God is unlimited or infinity or beyond us or borderless Eternal - How is it humanly above all the human - humanly how it is. I am Abraham Christ of God myself unknown in me. Jonah was in the belly of a fish naturally should be dead. People thought Jesus was died so buried or put in the belly of earth - BUT - both of them came out alive - THEN - Jesus ascended out of the earth, Jesus ascended from the creation itself BELLY - that all of us are all living in the BELLY of creation - that the communication creation itself an apple the drama of savation. Every object in the Sky planet or star and on the Land and in the Ocean is living in the BELLY of creation. The word Creation is enemy of God that God Eternal Borderless Beginningless Endless Always in the Fullest Full never a creator or never ever need to create. The word creation is the enemy word against Eterna. So what is it the heaven and earth, it is image of God preparing the fallen souls to return to Eternal. Fallen souls in disobedience worded creation instead INCARNATION. So the created holy books include many falsehood on God. That life on earth a Band-Aid - we all are inpatients dressed band-aid. Bible says in the Beginning God created the heaven and earth, that God proactive heaven and earth, proactive Another Substance is Borderless of time and name and size unman the Eternal. Jesus came fed us milk saved the humans yet to come higher food with salvation of fallen souls.

( Band-Aid refers to treatment on a small wound - small wound yet affects the whole body - The earth is a band-aid treatment - band-aid life frog in a well - man on earth eaten heavenly salvation apple - living the foolishness of creation while God always in full fulfillment no need of a creation, apple, milk, heaven and earth all are band-aid. World itself a ditch but handicap in man never realizes it - as the world invisible man says God invisible. As wanted man is parable of God - universe seen is parable Invisible - the creation is just Band-Aid treatment of God. Holiness God never broken or fallen or created. Everything in the creation is similitude of everything above creation but above of the creation is beyond human ways - earth we see like a Band-Aid - break the Holy Book in God explains it. It is on every being on the land, in air and in waters and suffers - Lifeless beings too under attack, lifeless we say but it has life otherwise does not exists. The visible of earthly eye wanted to be free from the Invisible in such encourage illegal freedom. In this state some are sided with a rule against the Almighty - Holy Spirit angels are soldiers of the Almighty - I am too - God is God of life - God is my Lord - God is my Heaven - God is my Shepherd - God is love - God is care - God is healing - God is my Presence - God never discard anyone - everyone of the Creation in pains of the existence - for the living until the love sought is attained - love is two way giving out and taking in that God can not stop giving out - life is meaningless drama until met the love - and at met will attain the creation is drama of mist - God so Divine Mercy cares friend and enemy alike - enemy will return. The number one (1) is made of infinite numbers yet each particle -Band-Aid- in the infinite infinity makes the number one (1) to perfection.

The creation is a treatment for the fallen - completed the treatment vanishes the creation - everything as permanent on earth is a drama of salvation - to there shall be no more earthly ways of God and any man who attain this Divinity is freed of the Creation - Angels free of the Creation bondage - creation is NOT expansion or branching - creation is not a storage of the discarded but is a hospital to treatment - creation misrepresents heaven is enemy - Creation God given treatment - creation of the fallen is hidden enemy and Creation of the Almighty is blessing re-entry to the eternity - certain angel in disobedience self created darkness was the cause God created Light against darkness - the enemy still rules the earth in darkness - God for their back to the Eternity the Creation of God and drama of Salvation for human while the enemy already heavenly diamond and man is mud earth - thus evil man can easily wins the world earth - the Enemy made it so big like of independent of God for its religion - Lord God is the salvation not the creation - God is not like the Creation and the Creation is not like God - God is not like religion or religion is not like God - in parable the Sun is not like the Earth and vise verse while "Prayer One" of no diversity everyone all of us stands the same queue is in God and the highest request in us of no religion

Heaven and earth is a visible bridge to attain the eternal salvation, God pure life eternity is the bridge substance. Everyone suffers until attained the eternal - life is meaningless drama if not attained eternal, on attained will testify life itself was drama of mist - had darkness in the light and light within darkness. Magnitude of the earth is only like of an invisible bacteria. At crises every heart is temple of God. Global crises makes one accord every heart temple of God. Of all the prayers of all people just one person one prayer can end even the global crises, in that enlightenment request and urge all people on earth to pray the needs for it will be done. In every human is one human of no fame or name or title. At times even a small band-aid saves. Mud itself seed both the weed and herbal. God Miracle Healing too hidden in the mud. Almighty God was the only spread / presence / life / before existence of the heaven and earth, likewise, in global crises everyone in general communicate God and the scourge of depending only on the Band-Aid.

You might laugh on my saying the heaven and earth creation is only like of a Band-Aid. I said it in God the Eternal and how small the entire universes all together - I attained in the Spirit for you may be too - a Band-Aid treatment on eternity God is Peace and Healing and Love and Salvation and Righteosness and so on of many identities in the heaven and earth, heal the creation to incarnation. Healing the wound creation to incarnation. God in Split-Second a Band-Aid for smallest wound humanly but God of infinity evermore Eternal in it - "Prayer One" God broken is "Prodigal Son" is wound in the eternity - I wounded God in my earthly rights and I wounded selves in my disobedience - God is not like religion and religion is not like God

Creation is like a band-aid dressing to heal the wound on body � a treatment for a small injury in body � a drama of salvation in the unbreakable eternity � anyone in the eternity or you enter into the eternity you will attain what I said of the band-aid my dear beloved brothers and sisters � the creation we know and live is just a shred or a narrow strip injured on the eternity while the eternity is unbreakable and undividable Beginningless endless almighty measures God � the eternity is Unman man will not comprehend the size and shape but may the visible universe of the solar system all in unity is still unman yet a band-aid strip.

The Eternity heals the injury feel suffering thus the righteous suffer on earth � the injury not healing is germs the evil in band-aid dressing � evil victory as nations religions to every individual items between the injury and the unbreakable � God�s family is not earthly family but says as earthly for drama of salvation � such as earth and everything on earth is temporarily � all these temporarily who can imagine the Eternity. Eternity we will definitely see when we there, so be in God

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