Soul of God, sanctify me - Body of God, save me - Blood of God, heal me - Jesus of God, Christ me - Water from God, purify heaven and earth - Air from God, breeze the world, Heart from God, soul the world - Life from God, eternal us - Life from God, love us - Life from God, peace us - Almighty Eternal, Eternal me



God the prayer the simplest in everyone - HELP ME - "Jesus is Lord" the simplest Creed

Who God is in Unman and who God in man is man itself. God is man in many ways God is love God is peace so on are various human purpose communications. The word " I " the most selfish that " I " word is not God. God is non-Self that in God no self. God is above life that in life has self. God is eternal above life.


Greater is the simple most - and the greatest is even in the least, Prayer the highest in simplest. The highest common in everyone is the same, the sense participation of the soul - Prayer in soul sense God overtakes the external. God always internal while heaven and earth are eternal. Life the prayer is the wish of God. God of no religion. Religion is community life in the human. Humans can do angel of God of no religion. Great souls break religion. Influenced by the enemy in religion. For holy people innocent lanuage in religion. Imperfections make religions and separations and divisions. God life above prayers above religious - Pray life between you and God. Meditate God in 1000 means infinite/countless words, in every word, rather than a religious language -(every word in any language equals the word God and for what it meant to be in likewise of the Father - Son - Holy Spirit of the Christian). I am not copying from anywhere because I am in God. I am not saying by mistake. My soul is of God, you too be. How 3 plus 3 is seven or any other number other than six? the correct answer is by mistake. In God no room for mistake. 1000 culprits cleaned on earth but one innocent guilty is Jesus. It is me too cruelly. �God In� in every word is "God In" every suffering. No word is less than the word shepherd "Lord is my Shepherd" - that the master is �IN" in each and every word God - in God - God in - is Christ is Christ in - that is you - that is everyone � past/present/future - God is understanding same one is "ONE GOD" - "God In" every word - says Archbishop Abraham Christ blessed of Lord God the Almighty - Many Thousand words Dictionary or Encyclopedia each and every is word "in God - God in" - "In It Has Your Healing" - God of Word - that is Christ - "Yes in you too" - "Is Everyone" - anoint God - and meditate it God - that is me I am Abraham Christ the healing I offer pray for you. Are you a soul of God, if so you are not less than any word on earth.

The very first law for man is Honor God with whole heart mind and soul and the second is to love all people your neighbor as yourself. In combination of both God healing mission in every man that God miracles heavenly alive among us. Honoring God is infinite of all heaven and earth. Meditate the Existence above creation like of a child doesn't know any earthly story. Gift of God Healing this ministry in word and power I suffered and sacrificed a lot - Jesus of innocent I too had to sleep in cattle home. My suffering I am blessed with this healing ministry.

GOD IS MY: Prayer - Partner - Shine - Degree - Job - God - Almighty - Spirit - Lord - Humble - Simple - Solution - Safety - Salvation - Answer - Want - Need - Rejection - Response - Reward - Language - Word - Savior - Victory - Shine - Partner - Success - Law - Justice - Guide - Instant - King - President - Education - School - Trade - Giver - Spending - Comfort - Similitude - Parable - First - Person - Mission - Work - Kiss - Hug - Beauty - Shape - Size - Picture - Record - Shepherd - Master - Life - Healing - Health - Job - Prayer - Worship - Communion - Family - Nation - Friend - Spouse - Children - Wealth - Journey - Direction - Protection - Farm - Dressing - Religion - Language - Brain - Eyes - Vision - Knowledge - Wisdom - Father - Mother - Heart - Mind - Body - Thinking - Love - Holiness - Spirit - Peace - Happiness - Mercy - Kindness - Priest - Heaven - Home - Money - Character - Attitude - Wish - Welcome - Teacher - Coming - Going - Angel - Body - Blood - Suffering - Birth - Death - Eternity - Past - Present - Future - Organs - Heart - Lungs - Hands - Neighbor - Water - Air - Wind - Pocket - Bank - Government - Court - Police - Lawyer - Boss - Look - Creation - Earth - World - Heaven - Sky - Sun - Stars - Planets - Thrust - Hunger - Blessing - Grace - Time - Sound - Goodwill - Etc Etc - Etc - All on me - All to me - All Within me - All for me - God - God - God - only God is my God Lord the Almighty Spirit - God is my home - I live with God - God live with me - We are One and We do "Prayer One" together ----- ---Many were healed - God is life - God not author of life - God is God of life - Science can be author of life - I am not doing religion I am doing God - God In - In My Heart God Soundless Present In Every Sound Heaven And Earth - God in soundless present in every Dictionary and Encyclopedia word of the past present and future


"God In" in Every Being - Everything has life in God - Everywhere heaven and Earth

If you have problem "Inhale in God" the deepest above use what you know - practice God is IN my: God - Almighty - Spirit - in Lord - in Safety - in Salvation - in Answer - in Want - in Need - in Rejection - in Response - in Reward - in Language - in Word - in Savior - in Victory - in Success - in Law - in Justice - in Guide - in Instant - in King - in President - in Education - in School - in Trade - in Tree - in Animal - in Plant - in Bird - in Giver - in Spending - in Comfort - in Similitude - in Parable - in First - in Best - in Person - in Mission - in Work - in Kiss - in Hug - in Beauty - in Shape - in Size - in Picture - in Record - in Shepherd - in Master - in Servant - in Life - in Healing - in Health - in Breath - in Job - in Prayer - in Worship - in Communion - in Family - in Nation - in Friend - in Spouse - in Children - in Wealth - in Journey - in Direction - in Protection - in Farm - in Dressing - in Religion - in Language - in Brain - in Eyes - in Vision - in Knowledge - in Wisdom - in Father - in Mother - in Heart - in Mind - in Enemy - in Body - in Thinking - in Love - in Holiness - in Spirit - in Time - in Sound - in Peace - in Happiness - in Mercy - in Kindness - in Priest - in Laity - in Believer - in Heaven - in Home - in Money - in Character - in Attitude - in Wish - in Welcome - in Teacher - in Coming - in Going - in Angel - in Body - in Blood - in Suffering - in Swept - in Birth - in Tears - in Death - in Eternity - in Past - in Present - in Future - in Organs - in Cry - in Heart - in Lungs - in Hands - in Sickness - in Cancer - in Neighbor - in Water - in Air - in Wind - in Pocket - in Bank - in Government - in Court - in Police - in War - in Lawyer - in Boss - in Look - in POW - in Sky - in Creation - in Earth - in World - in Heaven - in Sky - in Sun - in Stars - in Planets - in Thrust - in Hunger - in Blessing - in Grace - in Power - in Strength - in Goodwill - in Pension - in Salary - in Letter - in Insurance - Etc Etc Etc - All in God - Everything in God - All in me - All in you - All Within us - All in God - in God - in God - only in God - in God Lord the Almighty Spirit - God in my home God my Home - I live in God - God live in me - We are One and We do "Prayer One" together ...................... ---Many were healed - I am not doing religion I am doing God

BACK TO HOME I saw God is in my everything - Partner - Shine - Connect - Link - Unify - God the Almighty God in everything of Life - God is my Yes - God is my Is - God in Yes No What When Where Why How. God in everything of Life - God is my Yes - God is my Is - God in my - God in my --. God In All Words Past Present Future in the Dictionary and in the Encyclopedia and Body language and Spiritual language and in every hidden language - God in my every disability and ability - in Life - Life Heaven - Life Eternity - God Made Me In All God O My God - No man possess full language of God however Man is inclusive in All direct and open answers


Human preferences to God is Affected by culture and conditions of life. In God man has individual and local and universal culture and each one is every thing in it - in God the Spirit above mindset - the "Spirit In" God In in everything. Man of God can be ignorant too - The man who understands Life shall be of Universal Code - God. The universal Code attained man live above all religions - and religious anxiety will be Common - will practice comfortable for all - If understand nonverbal of God you can use them to reinforce your verbal message to communicating successfully of God � Use tools of the past, present, local and global for teaching God � use high tech and low tech, big and small functions in teaching of God - Public information seek cooperation, instilling public confidence, and help to unite and reunite � At presentation avoid barriers through divinity - In God individually and socially no one is less than the other - Create empathic listening as a part of God active listening - Create guidance to interpersonal communication even in public communication � Personal language accounts for most of the message send to others � In God too cultural traditions are different and affect how we think, act, and communicate. Actively engage the public making contact with many different people. Walking is exercise demonstrating enthusiasm, voice, facial expressions, health and positive gestures. Immerse yourself in all and the entire world and present knowledge in logical sequence - Plan in place to control of emergency response be planned, unified, expecting the unknown � In God communicate not affected by geographic area culture faith or traditions - Project voice in lower the pitch of voice - most misspoken is God thus put forth open answers be able to listen accurately - demonstrate listening by asking relevant open-ended questions to gather additional information to help. All communication lives with God and in God and ends at God.

Adults too are God learners. Adult learners are motivated to learn when they have a need to do so and how will help them immediately, learn best when they are able to link new knowledge and skills to those they learned previously and learning is optimized if actively involved in the learning process. All learners are usually encouraged on reinforcement or recognition. Effective facilitator able to listen accurately, Paraphrasing and demonstrates how media should support the presentation. Serve the morality of the presentation from different Direct questions that require a one- or two-word answer Can be used to confirm facts. Conducting action review with the team members is to assess each participant's level of learning. During the first day if quickly notice that your audience is withdrawn and very quiet, select the open-ended questions you might ask the group to encourage their participation and comments on what are some important issues that you faced during last rain - Privately ask the participant with heaing aid what you can do to help him or her hear you better - Effective trainers know how to project their voice. In a large room, it is best to use voice unamplified, so that they can move freely to engage learners all over the room - Try to come out from behind the podium, minimizing barriers between you and the participants. Content that is relevant, just-in-time, beneficial, and accurate - Expertise that includes being articulate, empathic, prepared, motivational, credible/knowledgeable, a role model, and interesting - Environment that is supportive, comfortable, and safe; fosters a diversity of ideas; values learning by doing; fosters network building among participants; and allows for learning from mistakes - Management Support that reinforces the use of newly acquired knowledge/skills, and creates a learning culture. When realizes that the course is behind schedule, better to adapt the exercises to save time than to skip them completely. Learning is enhanced when it is received through multiple sensory channels including hearing, seeing, and touching or doing. Make sure others will view your actions as fair and reasonable. Use your paraphrasing skills to help preserve a positive learning climate. Understand the potential reasons for the behavior. Review all course materials and double-check classroom logistics. When participants give an incorrect response Use additional questions to guide the individual to discover the correct answer. If the majority of participants miss a test item, make sure the material was adequately covered in the course and make the test cover only the course. During a training using idioms or other expressions is not demonstrating effective use of training techniques and violating regulations governing reasonable accommodations and not serving cultural understandings - If made a misstep say sorry of misunderstanding and express to learn

Diversity is a uniqueness of the Creation - One God is the understanding of the Diversity Awareness not as a count one - No two things alike is function of the Creation - Diverse functions of body organs make perfect person. Diversity is generally defined as acknowledging, understanding, accepting, valuing, and celebrating variety of characteristics that make individuals unique - Something as simple as the way serves bridge and improve understanding help solution - the population is becoming more racially and ethnically dissimilar - Diversity is about being inclusive of individual, local, regional, national, global, cultural, religious, traditional, such as life, communication styles, working together in human resources and rights required by the Public Rights. Groups with more diverse members are effective at solving difficult problems because they share responsibility to Leverage the different opinions and outlooks of the group members. During disaster everyone has the sole responsibility for fostering a positive and inclusive culture. Diversity Action Plan Build a work environment that promotes diversity and inclusion and Build, develop, retain and engage a diverse workforce and Build a sustain leadership commitment to a diverse through education, accountability, and total workforce engagement and Build a environment that eliminates differences in service. Culture influences beliefs and reactions to situations and ability to empathize with victims and values that influence decision-making. If make a communication misstep, the best to avoid causing harm by Apologize and Express a willingness to learn. Diversity is life cultural values recognizing creational traits is part of understanding human diversity. One God we say in the Highest understanding amongst all Diversities.

God the truth God for decision making - An effective decision maker should Rely on sources of information and Have a clear view of values and keep them in mind at each step of the process and Make decisions based on Righteousness and environmental factors in God. A problem-solving model helps to minimize impediments to decision making and the impact of stress. An effective decision maker ensures quality information by Validating information to be true and accurate. Individual Priorities of smaller groups can impede decision making. Decision making can be an incident depending the conditions. Validated information, clear values and great picture helps decision making. Identify problem should eliminate alternatives and help implement solution. When time is extremely limited individual decision making is the better approach - Size up the situation to identify the problem to full picture. Group decision making requires adequate time and good leadership to be successful. Making a decision involving an ethical dilemma should rely on common priorities - Group members for problem solving is more effective if representatives of jurisdictions with no stake in the outcome. The analytical problem-solving include: identifying the problem, exploring alternatives, analytical situations, implementing a solution, and evaluating the situation. A poor decision with ethical implications can escalate an emergency into an unmanageable situation. Diversity is a uniqueness of the Creation - a key characteristic of effective problem-solving groups is Diverse makeup - When selecting a solution in an ethical situation be sure to consider all possible solutions, regardless of how they appear ethically and values of the organization. When problem-solving to ethical solutions and diversities be sure to priorities, needs, values, human rights and benefits � Help community to recover quickly by sound, timely decisions with long time effect - Best decisions are planning made before striking the need, the number and magnitude of decisions and problems must be addressed during planning phase - Effective decision making results increased trust and support from the community, quicker recovery time from the emergency event, and better management of the incident. Using the problem-solving Determine the extent of the problem, monitor progress and evaluate and develop an action plan with details. Group decision making is successful when provides a broader perspective and taps a wider range of expertise, extended discussion of the problem and influenced by majority - good decision can influence the leaders for greater leadership � analytical approach is effective in decision making � the world worships sins in the innocents of God.


Simple most prayer is the greatest - simplest is just "God help me" - Help in terms of: Life - Health - Finance - Food - Shelter - Clothing - Medicine - Love - Peace - Happiness - Family - Work - Faith - Spirit - Safety - Wisdom - Worship - Friendship - Business - Goodwill - and many more as blessing in mind - Keep all rhetoric of religious or cultural or educational and many more prayers free of this humble simple honest holy innocent true heart prayer.