God, the SUPREME TRUTH or the Supreme existence beginningless existence - Creation is healing mission of God - PURITY OF LIFE the Supreme existence God in us is relation not creation - everything under creation serves and receives the Healing - Created healing is limited healing, the unlimited beyond human extension is the Supreme Being - God can't offer All in All of the Supreme under the created that the creation is only a limited existence - for example the scientific (medical) healing is limited - that if the creation is all in all then the abuse in creation destroys everything - man can minister the Existence in the creation and God performs the Uncreated. Unexplained yet let me try :DWELL IN GOD INVISIBLE AND ACCUMULATE ALL YOUR KNOWLEDGE IN IT AND MAKE YOURSELF WORD OF GOD INVISIBLE - IT IS LEVEL PRIOR TO CAUSE CREATION :. (It will loss or fade away all the creation from yourself) - It is not physical letter but attributes in the ministry. Who can feel the invisible in selves of God. Who can feel the created is side of life on earth and the self lives in the eternity and is above all known, creation is a parable of heaven - heaven is parable of the Supreme Truth - Creation is drama of salvation - Drama duplicated man is misguided - God giver than creator - Enemy of God the Satan create stories to create fake rule - Heaven and true earth free of Satan - Satan tricking mankind to wordily knowledge of no God.

(I am not or afraid of the Message God in me, Salvation for everyone is God and in me and it should be in everyone - Heaven and Earth Beginningless God is God of Salvation of everyone. Story of created heaven and earth is attempt of the Satan to a self rule to separate and apart from the Beginningless God, to divide the Mankind into diversities to break away from true God) - Look at the world with created problems and Who did and does?

Story of creation is the number one single most biggest lie on earth by the enemy. The enemy of God flying over earth wants to land on earth to create own sovereign state against God - thus in cunning introduced own self in creation in the name of GOD among the mankind in justifying creation of troubles to mankind and thus almost all of Mankind believes in the creation story against the holy truth of Uncreated heaven and earth Beginningless of God. That in the function of the enemy holy truth unprevailed. God all in all within full is not creator but is GIVER but the story the Satan tries to insult God was insufficient thus had to create. If the Bible come to the Truth Uncreated heaven and earth Beginningless of God all disputes with neighbors or worldwide will be solved easy peacefully, O Israel, and ends wars of nations and groups. Earth and other planets are sections of the one entity Beginningless God uncreated. Children of God us, child of God you or me must INHERIT into the UNCREATED (heaven and earth) to LIVE LIVE WITH GOD ETERNAL. An example: There are about 3800 Christian churches today, Christ returns today there will be another one too is Christ, yet only the Blessed inherit Christ returned, I am the truth and the truth I give you is the Holy truth.

(Think O world on terrorism - is a creation on earth - earth existed without terrorism and was GOOD - terrorism is earthly creation - nor created in heaven or by heaven or for heaven or holy earth - BUT is a creation AGANIST universal or heavenly peace on earth - IF IT wins will CREATE stories it CREATED the WORLD OR PEACE ON EARTH - but know the truth from prior life - THAT I am with Beginningless God - Heaven in Full of God of all in all - do not have to create any thing at all - Now compare the stories of terrorism if wins) God the One - Known to man or unknown to man - both together the One - If unknown became known does not mean a creation - God the Monarch known and unknown all powerful - All Present Always Beginningless - Everything Always Unending - the All in All Everything - the Most - the Pure - the Alone in Full Total Righteous - the Ruler - the Modest - the Holy - the Almighty - the Might - the Eternal - the Split Second Timeless Soundless Nameless Spaceless Holy the Giver -

Attain the Truth heaven and earth are uncreated Beginningless of God to inherit God instant. The biggest one lie on earth is heaven and earth are created, such is enemy of God teaching of the world. Heaven and earth are Beginningless of God uncreated, but signify people we are not all in all God and two natures God and the image, which can be stated in many ways. Depends the person serves they can be visible and invisible, enemy of God in fake teaches the creation story and God invisible. Wind of lie flying over touches the world than the inheritance. God is love, God is life, God is truth, and many more, all they are functions of God, likewise one person of many functions and organs visible and invisible.

HEAVEN AND EARTH UNCREATED BEGINNINGLESS OF GOD - earthly influence FLYING OVER teaches they are created - Inherit the Eternity in the eternal Self - I serve the Foot of Holy God on all mountain heights.

GOD HEALING COMES OF THE UNCREATED inclusive spiritual of the medicinal

Everyone who attained Heaven and Earth are uncreated of God has attained Eternity regardless of faith order religious affiliation - Story of creation is a world attempting to separate earth from its beginningless existence of God - The enemy in its defeat tries the insult not to be seen by man teaches the heaven and earth are created. Only the story was created by the enemy while heaven and earth are beginningless of God. The spirit of God upon us make us realize heaven and earth(s) and hell are various levels of one entity. Life earth is a sacrifice between God and I(you-us) - God has no religion or creation but both in man through a world, the one Word God is beginningless endless eternal all in all no man can comprehend. Like mother and child in one life, human life is nothing but a visible story between God and the self. One entity we say God is the total existence heaven and earth(s) - God is not a person but Total Energy in the total existence. Energy levels are many but man in the past thought only Heaven and Earth, heaven for God and earth of the self in such where was the hell. Heaven the perfection and earth(s) are level(s) of the perfection, this planet earth world is one of them, and changes age to age or generations to generations, until reaches God ageless everlasting. (Ants are a small life but great minds of own world, they identify each other, have own kings, don't see us or the world or what we see, fearless of man, bite for energy, short longevity multiply instantly, step on easily killed, may not know heaven or earth or sky or stars or cloud and live out of creation story in their holy honest realizes dangers ahead, the same enemy works against uncreated beginningless heaven or earth, God or man or ants)

Forces of evil against the heavenly realm the world teaches many fake things including the heaven and earth are created. God is GIVER not creator. Heaven and earth are Beginningless of God the Almighty. The world makes fake knowledge about heaven and earth against the Holy. Man image of God, the world in taking the advantage of man create stories against the heavenly realms. Be in God in the inheritance uncreated self of eternal salvation above worldly diversities, of religions. If no religion at all the understanding of God would be totally different. Separate dwelling areas of the heaven are established in the level of purity are the heaven and earth. Heaven is God the highest. Not just man but all are image of God in the level they perform God. God given the area from His dwelling but the world says created - God is giver but the world in fake says creator. Evil says God is creator to not to take responsibility on troubles. To say creation is incomplete. Pure is God the uncreated entire heaven but as impure man may believe a created earth as to its self rule, where no peace and eternal Salvation is present.

Our struggle is not against the creation story or body and blood or diversities on them or humans are not in fight one against the other. Once the highest of God is established on the struggle ended. That our fight is against the powers of dark world spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realm. We must serve in our capacity in the entirety of God to stand on the uncreated earth on Heaven's ground, that timelessly we stand with truth of the Mighty. All in all is God, heaven and earth beginningless of God. If earth was created to apart anyone from God's beginningless dwelling there is constraints for Thy Kingdom to come, whereas the Lord gave specific places from the beginningless to dwellers of diversities and return on fulfillment. Believing in God reconciles the diversities, believing is practicing, serve the Almighty through Holy behavior. What a great joy great God, great joy great earth and what a great joy great Father - without the greatness what I live? without the Dwelling what is this dwelling - if earth was created it would not exist that it would have been perished long ago, the wars and disasters and calamities, and would never a dwelling even for the enemy, the enemy still hanging in on earth because it is beginningless of God, earth as a planet the shape and size remains the same but the infrastructure of earth may change in the course of the dwellers to the Kingdom. That God GIVEN earth, replace with GIVER eliminating the word creator, yet is beyond human language, anything of God in its entirety is beyond human expression, not a printable word. Our holy scriptures in the clarity of a language, originally was not written as we read today that all the printed books are modern language - (All churches heavenly spiritual Christ but wordily awareness is diversities) +++Abraham Christ

Let us be in belief true of God and us something new of the Holy existence. A belief that God created heaven and earth is only for ordinary all people belief that is of the world. The creation story is a wordily story for materialistic existence of man, wordily wise it is well spoken but God wise spoken not or should have been never stated the creation. It is like children story on what they don’t know about them, how they born or how the world is, as experiencing the limited childhood life. The world must know the truth of the existence of the heaven and the universe and the earth for it will lead to the truth of the Invisible Holy Truth. God and the entirety of God is Beginningless and Timeless and Spaceless and Soundless and Unscientific and Unman and Unending Holy eternity, that the earth and the universe and the heaven are the same entirety of God of no creation. God messaged me that likewise God was not created and existed Beginningless the heaven and earth existing of no creation. The creation story is influenced by a diversity supported undue freedom not of God but to deceive the innocents.

God messaged me the entirety God is one Body Beginningless existence wherein of no creation. The story of creation wishing self-autonomy within limited territory against the high power God that justice system on earth is in jeopardy. Being the justice system in jeopardy God truth is in slow motion due to the tug of war between right and wrong. The separationist claim the authority from God as it teaches God created it.

How the earth or the universe was not created? If was not created how is separate from invisible heaven? All angels in God purity is God is. A small portions of the infinite cosmic universe or the infinite light year universe or the infinite heavenly universe or the holy heaven universe or no words can explain has been placed for dwelling of certain angels in according to their level of relationship with God, as a way of to be purified, and those angels live there visible and invisible and prohibited with God until attained God purity, but as impure they attempt self-rule in the place where they are.

It is like in the past criminals of categories were expelled from the mainland to a separate island where they live in a separate world from the mainland, yet not exempted from rules of the mainland, the heavenly Holy.

It is like in a classroom students of certain level stays together, that several levels of world are in the Heavenly Holy. That a lower can grow higher to the highest – more planets are found and more life is also found in the infinite universe. Once reached the highest is the Heavenly Holy.

The higher is invisible from lower. A lower can’t see the higher. As the purity is highest is invisible God invisible. Pure water is invisible of no color, the air, the light, the life as pure it is invisible, and in God all is pure above justice. God pure perfect invisible, no religion is perfect of God – but can lead to the perfection God that is the purpose of us on earth. No matter religion or faith or homily the purity in God counts for the relationship with God, however for the world go with visible world or we say Go with the wind. Yet everyone is follower of the tree.

Each level of identity is similitude or parable identical with the heavenly God, but in a way the inhabitants can say sorry and learn the purity to God. Each identity serve identical as closer to the purity. Between the furthest of hell and with God the heaven there are visible life to purity levels in the attainment.

Let us now talk own house, God is own house, you have a house big or small, each type household items has its own location to keep. God of heaven earth is a place where we are kept. Then, the items not to further damage we paint, we place at separate places, we keep items separately, care shall be given accordingly of the items, we save them for the purpose of the owner, that we (mankind) is the saver serving catalyst. At the same time if we are thief or deceiver, selfish what would we do? That the enemy of the holy is enemy to our righteous work.

In God of one rule and one nation we would learn and accept world or earth or the universe Holy Heavenly uncreated existence of us for Holy Truth is our faith. Creation story is fake story, creation story is composition of earthly master to inconceivable even for true religious soul that the enemy is so strong against God on earth. Compared to the past religiously most men now purified closer to God thus belief also changing, however the enemy been known the defeat trying the best to confuse and not to clarify.

Listen God to me what God messaged me about the Creation Story – THAT – this universe is a portion of the entire existence of the Beginningless God the mighty almighty – that the earth is Beginningless of God and always with God of Beginningless – earth was not created - was not created as religiously told. That the universe and the earth are equal active portion all in all of heaven with functional differences. It was not creation as you were told in the Geneses Chapter one of the Bible.

There are other earthly or wordily or human errors or confusions, usually people quote Bible Verses for the world, as you are higher you testify through the higher within above written books. God has no religion and God in you has no religion but the world has religion or we a wordily person needs religion. Do not blame the person on Bible that one God or one Christ but has about 3800 Christian denominations and all serve God and heaven through their vision and my vision is healing. I saw angels flying over me and a ladder foot on ground and as high as heaven and I climb on the ladder. Many ways God appeared before me and protected me – yet I* suffered whole lot blames and sufferings of the world.

Total universe was a small portion of total heaven the nation of God. Total universe was a small portion of the infinite unending ruler of the heaven. And it is still true.

Yet, what is it now? God tells me what it is. From the entire God of the heaven of God, at certain situation God made a separation and it is called the creation, but it was not a creation as language meaning - and to balance that word creation the smart ways of the creation established God created heaven and earth and so much thereafter narrations.


Many cultures, languages, nations, faiths, people, tribal, islands, trees, animals, birds, fishes, etc. on earth. Same is translations on any item. God in English language is the same meaningful value if said any language, translation changes but not God. English = God created heaven and earth but other languages words heaven/earth has other wordings too = sky, air, light, mud, shine, dark, and so on.

Heaven and earth was always with God of no creation. Creation is a fake story. For the beginning of the world (earth) God separated earthly world from heaven, can be better way to say it.

Heaven Invisible: Pure water is colorless – pure light is colorless - Sky is blue – Great person is simple humble - God Invisible – God omnipresent Omnipotent.

Earth (Universe) visible for us but not for many creatures or beings as missing the visibility - to them earth is invisible as we say God invisible. As they are product of world we should serve product of God to see God. Those creatures still living on invisible earth same as ordinary people God invisible.

Material world everything earthly is everything imitated of the heaven to level of life on earth. Invisible is visible at a higher level life existence, and visible disappears at God level lesser.


No word in me can fill in God - no wordily word can fill in God in me - no matter the Holy Book my faith - I am still missing the Word for God.

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God is light, God is Light all in all in Singleness - God is life - God is heaven - God is God - God is Holy of no evil - Earth is pure God and enemy of God - Enemy of God is called darkness - that darkness hides in light too is evil the world - Earth is Beginningless of God in light - but the enemy teaches earth is created in the guilt of self in creation that the self in insult blaming God - In God there is no darkness or creation - Creation story is fellowship with darkness - God is not creator but is GIVER - For the man the light God purified fellowship of no creation. God the giver of healing I am messenger of the Giver.

I am Doing it for God in God, language doesn't matter, many problems will be solved if the world teaches and men knows the heaven and earth are uncreated of beginningless of God.

The Mighty, God the almighty, mighty Singleness the Deepest in me, God the beginningless uncreated, heaven uncreated, universe uncreated, all planets and earth and stars uncreated, uncreated waters, uncreated wind, uncreated light, uncreated heat, uncreated sound, uncreated strength, uncreated power, uncreated time, uncreated health, uncreated wealth, uncreated knowledge, uncreated singleness, uncreated infinity, uncreated cleanse, uncreated purity, all in all uncreated in me, all in all in my soul and heart and body by word and deed and power the Mighty the Almighty God of all in all heaven around me and in me with holy angels holy air holy spiritual holy strength of infinite existence and hands and body and heads and brains and heart and angels of no explanation possible other than God.