Mystery in Blood Sacrifice and How Blood Sacrifice ended with Jesus:

The cause of creation is Mystery. Mystery is cause of miracle unrevealed. Mystery in the cause of suffering. Suffering in the Base or Fundamental of life. Blood is base or fundamental of life. The Base or Fundamental of life above created is Invisible Blood or "Blood the Invisible". Mystery is Blood the Invisible. Blood the Invisible in the visible blood. Blood the Invisible present makes life blood visible. Man is with Invisible Mystery Blood and visible blood. The invisible makes man image of God and visible makes man. Innocent cause of suffering makes God and man bleeding. Holy suffering makes man bleeding. The Creation is cause of Holy suffering or bleeding. The Creation is healing of Holy suffering. Holy Suffering is Mystery. The healing is Mystery. The Holy is denied to unholy rules the cause is Mystery that the Holy is Bleeding - God is Bleeding - the cause of creation is bleeding and the Creation is the Healing of the Bleeding - that we believe God created heaven and earth - from the Invisible. The enemy knew the Bleeding Blood of the Holy - the enemy knew the Mystery - the smart enemy imitated with the blood of the created that blood sacrifice introduced in man - God has no religion - man has religion that the enemy introduced blood sacrifice through religion with the story of creation - that man is between Holy Mystery and untrue-mystery. It is like an actor between drama and real life.( continueIIIIIIIIIIIto in similitude bleeding the blood of the created . , power of the Truth in action - unrevealed to the created but is happening in the created. You may be called and understand a servant or believer or friend of God, but are you an "Officer of God", the higher life understands beyond hidden or invisible meaning and religious revelation � Revelation is "secret counsel of God" reveled in human ways - through certain ways and similitudes and comparisons or parables of Jesus - a truth undiscoverable except by revelation - the resurrection of the dead which needs to be explained but which cannot be fully understood by finite think in brain or intelligence - the union between two existence / life becomes new existence / life - union between life and death is unman or unknown to man - union between the Creator and the created where it begun or Beginningless - union between "Blood of Jesus" and "Christ the Blood of the Word" - the Mystery - Christ was the bleeding of God - Jesus was bleeding of the earth - Jesus Christ is bleeding healed world. Would it be Mystery union between you and God -or- anti-Christ the "mystery of iniquity" ============THE MYSTERY BLOOD SACRFICE - WHAT IS IT? THE MIGHTY REVEALED IN ME===========Between the Existence of uncreated invisible and created visible parables or similitudes help man to the Understanding - earth or creation is visible identity / similitude for the understanding of the Mystery unrevealed - that even I say Jesus is parable or similitude of the invisible the Almighty in human ways. Jesus the human ways for God, the parable - Blood is base for the created human life but the equaling the invisible is mystery. Blood is base identity for life visible and invisible Mystery as well. There is higher invisible blood God in the visible blood. Blood visible is a red substance while Blood invisible is in Mystery. Blood is mystery both visible and invisible the highest in life existence. A similitude of earth to business is the money. Money is blood of wealth or money is value or life of wealth - money is invisible value in the high understanding while visible is its earthly ways.

Healing mission of God in every existence otherwise would not exists - Healing God the Love God the Future never ends to healthy longevity on keep the promise - Blood sacrifice was the highest worship - But enemy of God used man to blood sacrifice was taking the advantage thus Jesus Blood on the Cross ended Blood Sacrifice to save the Holy Truth REQUEST PRAYER

God healing - Miracle healing - Spiritual healing - Works of God - Mystery - God in God ways - unrevealed yet the created can avail the benefits - stolen in use can't perform the mystery religions drama of the enemy � the leak is inflamation in human mind paperwork smart countless books - otherwise the mankind is one in God - Officer of God understands heavens bleeding. Mystery in creation healing the invisible bleeding. God above all created or made in heaven and earth visible and invisible mystery in everything. Every life of blood reflects the bleeding. Human life alone not sufficient to know God all in all, however, Mystery happens through certain ways - God in human ways - God in human situations - Entire mankind in one situation. Jesus is the way - The Way the Truth and Life - Blood visible flesh and invisible Spirit both are base for heavenly life on earth and Holy Revelation - deep it could be "God Said" � God Healing the Mission of God I am blessed for those who seek the blessing - I pray on God Said healing request � It is more than saying a prayer - God the Love the Future heals visible and invisible bleeding. "Healing the Bleeding" is our existence or the creation. The invisible enemy knew the Mystery in the creation introduced blood sacrifice in man but the Blood Invisible Jesus, taken away the rule of the enemy, invisible self the Creator once for all sacrificed own blood to end visible blood sacrifice, the Way in Truth for Life God above blood sacrifice � Not in stolen use but Office of God heals the Bleeding that you can be healed. It is not my denial on you but I'm just God about the truth I am accepted. Earn and save God Healing Righteously for it remain with you. Attain "Officer of God" for you may help healing worldwide - God Love Future like of a circle where it begins or ends, the Beginningless healing Nameless healing Uncreated healing. It is not just a faith healing but is God in God ways Healing, Mission of God but religions does otherwise the enemy. An example: Patient Care Mission a hospital, the chaplain educate how to cope with love one dies, even though Gross Misconduct - seems appropriate if hate one patient dies. Jesus came to end the death but world killed Jesus but never dies. Earth is a hospital of the visible and the invisible as well but only few are doctor of God. I may not speak your language or never see individually, however, God serve us as we deserve together. Lord or Christ or God the Holy University fulfills the understanding gap.

Who can do the healing of God, only God can do. Who is an officer of the government, an appointed person. Not a clerk by appointment. A government is so many activities. Countless pages of paperwork from the order of the Officer. Who can be an officer of God? Whose word can heal another person? Whose word happens in the most common manner? On the occasion of 70th birth day an author presented him a beautiful book of his great work praised him up to the heaven, the author used to present to many dignitaries on birth days. It is a great art of writing, an art in writing same message in many ways, people are great artists in writing, drawing, panting, speaking, amazingly any job yet all these are just clerk of the creation, clerk mind of the creation, but whose word could happen in God. The Officer says and happen of no work of the hands. Get the Officer empathy and will happen of God.

Within the will of God all things exist and established and none can resist the will of God. All things held within the invisible circle of heaven that God made all things, the heaven and earth, that I am ashamed of following the enemy. All things the Lord done for the highest of the creation, yet we have not obeyed the commandments but man we give glory to God in name and the Lord deal with man according to the bounty of the great Mercy. therefore the Lord says "I am the salvation of the people, should they cry to me in distress, I will hear them, and I will be their heavenly shepherd for ever. The Lord will give the authority of the heaven for those who suffer for the Lord of life.

This is the world that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad and righteous living in it. This is the life that the Lord has given to us let us live here together for the Lord has done wonderful things for us. You might ask the Lord why thrones in your life, to keep you down, why an angel of the enemy surrounded by you, the Lord says: My grace invisibly around you is sufficient for you, the power is invisible in your weakness, my begotten Son on earth asked the same and I answered the same and the same Christ in power dwell with you. Therefore, be content with weakness, insults, hardships, persecutions and constraints, for the sake od Christ dwells in you, for when you are weak be strong, when the world ends you will be with the Lord God nameless Spirit.

Gather all people and place the Lord nameless - Gather all people in Diversity Awareness that the earth in Nameless Righteousness of the Lord - the Lord is Nameless - one body Mankind - one Spirit the Holy - one God Invisible - draw us the table of life - mountain on earth will come down - one water life on earth - one light - one heart - one sound one element God. O world beautiful - the world one beauty - on God all souls invisible - Angels live beyond breathing - we will live beyond religion - angels live beyond blood we will live beyond blood - angels live beyond creation we will live beyond creation -then no more like before sing the sun sing the moon Sing the mountains sing the ocean sing the mankind - no more see the book on earth. Yes it is there , they are there yet no more wonderful patriotism no more beautiful spacious skies no more superman heroes no more the taste of old earth - no more the same Invisible.

The existence God heaven and earth that the Lord in the name of our Lord all of us with one another in what we say and invisibly unified in one Existence that no division among us in mind and thought.