THE HEALING IS GOD - DARKNESS REMOVES GOD HEALING - Your body is just the remainder of your death - Do God that you shall resurrect from all problems - otherwise you can be in darkness - Christ Abraham

Darkness - formless and empty in God - claims as kingdom and authority on earth as parellel to heaven from a beginning incomprehensible of man - thus Thy Kingdom come prayed Jesus to remove the darkness - Darkness obeys God thus intervene anyone beyond. Hidden existance is various names shapes and sizes and functions. Causes problems: body - mind - spirit - individuals - religions - nations - global - many kind ills. You can join God to heal the world from darkness - It will be Amazing Grace. Christ is Right healing

GOD HEALING ENERGY - Healing spirit of God removes darkness and sickness from your life - humans suffer by the influence of darkness - can revenge fast if it knows blocking it - be anointed of God to protect yourself. Darkness is problems of: habits - marriage - relationship - suicide - health - children - handicap birth - wealth - job - education - family - and so on -

Darkness can be removed of the Best Doctor God - simple - humble - doing God - - if interested to know more about it contact : GODHEALING@YAHOO.COM

Existed of no human system or count shapeless formless beginning by the Almighty but is mystery unknown to man of beginning with it separated from extended light of heaven the earth we live with shape and size or form - the First Day, (the first day itself was ages of human calendar), earth a figure of speach, not likewise the earth we now know. Darkness was then heaven of dark. There God formed Light or extended heavenly in darkness for separated Light and dark in there - created is the word religiously � Upon such the mystery of �heaven� came into existence - darkness claimed earth its heaven

God of heaven is light - human universe came into existence formed the Sun on the Fourth Day and in it man on the Sixth Day � that humanly vision founded on the Fourth Day is our universe visible or scientific. Anything before was ages of unman is mystery and hidden as well

Not seeable darkness hidden dark heaven of the dark has its creations and generations � are known by culture and belief - darkness is the most problems in the world � Anything where God exists darkness challenges - they so earthly that take wonderfull wisdom - any shape - any size - any purpose - they possess in any thing including Holy Books - show miracles like of God

Why says man was made from earth � when animals - plants etc were made of the visible earth. That man was made of God in support of God against darkness � against the creations of invisible darkness which was not of God � God made man from God�s earth to replace darkness with Light of God through man - and made man from the visible earth - Before existed dark generations weightless fellows of darkness � thus man was made of the earth not of smoke like but of Fire - ALL SAID IN MYSYERY - FIGURE OF SPEECH LANGUAGE.


God came like a man to save humans from darkness - if came with another form the man would not accept - so he came like of a man - the Son of God - same as God - the saviour - Christ the anointed of God - came like man to heal the world - heal the darkness - heal the enemy - heal the humans - IT IS MYSTERY - that God has to come byself to remove darkness - understand this then your study of the Bible will make better and higher sense

Any question may be asked to me - GODHEALING@YAHOO.COM - that I wrote these after anointed of the Holy - I got these and many other messages in sleep - angels of God comes to me and speak to me