God life - Pair with God - Christ the Soul - Eternal Who Art Our Home - Jesus Coming Again salvation fallen souls free us from Adam eaten apple wisdom religions drama of salvation around us - Archbishop Dr Ittycheria Abraham Mncc at the center is (Abraham Christ) consecration of bishop Fred Collins

Abraham Christ Mor Edayil +++ Dr Ittycheria Abraham at right of the consecree

Hail Mary - Full of Grace - Mother of God - Blessed Virgin Mary Mexican dance at a +200 years village church

A healing service: Abraham Christ Archbishop Dr Ittycheria Abraham servant at the center

I confess to almighty God + and to you my brothers and sisters + that I have greatly sinned + in my thoughts and in my words + in what I have done and what I have failed to do + through my fault - through my fault + through my most grievous fault + therefor I ask blessed Mary ever Virgin + all the Angels and Saints + and you my brothers and sisters + to pray for me to the Lord our God

May almighty God have mercy on us - forgive us - our sins - and bring us to everlasting life. Holy of men many books of words the entirety one Word one God.

LORD HOLY - LORD JESUS - HAVE MERCY ON THIS PERSON MAN/WOMAN WHOM WE PRAY NOW (---Name/Names ---) WITH ONE ACCORD - Lord anyone wishing a healing of God - Blessing be upon them


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TRINITY RIVER ABRAHAM Adam Eaten the apple the same agenda on all people God the creator instead Master Incarnation the Mighty the Peace