Eternal is mystery in human life, in simple eternity is purity - the purity purely impossible in the creation is the creator that the Creator is not the Eternal almighty and the creator is enemy and names the Eternal. Nothing under the creation is eternal. Eternity in the creation is God image placed by God after the creation. God the eternal never create anything less than eternal - or God the eternal is always all in all fulfilled of no creation needed - Thy Kingdom Come is not a creation but is to remove or clean the enemy. Enemy of God not the eternal and reject eternity and that is people problems and nations fight. Eternal is not created level. Everything under creation has eternity in it but not in the created form. Eternal salvation for the purity attained human souls. Eternal living is not possible in the creation thus an end of the body is sharing with the creation. Did you ever saw a crazy man behaving strange at home or street or public places that it is the same the creation or the earth or the man - the earth you may know many forms of calamities - and we pray hard means we melt ourselves into the eternal to to take over the situation - in our Human insight of eternal is God. Eternity is the pathway to attain eternal. Human service with the attributes of eternity to self and others is eternal salvation. Eternity the purity is not time measure as understood in communication. Eternity is timeless instant of Eternal. Eternity is our union you and I but Eternal is Oneness of no you and I existence. Eternal Salvation is sameness all of no creation effect. Holy is not all the same among mankind. Eternal is the same God for all. Holy Communion is human existence, Eternal Communion is Unman. Eternal Communion alive during life and the life after death. Man talks eternal but it is eternity because Eternal is unman. Eternity is divinity to Eternal. Eternity is joining the Purity and Eternal is member. Eternal is indivisible is visible in the parable Good Samaritan, communion purity eternal above holy communion wordily, (in the ferocious 1965 India-Pak War battlefront Indian soldier I saved life of a 105 age blind woman who was left behind alone in a deserted village, Klawinda near Sialkot City. ::(Attributes of God: Aseity � Eternity � Graciousness � Holiness � Immanence � Immutability � Impassibility � Impeccability � Incorporeality � Love � Mission � Omnibenevolence � Omnipotence � Omnipresence � Omniscience � Oneness � Providence � Purity . Righteousness � Simplicity � Transcendence � Unity � Veracity � Wrath) ::Eternity in Mankind the insight one destination Eternal. Eternity is the only sameness among Mankind, because Eternal is unman mystery. Holy of one man (earth) may not be to another but eternity the purity you and I and angels the same for one God. Eternity is image of the Eternal. Eternal is not heaven and earth rule of law. Eternal is nameless timeless spaceless shapeless beginningless endless purity communion with God eternal above the creation but eternity the creation is heaven and earth is communication. Eternal purifies the creation in Oneness through eternity. Jesus Christ is eternity is called the Son and the eternal is called the Father and the Purity is called Holy Spirit. Purity is eternal communion for the father and the son are communication. Eternal Communion the Purity is no more bread and wine hand made. Air and water and light so on are needed purity for life on earth. Clean of them is the same word-wide - Eternal Salvation God the purity of life the same every human. Life on earth more than one essential water or light or heat or air, etc. in its purity same worldwide, likewise under creation holy belief many religions God the creator greater One holy Purity is eternal. Impurities in the mind and world and in belief too is the material world. ETERNITY is the indisputable oneness of no human or creation it it and impossible - Eternity is God purity inborn insight invisible in every human being making the self image of God beyond learnt belief - Purity in human life Eternal Communion one God Communion the salvation communion among all people above religious creation. Insight eternity the best friend and partner and live yourself invisible of God. Air or water purity invisible of common eye is indisputable indivisible, God beyond eternity invisible inseparable wordless oneness you and I and all are in the invisible purity of life, in human life we say one God. Eternity the beginningless and endless unman holy above the creation heaven and earth, but under the creation as less in purity one man holy may not be to other but eternity is God oneness all are in the Same. Religions are drama of salvation and rehearsal as well, there can be no eternity in religious teaching, yet needed for life on earth. Eternity above living on earth yet the purity we share and partake. Eternal Communion the purity all are connected with God above belief Holy Communion. Purity in life is the Communion eternal above wordily characteristics. The purity of life is invisible sameness among all regardless wordily life - Eternal Communion above religious communion - Every human can link life with the purity nameless of God in every instant of life - is Eternal link. God the Eternal Communion always in very split second but appears naturally at times in mystery of the utmost need. Communion of worship natural life may be guessed as a parable to Eternal Communion. Eternal Communion is PURITY GOD all in all. Eternal Communion God the celebrant always we participant in life purity. Eternal Communion always but visible in mystery at the utmost need of human situations - Mystery is God able all things in Unman. Eternal undivided and indivisible purity - undefined Mystery - have to be in God to identify the mystery, the highest attain God in self. God and Eternal and Mystery always unman and the very same man and angel, at least believe and trust in the purity of life. Eternity and Eternal Communion above any and all belief nature of man. Eternity no disparity God all, the Destination of all - Greatest is Eternity God and all angels and people. (Mystery you can celebrate Eternal Communion by self above religion and Holy Communion, I AM Eternal Communion). Enlighten with "Eternal Communion" do "Eternal Communion" above religious. "Eternal Communion" is the final Destination God the purity where you stand no religion. Holy Communion a belief where you belong to when not in truth of God Eternal Communion. Eternal Communion is all heirs inseparably owned the father in Peace. Live above holy communion I am not breaking any religion: Colossians 3:1-3 If then you were raised with Christ, seek what is above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Think of what is above, not of what is on earth for you (human life) have died and your life (risen) is hidden with Christ in God (Eternal Communion), 1 Corinthians 5:8 not with the old yeast the yeast of malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth, from eternity God created the heaven and earth (Genesis 1:1), the about 100 verses in the Bible the heaven and the earth will pass away (Matthew 24:35, Mark 13:31 etc.) So have the Purity eternal communion above ending communion? Vocation man can be farmer - teacher - driver - police - priest - scientist - etc. Be in the VOCATION of God the Eternity. Attain eternal chant life Risen with Eternal Communion Holy no evil will possess.


God Healing Eternal Salvation

Chant Eternal Communion No material :: God Eternal my unman is Eternal - I am here with the insight Eternal - my purity is God eternal - I am life of God. My life is mystery - eternal of God - my life heart of God - my home the Spirit of God - my existence eternal of God (my body temple of God infinite universe) - my image purity eternal of God - my blessing healing of God - God eternal inseparable indisputable unman holy my insight above wordily insight. Saved my soul blessed with Eternal Communion - I am in Eternal Communion with God the insight absent heaven and earth - Eternity is God only God is visible in the purity - visible in mystery. Eternity - nameless - timeless - spaceless - shapeless - unman - in mystery unlimited of God - the ability of God you may insight always with God. Such I am heart of God in the human life - you too be (Attain this chant in life above words of chant - Be in Eternal above Unman)

Eternal Communion - Eternity in Worship - Eternal purity human ways - Eternal chant - Life chant - Mystery chant - Miracle prayer � Highest mantra � Highest creed � Soul song � Miracle chant � Eternal song � Chant of souls � Eternal Communion - God communion - Mystery Communion first celebrated on Easter Sunday April 16, 2017 at 5.00 a.m. Abraham Christ of God. (One man holy not of the other - Eternity is the same all - Eternal communion All one God Communion)

Eternal Communion: God Eternal I am Eternal of God - I am life of God - my life heart of God - my home the Spirit of God - - my body temple of God - my life the life of God - my image purity of God - my blessing healing of God - God eternal I am with God always eternal - Blessed am I blessed of God - God the Purity my existence - Eternity is purity of God - Eternity is visible in purity - Eternity nameless timeless spaceless shapeless mystery unlimited God unman ability I always live with God.

Blessed Eternal Souls 

Abraham Christ, Eternal Communion One Communion together with Celebrator 

God and all our neighbors


" ETERNAL COMMUNION or HOLY COMMUNION? Holy of man is not the same among all - so Holy Communion too - ETERNAL is not of man but is God holy - the purity among all - God Eternal - Though you speak of men and angels, and move mountains but not in the purity you are not in Eternity - Eternity is your inside and life and holy and communion and God - what you are doing in God service support.


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Holy Communion religious great worship - but holy of man not for another man. Eternal of God Purity in God - Eternal Communion is one Communion all people - ETERNITY - Eternal Communion God our life inseparable purity body and mind and spirit life united with Eternal God. I am Abraham Christ celebrates Eternal Communion in heart above Holy Communion - you too be the Purity.

Every religion is Mystery in Eternal Communion:

You are here and come again BECAUSE YOUR: inside is God - life of God - holy of God - communion of God - eternal of God - communion of God - Holy Communion eternal - Eternal property what is in Christ - body and blood are earthly properties - THE PURITY IN LIFE ETERNAL PROPERTY above earthly - every one of us is life of eternal God