiting for you

Christ is the action of the Almighty and Jesus is human activated the Almighty the Christ - Jesus was born of the Almighty without a human father but was anointed of the Almighty before in mother's womb, where ever there is God the Almighty on earth evil is jeolose. Muhamed was born of human father and mother anointed of God at age 40 but do not follow the Christ - taking over the world and on that victory. There shall be decissive final war The worldly life is trying to kill the other - steal and destroy each other - but what is this world before the Almighty - Answer is NOTHING - None of the world is able to destroy the plans or works of the Almighty - what we hear or see is just a dust particle before the Almighty - Even though tries infinite living evil will end - Be in Christ than in Christian - be in Christ - Christ of the Almighty - the Almighty will make the enemies to bring offer good things in the Almighty to the Almighty. We are on earth but some of us are not earthly - the earth may not be the highest or the best of the creation in the cosmic universe - some stars in the cosmic might be occupied of greater than the earth - inhabitants greater of the best God, the Almighty - the God of Me the healing Power - no evel spirit before me - I remove evil spirit the Almighty tells me. --- I meditate and in a planet millions infinite light years away and feel so good in there - I would not see what kind inhabitants there but even if alone the I feel so great and feel to resurrect live there for ever - it is not a position of love or language explanations but it is position of comfort in all respect of living life - Attract all the future and generations into the Almighty than God of religions - my email address: