Religion is a way of human life and God is religion of one mankind. Every human is the same no exemption but many kind people are many ways people God, however, the highest is purity no harm or run anyone God pure the purity all people or mankind free of religion. Attain God free of religion for eternal salvation purity. Life the purity is God the Soul, I do not visit Holy Land places because all of them are in me original no creation or duplicattion greater.

God is purity all in all purity and the purity is eternal evermore unending. Purity is the Salvation above all religious ways - Anything that lacks the purity has the ending in itself and ends. Purity is the standard God for God is Purity. God nameless the Purity is Nameless. God will show the greatness of the purity namelessness which has been violated among the nation of religion and people, nations will know the Mighty is command unwritable purity, God is holy through human standard while through God is unman no wisdom of man. God purity is impossible of human beings and God purity inseparable and indivible holy or unholy is the Sameness among all that there is no separation in God we live. Purity is our life in God and Purity is our religion in God that although God has no religion or God is not a religion for human life Purity is religion among us for God. Religion for salvation only through the Purity we attain Salvation. Purity is God for in human ways without the Purity no religious work attains the purpose in God. No purity no God begins and ends with problems regardless all great wisdom of man.

In Purity God is Nameless, attain God nameless above all religions. Purity is the highest common standard all people always everywhere is one God all people no religion. Religions are human standards in the name of Nameless that religions in the name of God common standard is imperfection the troublesome world. Imperfection yet no insult in religions and accuse other religions to cover up on insult of imperfections - religions big lie in Purity through name of God -

Believe God visible to those who maintain enough God standard Purity and invisible as lower the standard � God is evermore eternal Purity but humans limited life thus enough purity is good enough too see God but not the way physical eyes can see things. God make new all things I am new religion one God all people Purity - God the highest Purity has no religion among humans new religion is Purity. Religion that says God invisible is drama to serve among sinners - teach children God visible they search God but if teach invisible they search the visible world - prepared always to see God - SEEN GOD: SO GREAT THAT NO WORDS CAN EXPLAIN HOW GOD IS, the shape or size or any comparison with earthly thing, even no feeling of Salvation - no word can explain even the highest words like Amazing or Wonderful or Miracle or Great or Heaven Etc. will be out from this Holy Unman position. But is so simple position as you should be the most simple - It is my position seen God and always God everywhere with you to even if you didn't see as yet, there is NO homily for it, it is not in a homily or a worship - My heart, I kneel before what I have seen God - when I pray, when I go before the Almighty, I shall bear the judgment of All, especially for you if you made healing request. After seen God money is the least that is wordily life.

GOD INVISIBLE is said to ordinary people IS WELL SPOKEN - But that is not the case with souls in God - God visible - Practicable God - Useful God - Timely God - Meaningful God - Righteous God - Holy God - Our God - My God with you. God is the carrier of life and companions, protector, teacher, miracles, guide, instant actor and treasures of life, religion is humanity in print and humanity in service is God - God is visible as to those who serve God - In God the earth serves as heaven - religion can be God in print and God can be the spirit in religion.

Defeat terrorism by holy people of God the Almighty - anyone supporting or wishing terrorism on whatsoever reason may be is NOT person of God. Terrorism is influence of evil spirit enemy of God. Mystery is Almighty God the Above of human intellect, human thoughts and plans - Everyone prays, animals and birds and fishes and angels too, (even evil too). Mystery is Unman for Truth is human level for the Mystery but everyone prays - Holy people of God pray from the truth to happen the Mystery, the Almighty. Terrorism says their people are holy but that is not true for the Almighty, terrorism is CREATION

God in heaven, God of heaven, and men and women of God are so much unpleased on religious attitudes on God. Religion enemy of God, great men separate the selves from religionONE RELIGION GOD NAMELESS THE UNMAN HOLY

There will be grand acceptance "GOD" the religion of all people - then the entire mankind serve in one religion for God the highest moral - if MAJOR RELIGION accepts, proclaims and restructure "GOD" the religion would be great and liberated the world freedom from story of creation.

The Almighty is Unman beyond human intellect of GOD that it is impossible for man to know the Almighty - known God is highest morals of the intellect thus are many religions

Known is God and the unman is the Almighty, truth is God and Mystery is Unman. Intellectually unified is God, one God, that the Religion is God. Intellectaal is different and is known through the world of differences - accordigly in mind humans image God. No man can image the Almighty and never the Almighty is mind or religious.

Every human a priest of God, sacramental priests are apponted to serve

God is love is religion, God is the Creator is religion, Holy Scriptures are religion while the Almighty Omnipresent Omnipower no explanation possible is the Unman

Religions teach God but never the Almighty. Many are men confused with God as the Almighty. The Almighty is Unman but God not Unman that God is humanly explainable, thus man makes and changes faiths and beliefs in God, but not of the Almighty.


Catholic Church over a billion believers, spread in almost all countries and citizenships - administred through many cultures and many "rites" - great administration, 'one supreme head the Holy Father Pope' - Look into the entire Christian, many churches and denominations 'one Jesus'. Learn from any and all religions - all are divided on God because God is known, God is changable of culture and education, and split on major and minor thoughts but the Master is "GOD" - 'one God'. All the thrillions of humans, the Highest common mind "God or One God". God known is religion and Unman is the Almighty.

Ask a child, who never been in religious education, what is your religion? The child will answer "GOD" then as grown up learnt from the world shall answer accordingly for the world. "GOD" is the religion for the Almighty by birth while the Almighty is Unman.

God is the highest moral of human intellect while Almighty is Unman (beyond human intellect or not in the intellect). Man learn God as educated. God is the highest moral eduation education that man can hold in mind or intellect or of the visible and it is widely represented through religion.

The highest moral God is one for all men, the highest religion God is one for all but branches to many ways of human life to community differences

That the Master Key of all - the Master religion is "GOD" of all people, that every human being is in the "Master Religion GOD". Unfortunately, most men are confused the Almighty as a religious God or the name.

No man can form the Almighty or the Almighty of the Lord God. Man may form God of the Almighty thus on behalf of his highest mind man describes his highest as the Almighty that even at places man said defeated God which can be true on mind as God but not the Almighty.

An interesting case study: At my elimentry school age 9 class level 5, class monitor was selected by the students, but a teacher suggested another way to the selection. Asked a question and who so ever answered the most interesting was selected. Question was: Who is God? Most answers were names from their religions. But I did not wish to hurt the feelings of other religions. So I answered "I AM GOD" everyone laughed at me, some of them even disapproved my answer. But the teacher selected me as the monitor. Seven years after at the 12 year of schooling, the very same situation occured, most students were hesistand to say religiously because their best friends were from another religion, but I did not want to hurt anyone thus did not want to change from my age nine for the best answer there. The community influences God but not the Almighty. Religiously God is different but the moral eliments are the same.

Everyone calls mother, although of different conditions of life the basic eliment is the same 'MOTHER" - it is true every grown up calls God BUT if calls God in the Unman it has the Almighty - has the Mystery - has the miracle response for it was not a call of the religious.

What is known is religion and God is known, anything spoken is religion. What is Unman is the Almighty we survive and no human has ability to communicate or express the Almighty. The Almighty will response every one regardless who is a believer or not that the Almighty is not a belief.

Master Religion is "God" and when put a name it is no more the Master - then many major or minor religions then occur to major - minor - divisions by culture or education or community.

I pray the Catholic Church to reorganize the Church accordigly for all people - I said the Catholic on widely and most universal. It is also the world organized against terrorism - that terrorism is worse than the worst eliments in religions. Catholic Church on proclaimed "GOD" the religion all people it will be Done as it is in heaven or more than any one else was.

If you still wish to say a religion say (God+++) added with your traditional. My heart, when I pray, when I go before the Almighty, I shall bear the judgment of all in my heart, before the Almighty in the only wish their Salvation, the Almighty. Play of anyone not to be judged is not the Almighty


If no religion does it the Almighty message in me is some one unknown now will be known soon and Founding the one Religion God for all that is the Salvation from the heaven who so ever is Heavenly Son

- This High Sermon spoken of Almighty in me is the Salvation all people -

FOR ALL CHRISTIANS - NEW AGE PROCLAMATION OF THE GOSPEL MUST BE RELIGION ALL PEOPLE "GOD" -not just the Christian- All religions change name to God - FOUNDATION OF ALL PEOPLE CHRISTIAN CHURCH IS URGENTLY NEEDED - "MASTER RITE - the Pilgrim Church" with theological definitions - Major Rites - Minor Rites - Sub-minor Rites - I pray all religions change name to God. The Almighty is above and free from birth, natural life, death, resurrection, sacred of man and is unman in mystery, all such founded for man is "GOD" that one religion all people religion is GOD. Split of people by other religions are denomonations in the Almighty.

According to the Gospel every human (all people) is in Christ such that foundation of rites by the Catholic must be extented to every Christan and human (all people) by your church

One God one Christ one Religion all people. The Religion the Master Rite the Fountain of rites and will sprikle Jesus on every man. (through ot the Bible God of all people approving the Master Rite: 2 Corinthians 5:17-21 - Whoever in Christ is a new creation, old things have passed away, behold, new things have come. And all this is from God, who has reconciled us to himself through Christ and given us the ministry of reconciliation, namely, God has reconciling the world to himself in Christ, not counting their trespasses against them and entrusting to us the message of reconciliation. So we are ambassadors for Christ, as if God were appealing through us. We implore you on behalf of Christ, be reconciled to God. For our sake he made him to be sin who did not know sin, so that we might become the righteousness of God in him - on rites the Catholic must be renewed)

Religion is a mind, major or minor all religions started from the same nature of mankind and circles around, thus are many religions and cultures and rites. Mind is otherwise than death (nothing) there is nothing left behind or otherwise than the past nothing is ahead - while there was and there will be beyond the mind the same spirit, one God that dwells in every mind, that truly I have had attained the Message outside mind, in Unman.

Ten fingers two hands, all calculations in the past, Ten Commandments signifies the past all morals covered religion, today things are different.

1. Respect God above as you wish to be respected for self

2. Respect others as you wish to be respected

3. Respect the selves for God and serve others too for God

4. Behave the selves as you teach others the Morals

5. Serve morals above diversities

6. Stand on the uncreated ground of beginningless God

7. Global wisdom God of economy and unity

8. Obey God and listen the world

9. Break muster seed mind earth to the Almighty dwelling

10. See God through one understanding in every life.

Religion makers are trouble makers, that much no trouble if no religion at all. Many religions are many troubles. Enemy is fast wide spreading tree no care needed. God is of no religious identity in anyone - God is life carrier of Care companions protector teacher miracles guide instant actor and treasures of life religion is a humanity in print - God is not printable or explainable. God is visible as to those who practice unman holy life - In God the earth serves as heaven. Was Jesus a religion maker? Jesus was God giver not religion maker that he was not expelled from the Holy Jerusalem Temple where as his disciples or the Apostles were expelled from there. There are about 3800 Christian denominations today.

Where ever you I pray Holy God sprinkle upon you you - every mind will dry down to the Almigghty - All roads lead to home and all rivers lead to the ocean and all wordily life lead to God - Infinite Heaven - Infinite Almighty - No man can speak fulfilling the Almighty - I am not capable of speaking the Almighty.

Master unity day July 4th every year.

Malankara Christian I was born in India. My ancestor was one of the very first five families Baptized into Christ by St Thomas in 52 AD, a bishop of Mexican National Catholic Church. This website is not a declaration of the MNCC. �The insults of those who insult others have fallen on God is the world of religions�