(Soul of the heaven, sanctify me) - (Body of the heaven, save me) – (Blood of the heaven, inebriate me) - (Healing of the heaven, heal me) - (Water from the heaven, wash me) – (Air of the heaven, breeze me) - (Heart of the heaven, spirit me) – (Life from the heaven, power me) – (Love from the heaven, God me) - (Holy Heaven - Eternal Me). God engine "SPEAK GOD" runs without engine no known engine make me God's healing man

All roads lead to the home, all rivers to the ocean, all prayers righteous to Holy the healer. All people lead to Holy the nameless almighty - I pray.

Listen from the Inner Voice of God, voice of Life, voice of love, voice of your inner soul of no words for it - it is not any human thought: but : may be your access into the LIFE that God we exist of no creation. Take breeze of the Holy - take breath inhale the air God - our life we are function God above wordily life on earth - One body we are many functions for one God we are functions of God - from innocent suffering, take the self at foot of the Almighty (Deep yourself to Nameless Timeless Spaceless Soundless Uncreated Beginningless of UNCREATED Heaven and Earth). Take yourself into the Eternity that the biggest one lie on earth is the Heaven and Earth are created, that the story of the creation the enemy of God or the Satan in taking advantage on God. It is the world itself in conning declared self rule region the creation to create problems in mankind against God - The Satan can't fully ignore God that "all in all" is still God - earth a region God less than the "all in all". Even though the Satan wants autonomy it knows the Existence without God is impossible thus in one function creation heaven and earth are created by God. In the Mighty for our Eternity the heaven and earth are God uncreated Beginningless, and is God Miracle Healing I am gifted with in God.

O Lord, here I am Thy soul Thy servant speak to me I listen, show me I listen, grand me I listen. Lord bless me the earthly ways too that many are kings were made with the blessings, that earthly miracles fulfilling the Almighty on earth.

A HOMILY (we ourselves are praises and glory of God’s sovereign power in the Creation). (Creation itself is autonomous rule not the sovereign). (The autonomy existed before man was made). But God made us above all the creation to rule the world. That in the highest of the creation, we pray, praise and glorify God. How and what is all these rule of material world of things without Heart Mind Soul divined with the Nameless Timeless Soundless Spaceless Unman Unscientific Holiness? How can we worship God out of the created world?

Homily is: we came to God to celebrate our faith and worship and thank God for his blessings upon us. The deepest of us is to partake God with us, His presence with us beyond words. In faith in the amazing grace we say Almighty/God/Christ with us. But God the HOMILY no one can say or write - No words for it - get it from the UNWRITTEN GOD THE ALMIGHTY. (Written is heavenly SMART deceives the purpose of the Creation for heavenly PEACE - In short the smart is Satan and Peace is God).

Although each religion/faith/culture/tradition has its practices from years back, every holy faith throughout all the world appeal to the deepest Peace Emotions of the human heart. That the holy Lord with us is the Lord of life for the highest practices, praises, both by word and deed, that all people lead to glorify God in new earth new heaven new life. Our current ritual practices are for an identity now but when all people enter in to one practice in God there shall be no more of such practice.

The purpose of our current existence in faith is to know each other, to know the Supernatural Master and to Serve good-will deeds each other to remove all evil from the world. At fulfillment there shall be only one knowledge, one understanding and one wisdom.

Although world in God is many nations, many cultures and beliefs, the highest of all is God, that God is the highest inner life of all people regardless of diversities. For example in Christ there are about 3800 denominations. Earth rules with diversities in one understanding. For true God let us be love among all people that in heaven no difference in God. In diversity world wrongfully teaches the heaven and earth are created.

Once was holy active member of God in heaven then became rebilled is Satan yet still is membership not lost, but holy membership lost, it is still as bad child yet still has the power from the holy membership that ruling on earth against the holy with evil deeds and attractions that the world is corrupt against truth to control all in all seems the fight now.

Our true life exists in God, without God life is a meaningless drama, (without God) our life is in darkness even in the brightest day light. (With God) we will be able to rise up from the darkest of life, (with God) we live in hope of everything impossible becomes possible and ourselves serving in the mission of God.

(All of us) have active role in God for resurrection and salvation of everyone. Resurrection and Salvation is not God alone (or Christ alone) (or you or me alone) selfishness. Resurrection and Salvation is not selfish material world, but are for all. Salvation is fulfilled when all are saved, that we still to wait for the Active of God (return of Christ Jesus Christ).

In God we actively stand at the foot of the Almighty with praises and praying for salvation one another and everyone. God (Christ) should not have gone alone by self only but should have gone to heaven with all the qualified or promised. If was done so much problems on earth should have been eliminated.

Otherwise our belief can be intellectual truth while Parables and miracles of Jesus and our deeds lead us to spiritual meaning of salvation above intellectual truth was readily proven. Almost all evil men start as men of God intellectual with religious spiritual, but the Holiness is missing.

We know we have weakness. We must know our righteousness strengthen us in God. We must know our strength in God prevail weakness. The Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen us and forgive our innocent mistakes and forgive our sins on repentance. Culture, traditions, diversities can be both strengths and weakness, our morals, homilies, religions, faiths, beliefs can be weakness than strengths in God. It is the very same of a legal or justice system that is not perfect system and a culprit been set free and continue the same on what was caught and acquitted. That thee is final reward from the Truth.

The Lord is one for all and we say it in different and many ways, the Lord in your invisible unman uncreated heart, but if emotions of heart can be weakness of in the creation, while the LORD LORD LORD the Almighty Mighty LORD GOD who the Father and the Creation the mother and you a child in the womb.

Lord is the same for all. All of us regardless of belief - (shape and size) - (big and small) - (young and old) - (East or West and North or South) that all of us stand the line God to happen what is next, it is very ordinary way of life with the Almighty. World is many beliefs in God, but God is the same – a patient who needs blood accepts by blood type but not by religion = The Lord we say in many ways is Beginningless Eternity nameless timeless spaceless soundless invisible Truth that you will feel in chest if truly meditate, I do. Trees stand in he sky but no tree touches the Sky but we stand in God we can touch God, I do.

Faith is relationship with by deeds and praises. Faith is friendship. We must know our faith, what the faith stands for, faith will bring us blessings, faith heal us, faith share responsibility together, faith is joy of life peace, faith brings amazing deeds and enemies will be defeated forever, faith unite us with the Almighty through human way of knowing God

Faith is our deeper identity and saving mission of God. Faith is every human situation. People who walks without direction need faith in God. All the earth will bow down before the power of God, and sing praises to God, impossible for man is easy possible by God. All earth in one voice one heart mind and spirit will worship the Almighty, and the enemy no more. That is the highest praise and glory we all in the mission of God. Mission of God is life. In God the world will be unified in to one God. In God the Peace will be established and the salvation fulfilled all the earth. But enemy is stronger that is the problem now as seen in terrorism.

Don't think deep on the creation, but think deep your presents with uncreated existence like of child innocent presence in the world. The Unity will make us possess Holy Spirit in the strength of the Mighty forces on earth leaning on the everlasting Arm of the Almighty.

“The Sovereign Lord is my world makes my foot on all the mountains on earth, enables me the heights - God Healing - GodHealing"