Every Moment Unbroken Eternity In It God Eternal - Eternity the Light was the only thing nothing of creation or salvation or heaven or hell - only was Eternal Infinity - (disobedient served unfit there created darkness in hide out) and survived in the darkness that archeologically the earth is longer than biblical years - belongs in the family God for their return Creation of God about 5500 years ago and their salvation from the darkness – biblically one Day to 1000 years signify darkness earth compared with God created light on earth – creations expire upon the Light takes over) ATTAIN ETERNITY IN EVERY MOMENT FOR YOU ARE ETERNAL AND LIVE WITH GOD - King David was a sheep-man so said Shepherd-God in such I say "In Every moment has Eternity" - "God is my Eternity"


CREATION an absolute simple and humble thing in God welcomes enemy to change back to obedience that the creation is Invitation Letter to the enemy to return in God and is pathways salvation of God that God is Love cannot exempt even the enemy from Eternity - Creation drama of SALVATION while the ETERNITY the Love of God available in self reconciliation Unman - if not volunteer the Mission of salvation God established through Creation is training to re-enter into the Eternity - The Mission of Creation is the selves in reconciliation or willingness to return into the ETERNITY - rather than claiming broken the eternity when UNBROKEN - creation and salvation are blessings to reject disobedience for they shall see God in the Eternity - Salvation means unite with Eternity or return from the disobedience into the Eternity - Can't stand before God on disobedience for self hiding darkness was created - to save them from countless time in darkness then GOD CREATION like a Band-Aid TO HEAL that wound in darkness GOD CREATED HEAVEN AND EARTH for salvation return we say Heaven and Earth with Light. God creation Biblically over 5000 years but earth archeologically existed much longer in darkness prior to God creation - Religiously ordinary teaching from God the creation for begun with Salvation - history even though the Eternity was not broken by God - the eternity was broken by the disobedient, God presenting the Creation to be back in the Eternity (man is not the enemy) and God always honored them with Eternity - many years in darkness could not save themselves this is the parable PRODIGAL SON - according to Bible "The bible: One day equals a year or 1000 years - or like a watch in the night." - for 5000 years in light now can you imagine that darkness without God - God answered me on my praying how come earth is about 5000 years in bible where as not according to archeology

One Almighty God Eternal of Beginningless Endless Nameless Ageless Timeless Soundless Spaceless Unbreakable Holy the Unbroken Holy the Uncreated Holy the Unman - but the creation is a mystery DRAMA eternity broken in the world of Man whereby "PRAYER ONE" God of no religion can Save everyone in the Unbroken for being an image / parable / agent / imitation of the Almighty where righteousness is the Stand - the Eternal so loved (love) the world (the enemy) for God broken the eternity (Unman) to save the world in God - In the broken the earth or the world is parable (similitude or image) God or eternity - the earth broken to big and small islands to smallest sand or many religions to personal God relationship in every faith in one God? And why argue one against the other? God eternity invisible Unman in me introducing the invisible one God one religion all people not of the broken but the Unbroken - The Real Kingdom God I have seen the Holiness beyond any life in creation whosoever tells the world - however I worship until end my Man (Man is about all I do by selves)

What is the answer or solution? I am just enlightening the true religion of no argument? I am Abraham Christ introducing the answer “Prayer One”the true religion God of all people. Likewise God is invisible the “Prayer One” is invisible God religion in everyone. Even though world of religions the highest is Connection with God. Visible religions are people to serve righteousness and the local communities are the most enforcement through Diversity Awareness. “Prayer One”God people may argue in peace on religion yet connected with God while the enemy people serve evil (enemy is not man but is the disobedience to God)

GOD and ETERNITY and WORLD and RELIGION: Eternity is countless One, It is Beginningless Endless Nameless Spaceless Soundless Timeless Ageless the Almighty but for the world in the world IT is broken in to numbers and numerous things such as beginning ending names spaces ages sounds stars planets religions and more and each is further broken to the smallest for example a piece of sand or split second or a man, each of them has its individual features yet stands in the basic eternal Foundation. For visible world of God religions visible ways of God but in the human world and the enemy of God people are many ways influenced by the enemy making man apart from the eternity of God. Thus no one can serve your expectations in God and you may too fail to serve the selves and others. Thus visible religion is not the entire answer God

If so, what is the answer? The answer is invisible religion in the Holy – the invisible religion in God - God mission the eternity in every life and every moment in life the destination is God not the enemy. In God everyone invisibly Parable God and invisibly stands the queue God for every thing that would happen through "Prayer One" the inborn link God for everyone. “Prayer One” is that all pray God not of a religion or religious call, “Prayer One” is the one call God every one. That is the highest religion invisible religion in everyone – and it existed Beginningless and remains Endless but for world we are it begun with the Creation, that anyone can pray, even no enemy in the “Prayer One”for it says love your neighbor and enemy as thyself

VISIBLE EARTH is imitation of INVISIBLE world of ETERNITY: The earth is one island piece so as the world is one as the Eternity not broken but just for drama of the world. – The eternity broken into many pieces for the world stated above to the smallest split second, so is the earth too – many big and small islands to the smallest sand or a human being :

PRAYER ONE - GOD – ETERNITY – WORLD – EARTH – RELIGION – MAN - ALL: The eternity broken just for the earth world is not the Eternity broken – the eternity broken to ages of the world of Man and in religions is not the Eternity broken – the foundation connecting Man with God is the “Prayer One”in the Creation – that is the religions between God and Man - that the Eternity has no religion – I am in “Prayer One” and you too of no world of religion but must attain the Connection with the Almighty God - Prayer One”God – “Prayer One” angels – “Prayer One” no religion - “Prayer One” everyone – “Prayer One” no enemy – “Prayer One” eternal - “Prayer One”world - “Prayer One” heaven – “Prayer One”Christ – “Prayer One” Incarnations – “Prayer One” BUDDHA - Prayer One” CHRISTIAN – “Prayer One” HINDU - Prayer One” JEWISH – “Prayer One” ISLAM - “Prayer One”JAIN - “Prayer One”SIKHS - “Prayer One”TRIBALS - “Prayer One”ALL RELIGIONS - “Prayer One” ALL NATIONS - “Prayer One”ALL PLANETS - “Prayer One”ALL STARS - “Prayer One”ALL HEAVENS - “Prayer One”ALL WATERS - “Prayer One”ALL FISHES - “Prayer One”ALL ANIMALS - “Prayer One”ALL BIRDS - “Prayer One” The Prayer of Heart in God - “Prayer One” Like a child who does not know the child - “Prayer One” ETERNAL EQUAL PRAYER ALL

“Prayer One” Introduced by Abraham Christ

RELIGION OF MIND AND RELIGION OF SPIRIT: both are in God difference is mindset

Question: How can religion of the Spirit and religion of the mind both equally in “:Prayer One”– Answer: There are two types of human world visible religions they are religion of the mind and the Spirit – “Prayer One”God is invisible and the Spirit is invisible and the mind is invisible earth world that “Prayer One” is invisible of God in Man but “Prayer One” is connecting man (Man) with God in everyday or every split moment life, the connecting Agent is One and only One eternal agent which is not a mind – the connecting Agent is one universal Omnipotent and Omnipresent the command word the“Word of God” - and Man everyone is connected equally of no disparity through the highest but just has to practice it – it is God inborn invisible in every human beings without even world of mindset or education – World of education religion of mind or spirit yet the Spirit of God the agent serving in the non-believers too that it is not by a belief but the will or call or selection of God serves “Prayer One” in every man the invisible religion existed even before the Creation and man was made. “Prayer One” is the most simplified way of explaining the Holy Spirit for non-believers as well in common man language. Christ (God) is Jesus (human) said he will send the Holy Spirit while the Spirit was serving all the Time of the Old Testament too – but what he said was in the ordinary of everyone

Invisible Religion::

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