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Angels are agents eternal of the Holy - are also called Holy Spirit - the spirit God - Angels are diamond if man is of mud - the mud is earth is flesh and diamond is heavenly is eternal - Man earthly body mud while Angel heavenly bodiless diamond (can take forms of visible things), immortal, the supernatural family of the Almighty for serving God the Father. Angels are beautiful because God is beautiful - Angel is sign of obedience and never created the Self of God like smiles happens unknowingly of happiness in man. Angels are not male or female but shows as female on life sacrifices are greater. Angel appear as human on mind of man and spirit of God. Angel in disobedience does not serve God all in all while may obey in other aspects, however, even one drop of poison poisons the entire water in bottle - the Master love them and their return, God is light - (in disobedience hidden in darkness against light - God in recovering them through creation that separated darkness from light which begins the Creation story religiously - rules of the disobedience shall not prevail) - Earth with some light commissioned them on earth, then mortal man was created to inhabit with bad angels on earth for good angels shall minister the submission (obedience) through man by which the repented bad angels shall return to heaven, Thy Kingdom to Come. In (Hell there is no light or good angel or Life of God); (earth some light, physical life and human, good and bad angels, life and death); and (Heaven total Life of the light). The creation to enlighten the darkness - Please understand it in enlightened language. - In essence mortal man was created for the Salvation of those angels who became bad angels, that the divinity (highest life) on earth always remains for the return of bad angels, this explains the parable of Jesus the Prodigal Son and the shepherd leaving the folk of 99 to return the lost one. On employed mortal man on immortal them, bad angels jealously on human rebelled furthermore revenged God by controlled man with wordly wisdom and promised fake salvation by which repeating earthly life again and again after death, life repeat and idol worship are bad angel salvation banned for the Holy Salvation, thus God in the Self-born became human given a name Jesus with the message of God's true eternal Salvation both for the Mankind and bad angels. (This is the mystery of religions and Christ in Jesus). Dear souls: Jesus walked on the water is happening of algorithm - I may say for you - Jesus successfully did overcome hardships, impossible of man became possible.

To comfort bad angel in their offense on man, His Divine Mercy, God came down as mortal to take away the disparity (between angels and man) of bad angels, to take away the sins of the world. Christ Jesus – the Divine Mercy of Forgiveness - God of God is the Highest Mystery of God on earth that good and bad angels on earth have ever glorified and so many bad angels repented and returned to the Heavens. God the Father so loved the world (bad angels) that who so ever (bad angels) believes in Jesus shall not perish but will have eternal life, alongwith, the Salvation first time ever became available to every man (no more Jewish or Arabs or Color or others) through Jesus; every man (soul of man) has been commissioned with the infinite of angels, level that through Christ Jesus the Salvation is granted to every man siding with Jesus good angels, that man became immortal on God became human, God is nameless, lived human named Jesus. This is Mystery of Christ Jesus. Mortal of Jesus ended through the Cross for the Life’s immortal heavenly parable and the forgiveness of sins live in every man. Angels are uncreated blood relation the Self of God - The Spirit - carrier of Light - miracles of God - like the smiles of happiness, man has been rised from sub-agent bondage to immortal family of God. Thus man call God the Father. A Praise: Father, in praising Your faithful angels and archangels, we also praise Your glory, for in honoring them, we honor You, their Creator. Their splendor shows us Your greatness, which surpasses in goodness the whole of Creation. Amen.

Bad angels attained certain heavenly properties (light carrier) while served as good angels, through which use to trick the man as image of God and minister against Holy God and this is the reason the world is divided everywhere. One can gain the whole world, the highest a nation, the richest, even called holy and more thus religions also were born. You may see evil doers flourishing earthly but not on peace the Salvation, therefore the Christian says No Jesus No Peace, the Salvation through Christ Jesus only, Jesus is the Lord, Jesus is the Begotten Son, etc. Even though religion is preaching for God only, theology, meditations, philosophy, wisdom, understanding and so on – all knowledge are lower the own Self, for bad angels possess certain properties of the Holy God it is not a thing God shall destroy them blindly, that great men of God are high above religious properties, thus many including Jesus were persecuted on religion the jealous lower.

Man is earthly minister and he can be called as slave, master, friend, layperson, and so on, all these his ministry is of one time and ends at his end, his eternity (salvation) is by grace of God mercy of God Christ Jesus; bad angels are ministers of wordily salvation to man while they attain the Salvation by the Submission; and good angels are heavenly minister for the Salvation. Man attains the Salvation through Christ - his eternity is not on his final decision - but the immortal angel he born with. God appointed good angels with every man for protection from bad angels, furthermore, the Self a name Jesus on earth minister the Salvation in the Hell is nameless - Jesus in bodiless nameless is Christ for human earth. The main stream Salvation, God the Salvation of man and angels- good and bad; the differences among them are, good angels living in the Salvation and bad angels just need the Submission but the poor man by the Grace of God for the Salvation. Every angel knows that all the good angels doing the best they can but no one can do better than their best. Hidden in man - that bad angels know the best of good angels are limited to their best - ask your angel to help you with other angels and Archangels at times of temptations and tribulations.

God so love and acknowledge the human earth over and above the creation, every human is born with an appointed angel of the Holy God for protection, by which every human always stays with God of good angels and at times shall vision the angel, this vision appears at worst and best times to direct and alert through the Self. Bushes have eyes and walls have ears that such visions shall be kept in confidence until the Ministry happens in reality. God appears in certain men and women through Archangels for major Enlightenments, in the Old Testament of the Holy Bible God appeared 108 times and in the New Testament 165 times. There are many more times such appeared among the entire mankind and times. God also Appear among bad angels but that is not in the human understandings, if transilated for human levels it is still mystery and confusion in the human. Remember: Although are bad angels are commissioned on earth and reveled many that are mystery among man. Man is like a daily labor, neither is the master nor the responsible, while labor praise the Lord, afterwards nothing. The master continues with a labor for his good angelic.

The Salvation is one, but a fake salvation by bad angels is by which human body attains another body after death and continues over and over is certain religions before Christ that they teach eternity by repeating physical birth after death. Bad angels first promised salvation to man was fake; the salvation to every man through Jesus is the Salvation of the eternal God of no other physical life, is the Almighty God in the entirety. In the holy angelic is immortal the Self. The wise (bad angels) grieve neither for the living nor for the dead, as the bad angels were commissioned on earth and man was created for inhabit on earth on bad angel salvation the body attains another body after death. As the earth inhabits the body through every physical presence, at living or dead or attains another body the wise are not deluded by these changes. Evil has continuity in different forms that physical shall be repeated over and over, that even the physical of the earth shall end to form another physical structure at its final crucial stage to survive on the Final Judgment, it happened before and will happen again, then take place another ageless ages to bring back to space age.

Hell is not an extension of heaven while the earth was created as an extension of the heaven in visible form. Many evil does are temporarily successful on earth but not attaining the salvation on what they did. Earth represented Jesus is good angels and Jesus is the only one perfectly represented all the three. Bad angels trick man through rebel ministry for Man to block God ministry thus every human is instrument of good and bad, and in between good and bad, suffering between God and Satan, thus higher on good angelic suffers the worst. This is the reason good and innocent people have many problems in life. Thus God appointed good angels with every human for not to be defeated and be stronger. Man is mortal while Satan is immortal. Thus you may well understand the Satan is able to a strong fight on earth using man against God. Knowing this basic it may be easy to understand religions, acknowledge Christ Jesus and the messages beyond religious prospects.

The mystery of the Creation, good and bad angels is hidden over legends but the Spirit enlightens the Truth in the Chosen. Jewish, Christian and Muslim are three angelic religions, their differences on principalities are good or bad angels. The Man is growing in religions of spirituality thus religions of mind and knowledge are diminishing to angelic and the good shall prevail at the final destination. That by the control of bad angels ancient primitive known and believed in bad angels and good angels were unknown, thus good angel God begun good angel messages through miracles, prophets, Christ Jesus and God of the Holy Spirit, I am your servant this website too.

Not all angels are equal in the possession of the Angelic. Bad angels know all good angels doing the best they can, no one can do better than their best. Ask your good angel to help you with other good angels and archangels. From top to bottom, the celestial hierarchy includes seraphim, cherubim, thrones, dominions, virtues, powers, principalities, archangels, and angels. Angels have different functions. Some do nothing but worship their Lord. Others are sent to deliver messages to creatures on earth. Some are sent as protectors of earthlings. Still others are sent to do battle with devils, which are viewed as initiators of evil temptations. (It is also same as almost among the bad angels too – thus came into existence of certain astronomical education ).

Even though angels are spirits and devoid of a physical nature, believers in angels have had no problem depicting and describing them. Angels, say their advocates, are invisible but can take the form of visible things for visible human. Angels are usually pictured (depicted) with wings and looking like human adults or children. (In the heaven angels are either with wings or visible of the human). The wings are undoubtedly related to their work as messengers from God, who lives in the sky an an expression of not earthly. The anthem (anthropomorphizing) is understandable. For depiction enhances belief, a bodiless celestial being cannot be depicted less than man. A depiction of a being of less than human stature would be undignified and unworthy of celestial creatures. Nevertheless, it is puzzling how a bodiless being absorb it for the sake of man, God shall forgive the man who does not know what he is doing. The Great Angel Spirit in you shall possess all what is True with no shape or size, until then you are a seeker under certain earthly law.

Invisible angels but capable of taking on visible forms and actions, there have been any "sightings." Literally anything could be an angel and any experience could be an angel - experience. The existence of angels cannot be disproved. The down side of angelic warning can be proved after certain incidents. Everything that could be an angel could be something else. Every experience that could be due to an angel could be due to something else. Belief in angels, angel sightings and angel experiences is entirely a matter of faith, tradition, wish, signs of angel protection and sufferings. Jewish, Christian and Muslim are angelic religions but cannot put as a constituional rule that the existance cannot be proved on temporal court of law.

Even if they exist only in the imagination, however, angels can be very useful. They can serve as monitors of behavior and protectors of children. A parent can try to control a child's behavior by convincing the child that an angel is always watching over him or her. The angel is presented as being a kind of guardian, but the child will hopefully realize that the angel is also keeping track of all deeds, good and bad, even those done when mommy and daddy aren't around. The guardian angel is a comforting and versatile concept, and is the basis for many myths. Much entertainment in books, films and television programs is based on the concept of the guardian angel, often transformed into a superhuman master of occult powers.

Traditional angelic religionists love angels. Some of the traditionalists have their own humanity as their angels, some are gods and goddesses, good or bad angels. Thus in the New Age mythmakers have made an industry out of angels, while the good angels are free of religious or seasonal prospects. Thousands of books and arts connecting angels with everything from guidance in daily life to talking to the dead to psychic healing were published. Sales of angel figurines and other material products are fast. As one proud soul put it: "Gently guided by angels, we nurture and cherish the creative soul that heals itself". "O my soul O my angel O my God rise me up".