IT is PRAYER time, This is LIFE for PRAYER, this is me O LORD praying for Health - Healing - Employment - Marriage - Children - Employment - Home - Peace - Protection - Guidance - Safety - Gain or Loose Weight - remove Demon spirit - Longivity - And More. You may send prayer request to:




A FAITH PRAYER: Heal us (me) from (name of sickness). Save us from all evils and wickedness, from all terror, from all malice, from all enemies, from deceitful companions, from temptations of devil, from the wickedness of men and women; from unclean passions, from unclean spirits, from unseemly lusts, from devilish thoughts, from evil dreams; from all hidden snares, from idle words, from great treacheries, from revengeful utterances, from all temptations of the world; from rods of rage, from sudden death, from anger, from hatred, from lightning and thunder-bolts, from plagues, from hell fire; from hard-hearted and wicked deeds, from all sickness, from undying worms, from unquenchable fire, from the gnashing of teeth, from lamentations, from bitter occurrences, from evil hours, from tormenting powers from famine, from fears, from sudden shocks, from all unbearable punishments; from Your words uttering 'depart from Me I know you not', and from all that will separate us from You: Lord Yes to my Prayer For It Will Be Done - AMEN

(This prayer in PURITY mind and heart and soul, Unman Another Substance Proactive Heaven and Earth wordless: Abraham Christ of God



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Dear ABRAHAM CHRIST merge my healing request with the CROSS and Pray for me

Life itself prayer be honest in prayer - pray in purity - pray Incarnation of God - for the Mighty will reward


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