As a religion every religion has evil rule in it thus Holy God proceeds against all religions. If man created God is removed and replaced with the Almighty Mighty God all created religions also been removed for God of the Invisible Eternal. Healing the religions is the most and the highest timely intellectual task of the righteous human, however the procedure for the Salvation is the Most and Highest purity of life with the Almighty. Man does not need another religion or any religion but needs another good way of life for the Almighty, to the life re-examined. The righteous of the Holy Almighty is tired of the religions as religions been in existance today. Removing all the religions is forming for God within, the inborn invisible person within. It is a truth that religions are politics of the spiritual demons.

Forming for the Almighty is differences removing in existing religions. The Ten Commandments are mathemastics of the primitive sum total counts by the ten fingers, as the life is global of science and technology advances the Commandments are not the ten. Although the religions fight each other for their existance against others they unite together to defeat forming the New and Holy. If the incarnation of God almighty suddenly appears on earth all the humans unite to kill the incarnation, thus God is intellect that does not put all of the incarnation at one spot or the split of the time. God will put the seed and the humans the invisible image of God will develop it according to the time and geography.

Even Christian Bible recorded Jesus Christ argued to the elders in the Synagaugue, but that was not true, Jesus never argued to anybody but told the truth. The elders did not know what Jesus was talking from a position they know as carpenter Joseph's son. Thus the elders or Rabbi and others blamed in their standards that Jesus was arguing. Birds even if you love and feed, will flew away if you try to guide or catch to pat them, thus if you became one of them you can bless them. Thus God became a human is in Jesus. The heaven is the incarnation of God on earth, and earth the flesh is incarnation of evils thus the earth will wash away to the Heavens.

There was none on earth and will be none one full total incarnation of God. No man on the earth is ready for the FULL of God Almighty. Every person human is an incarnation of the heavens but among humans can be high or low, the highest of the time of the geographical on earth can be accepted as incarnation of God, are religions thus every religion has evil rule in it.

It is not possible for any earthly object to be God the Almighty. It is not possible for any earthly teaching to be God's perfect but can be aimed for God's. Besides the Mercy of the Almighty for granting the Salvation, the human Salvation is individual choice proceeding from within by performing the Duty for the Almighty. The choice is not by the teaching of the mouth but by performing the universal righteousness is the Duty.

God the Spirit, and food, clothing and shelter are the things keeping man healthier than those who lack them. God is the Salvation of the souls and the other three are the material world wealth. Appropriate education and duty sharing of these needs is the foundation of the idea of the Salvation. God is not in the hands or authority of one authority but is equal among all; the other material world needs can be equal but can be in the hands of the world that produce them.

Thus all must work and the government must introduce new jobs and support the work forces through the Almighty. Below are messages divinely received day by day for the entire human beings to be in it. Some of them may seem are repeating or not understood as it is not applicable to certain positions. These are not to condemn or to end any existing belief but are divine Truths received from the Almighty to strengthen them for the Eternal Message on the earth. Holy God is not a destroyer but is the Builder. God has no religion that a man of God is righteous over and above religion.

1. The Almighty is Who the Almighty Is. It is either to know by the Name or the Power, or any one else has the ability for It. Man may claim at his intellect for human sake.

2. The universe was not created, it is in the Almighty, and it is with the Almighty, it is an organ of the Almighty, it is visible portion of the Almighty. The Almighty is not invisible; the Mighty is visible as the man attained the vision. The Creation is a storey of man, it is not a creation it existed with God, it existed in God, and it is power of the Almighty. Man may say it is created that he is a formed body. He can say only up to what he is.

3. The man who says there is no God does not mean in the sense of the Almighty but says so in the sense of belief in God that the Almighty is never a belief.

4. The Creation is a legend that man needs a foundation for his imperfections to be as perfection. The Creation is a guided tour for the mortal man.

5. A belief is an unguided tour for the mortal man.

6. The Almighty is the might in the mortal man. Immortal is in the man who removed all the belief of the mortal.

7. Trust on religion is like visions in the darkness.

77. How religions came into existance? Once an angel of God asked how the angel came into existance. It was like a child asking parents how the child was born and the parents answer, God answered to the mystery to be unrevealed, thus that angel created the legend of the Creation as the religions are believing.

8. Infallibility on man is fallibility in the believer.

9. There was a wide spread belief among the primitives that there exists a king god, far up in the sky or at a distance, who has made everything, gods, men, plants, animals, trees, birds, and who is the ultimate lawgiver and overseer, the creator, sustainer and destroyer. A primitive believe in self only and all others are enemies. They believed god is far beyond the reach of prayer but certainly immune to magical coercion. The primitives are still in belief in religions. This is the cause of many religions, beliefs, arguments and even terrorism today.

10. Primitives are not limited to the Australian aborigines, the pygmies of Africa, the jungle tribes of India and Southeast Asia, the natives of New Guinea and portions of the South Seas, the Indians of the Upper Amazon and Central America and certain Eskimo tribes; they are everywhere including big cities and places. Most primitive groups now undergoing transformation through cultural, educational and technological changes but religions are undermining the Almighty.

Traditional customs and beliefs of primitives in general are adapted to the environment, each member has role to play that is approved in advance are scared and binding. Primitively ancestor souls are the bosses for descendant souls and this is still in the ancient religions. Thus I have to reject the sickness of my father although my brothers and sisters still in to it. Religions are man created GOD spiritual politics of demons - if at all needed a religion one religion is enough for all - RELIGIONS ARE MAN IS A SOCIAL SOUL - Religions bigun when the serpent taled to Eva - GOD HAS NO RELIGION AND NO RELIGION IN HEAVEN - EVERY HUMAN MIND IS A RELIGION OF ITS OWN - NO RELIGION CAN MAKE THE WORLD A PLACE OF PEACE