Jesus came about 2000 years ago, Heaven and Earth Christian Trinity One God the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Jesus came the first time for the Human Salvaion, the Second Coming for Salvation all Fallen Souls proactive Heaven and Earth, the Third Coming unite all in Eternal. No more Heaven and Earth the Past. Trinity of One God the First time itself in the Second Time and both in the Third Time that Another Substance the Most High Trinity revealed in Abraham Christ of God.

Christian Trinity in simple Father origin Son the continuity and Holy Spirit the eternal purity, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit three highest functions in human ways in God Another Substance, Trinity the Most High Nameless Wordless existing Proactive the Heaven and Earth, here again Revealed in Abraham Christ of God supersedes Archbishop Dr Ittycheria Abraham Abraham: (1) Trinity the First the Unman Voice from the High at Birth of Jesus (2) Trinity the Second the Unman Voice from the High at Baptism of Jesus (3) Trinity the Third the Unman Ascention of Jesus in the High - Trinity of Unman the highest revealed in Abraham Christ of God. Trinity there are many communications in human ways signifing the Trinity - in a simple eye or ear or touch: Everyone has two eyes plus an invisible eye with it look each other besides the two. Countless two eyes look at you or you look at them is in the highest eye the Third Eye the TRINITY EYE the One Eye signigy we all are part and participant in the TRINITY not religious Trinity Abraham Christ of God myself.





















JESUS THREE TIMES - ANOTHER TRINITY THE MOST HIGH TRINITY ONE GOD REVEALED IN ABRAHAM CHRIST OF GOD: 1. The VOICE FROM THE HIGH Birth OF JESUS 2. The VOICE FROM THE HIGH Baptism OF JESUS 3. the VISION JESUS ASCENTED IN THE HIGH. These THREE of ONE GOD the SAME GOD the TRINITY the HIGHEST. These THREE the Pre-Scripted of the Heaven and Earth while the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit are the heaven and earth scipted, you shall match with the Father to the Son to Holy the Non-Biological Spirit.

Jesus came about 2000 years ago, Heaven and Earth Christian Trinity One God the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, Jesus came the first time for the Human Salvaion, the Second Coming for Salvation of all FALLEN SOULS including proactive Heaven and Earth, the Third Coming to unite all in all one in Eternal. Then no more Heaven and Earth the Past. Trinity of One God the First time itself in the Second Time and both times itself in the Third Time that Another Substance the Most High Trinity revealed in Abraham Christ of God. Christian Trinity in simple Father the origin Son the continuity and Holy Spirit the eternal purity. Revealed in Abraham Christ of God Another Trinity the Most High Trinity Nameless Wordless Proactive Existed before the Heaven and Earth - Trinity of One God humanly message now

"GOD IS MY LIFE" is the highest Creed - greater above God is my Shepherd - Life is greater than a shepherd - God is my life is free from religions - God is my life everyone - God is Love God is my Love God is Peace God is Mercy and so on infinity of items in God in God is my Life - GOD IS MY LIFE IS GREATER ABOVE ANY PRAYER AND WRITTEN - MEDITATE WITH IT EVIL INFLUENCE ENDS -

If really feel God is your Life in human life, you will feel two separated life in human body - for example of feeling of one only - How many eyes you have -TWO- but you would not feel two - but there are at times you may feel two - same as hands - legs - parent children - husband wife - so on -

God or Life or Love or Prophecy (message of healing from God)- God is my Life never originated or had its origin in the will of man, but men spoke from God as they were carried along by the Holy Will ( Holy Spirit) - if originated of man has worldly interventions - God is my Life a/k/a Abraham Creed - God is my Life: Let everyone proclaim it - Abraham Creed is life creed not a religious creed - God is Life - God is Love - God is Peace - God is every aspect of Goodwill Life - Righteous Life - God is my Life prevails every Faith Creed and ever other creed on earth - if evil spirit bothers you meditate "God is my Life" for the evil gone WILL happen, Abraham Christ Archbishop MNCC

Early Creed had only three words "JESUS IS LORD" which is the ultimate Truth Christ - God is Lord - Christ is Lord - Jesus is Lord - Christ the Lord. God is my shepherd - Master - Creator - Life - so on


Long creeds are faith worship explanations yet not perfect to the Three Words. The simplest language is capable of expressing the most profound of the worship and feelings - malice toward none - charity for all - right firmness as God gives the right - finish the work we are in - heal the wounds - care the suffered - Healing for the living and demised in God - performing God's spirit - do all which may achieve and cherish the Peace - God's spirit in performing language - Psalm 23 "Lord is my Sheherd" - Psalm 61 "I cry from the end of the earth" - Psalm 91 "Those who live in the shadow of the Lord" - Although in the sky no tree touches the Sky or no man touches God - while God can touch all - the Healing Creed who can perfectly touch me, my Mind Soul and Spirit - God my heavenly Heaven.

The Healing Creed is Holy Unique alive in every person - The Creed healing is God alive natural in everyone - God has many names for all people one God - Living with God is sharing healing with God - Unique in God experience in Holy unique - The Healing Creed is personal life not necessarily episcopal - better be not episcopal for keeping the Holy Unique purity - it is not as a community worship - it is in person you with God and God touches you at your greatest wish and privacy as well - you do God directly with God - God's spirit in your life and healing in you - the "Healing God" is living simple in every person. My heavenly Heaven is my God and has no religious name - it is true God of the enemy too - All my fellow souls: religions are falling apart - The Healing Creed prayes not going into the hands of invisible darkness

Named Abraham Creed of Christ heavenly anointed author Abraham - It is going to church - temple - place of worship with God rather than finding God there. Science discovered elements of life and discovering more, (that is science) but God is the Master Element- in one God each person is an element holy unique - that Healing Creed is personal in relationship with God that you shall do God "the Word" the greatest gift of God personally and individually in you - Christ anointed heavenly Abraham is the author in Christ - anointed heavenly God's spirit the Holy Spirit with every saintly in glory - anointed heavenly Abraham Christ, it is doing God rather than praying religion.

Many were healed - no foreign language - no unknown language - no mindset language - nothing but God in common human ways - alive testimonials of healing after prayer of Christ Abraham Christ is available - certain healings were instant - The Word, Holy, Trinity, and inclusive you is Infinity present invisible is Christ, Jesus is Lord "the Word" the highest Creed. Talks were forgotten but remember the memories - Brain is where memories - God is where faith - beyond - Holy where life alive with the Word and is fully Unman - Do Holy for the healing alive with God. Everyone attains some sort healing but seek in the holy unique by doing God. Do Holy uniquely for healing alive shall happen on request - Go to place of worship with God than seeing God from there - Holy manhood testifies everyone can do God and is in the timeless of the past present future is invisible nameless of the Father Son the Holy Spirit, the Mighty.

Trinity is three unique highest functions of the Holy Mighty and the Infinity is we all in the Holy Mighty. Likewise the Trinity is three the Infinity is we all - They are hope for the future the Holy Spirit and of the present action for the Son and of the Love and care from the past the Father in human ways in the understanding Christ - Trinity the three Anointed titles on functions of the Holy God in human ways � Trinity early man is man in terms of latest man - Holy is commitment the highest and purest Singleness in everyone but no man can see Holy in the fullest of another that Holy Unique is every man -

Anointed of Christ Holy I invite you to join the Holy Infinity - Holy is unbreakable undividable Heavenly singleness righteous we all are timelessly the past present future - one God the singleness in function of the Holy among men - in God earth has three divisions the Holy Trinity and we all together is the Holy Infinity - even the Split Second - Split Second God can do so much more greater than 1000 plus years of man - What is wrong in men in what is right? Right is Christ the Holy and wrong is beliefs - To remove wrong Invisible became visible presenting the Holy Word in human ways is Christ Jesus - the Healing that Christ is the alive future of the past and alive future of the present and alive future of the future - that Christ is unique in human on earth - every human is unique in Christ I am anointed of the Holy through God Christ that I am Holy unique and you should be too - religion can be mindset but Holy unique never can be - that "the Word" is invisible Principle in me - the understanding can be harder on religion is mindset but not the healer. Gone from the human on sitteth at the right hand of the Lord shall be unman not be in the human intellect.

On attained the powers "the Word" the Creed speaks so much more than words of human - "God - Almighty - Mighty - Jesus - Holy - Christ all are transalated the Lord" - Do Holy unique - believe Holy unique - Healing Creed - for unique Healing - Do not put all faith in a belief system of the human that once in Christ is actuality and risen from belief. Belief ends when found the function

Healing Creed hope of the Future in Holy Spirit, from the unending past of the unending present of the unending future in the unending Time Holy always in sameness - "the Word or the Word of God", the Creed is unman the message in scripts of man, in humble human terms of the Almighty, Holy in mystery for all people. God (Trinity - three functions) - Jesus Holy is Christ invisible in Jesus - Jesus is visible of the Holy in human ways - you can attain the same will be the Glory in you - then ask anything to the Holy God will give it to you - meditate your healing request in the invisible union with the Holy � then will enter in the deepest sense one God is Trinity of three Highest Functions in the Infinity of all righteous functions in the Spirit above all beliefs that no man has seen God and the Holy is Invisible - Abrahan Creed in the figure of speech scribs the invisible Holy of all people healing - Godhead plus manhood still the highest is Godhead - if manhood ends to a new world of man will scrib new beliefs in the unchangable Holy functions Christ - Creed - Cross - still the same eternal. Look at the Sun - Noon - Stars and man on earth that Trinity is the man is changing - Jesus on the Cross is the Clearence for this man . Healing request the Spirit must proceeds through the Cross for resurrection from sickness and cured from earthly body for miracle healing is free of heaven - May contact Ittycheria Abraham through email if Spiritually you believe miracle needed

Naming the Creed: In 52 AD unfamilier of language and people the Apostle Thomas arrived in India, met with a local king who had the gift of miracle healing, both of them in Holy Unique unity, the king received baptism from Saint Thomas in the name of Jesus, a descendant from the King with the baptismal name Abraham waves the Creed and the Cross in Spirit - The Cross signifies Light. The Scripture speaks alive in you speaks ownself

When meditate for healing: Search in mind and spirit - where is the saints now - where is the angels now - where is God's healing power now - + - Call them to you present in your meditation - visulize them with you - visulize my praying at the open page for you - In the faith even touch on it.


The Eastern Orthodox Church accepts the Nicene Creed, but does not use the Apostles' Creed or the Athanasian Creed. The Healing Creed is not an episcopal creed - It is personal healing to all "Jesus is Lord"

+If captive of something that you want to get out but can�t by self, there is healing - attain the Creed in Spirit+ ( It is a bit long text but every sentance has "JESUS IS LORD OF HEALING" you may attain any time in heart, soul and mind

1. I am in life - Living with "my heavenly Heaven - God my soul Spirit can see my prayer from my heart mind and life - my invisible Mighty" (Silence - meditate - meditate life with God before human birth - and after in living with God +eternal being regardless the Creation)- I am with this body living in the Holy almighty - who can remove darkness from life and heals all my sickness - ills - problems - (Meditate your prayer and imagine or dream life without this problem and in heart click the healing) - the Holy almighty is unman - brain is where memories - Body and Mind where pain and sufferings - God is where prayers - Holy the commitment of heaven where perfect life alive and healing is kept - to be releazed by the Mighty -- Simple meditation - open the whole heart - mind and soul - open the heaven throgh heart - Holy unique - Healing - hold hands with God - receive healing - God is Lord - God is the Doctor - God is Medicine - feel God the Lord touches you with healing and attaining the healing in Body Mind and Spirit

(above is simply for every person - below is for religious performance of language)

1. I am in life - Living with God - who can remove darkness from life and heals all my sickness - ills - problems - Holy almighty is unman - Holy the commitment of heaven where perfect life alive and healing is kept in Holy unique for me - I hold hands with God - receive healing - God is Lord - God is the Doctor - feel God the Lord touches you with healing and attaining the healing in Body Mind and Spirit

2. Almighty is the holy Lord is the Father eternal and the Son eternal and the Holy Spirit eternal - life eternal is sameness in action of the Holy is the sameness in action of the Eternity - Trinity is timeless past timeless present and timeless future in Unity that nothing of created in the Trinity - and the eternity is "the Word".

3. The Father is holy not human, the Son is holy not human and the Holy Spirit is God's holy not human and in Unity taken manhood for healing the world is Jesus Christ. Christ fulfills God's spirit human salvation and the healing through suffered of Jesus on the Cross that I shall serve God and Thy people taken share from the Cross

4. The Father is sameness with the Son and the Holy Spirit; the Son is sameness with the Father and the Holy Spirit; and the Holy Spirit is sameness with the Father and the Son but the sameness is neither coeternal nor cosameness but the Sameness is "the Word" Christ eternal healer God's spirit.

5. The Godhead of the Father, of the Son, of the Holy Spirit, of the Trinity, and of the eternal Christ is same one Godhead, Christ is eternal Trinity with all the saints in glory - such is the power the glory and the kingdom same in the Father such is healing for all in Christ such is Holy Almighty Lord of the universe and such is "Jesus is Lord" my meditation online with Christ.

6. The Father uncreated, such is the Son uncreated, and such is the Holy Spirit uncreated that nothing of the created nor made nor formed is in "the Word" of the Holy Trinity and Christ of no ill live in the World fulfills the healing gap between right and wrong

7. Christ is of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit and in every man of God's spirit in action and the Manhood fulfilled in Jesus that human healing and salvation is understood through Jesus is Christ - Manhood Jesus is the first Christ and is Jesus Christ such is Abraham the first Believer such is everyone joined Jesus Christ is blessed with Christ anointed.

8. The Father incomprehensible, the Son incomprehensible, and the Holy Spirit incomprehensible and Christ is comprehensible to the manhood we know of Jesus that Christ is the Way Truth and Life to the healing through Jesus.

9. The Father eternal, the Son eternal, the Holy Spirit eternal, Christ is eternal and through Jesus Christ I am (keep a moment of meditation - silence) ( in life eternal and healed - then call yourself Name Christ. Healing through Jesus and through Christ is life and is "the Word" that the Word of God is "Holy Healing" and the Word was God is incomprehensible Holy.

10. The Word is God - the Father is God, the Son is God, the Holy Spirit is God and Christ is God; and I am alike God in the eternal only through Christ. And the healing of every human is through Jesus , the incarnation of God's apirit in Holy unique is the Word

11. "Jesus is Lord" likewise the Father is Lord, the Son Lord, and the Holy Spirit Lord; and yet they are one Lord of Christ and every follower of Christ is holy through the Word of faith and deeds must seek God Healing.

12. Divined of joining in the Holy through the Baptism is regestering with Christ for erernity thus by belief washing away of sins and man be titled Christ in the Spirit of God at baptism and every person be guided to deserve the Spirit of God salvation resembling Christ is in the Gospel.

13. Humans can be God alike only through Christ by join in Jesus Christ and good deeds that the Father is Spirit Holy neither created nor begotten; the Son is of the Father not made nor created nor formed but begotten; and the Holy Spirit in hope of the future is of the Father and of the Son and proceeds sameness is the Trinity of the Father the Son and Christ is the Almighty is one God eternity for the healing of the world.

14. One God in Trinity and the Trinity in Eternity in Unity neither confounding the Persons; nor dividing the Substance is the Holy Spirit that the one God for all shall be worshipped in the Love of God, the incarnation Jesus Christ and hope in the Holy Spirit that beliefs of culture and tribal are not universal Holy God and terrorism is unclean spirit such must not be accepted at no place and time and I do reject them.

15. Lord Jesus Christ, One Being with the Father, True God from True God, Begotten Son of God, through him all things made, is God and man, God of the substance of the Father, and man of substance of His mother Virgin Mary in the Holy Spirit, perfect God and perfect man in Holy Spirit life giving, equal to the Father as His Godhead, through him Salvation and healing came down from heaven and is Healer of the Holy almighty

16. He is God the Word of everlasting Godhead taken the Spirit and Water and Blood is Jesus Christ of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit; proven God and the Healing in His manhood suffered on the Cross, descended into the dead, rose again on the third day from the dead that we shall be healed resurrected from ills; He ascended into heaven from where the healing comes for us.

17. He sits on the right hand of the Holy the one God almighty; from thence He shall come to Heal the living and the dead for life in Thy Kingdom.

18. Jesus Christ born and lived on earth of the Prophesy, Miracles the Cross the Resurrection and Ascended into the Heaven for He will return in the fulfillment of eternal Healing for every person of Holy all in the "Word of God" in one Holy function.

19. Holy Holy Holy - every person be blessed and healed on body mind and spirit we pray and we seek that every person is Holy unique in the Holy - Holy Lord, make us to join your ever living life and heal us from the burdens on earth

+ Amen

( Right hand is a figure of speach in terms of human language - such is the Father - Son - Holy Spirit - Christ etc that those are "the Word" of God unman in the Spirit - no one has to argue on used human language ) If you disagree the healing creed at any point you have the right to prepare own in God's spirit Holy unique you are - but a healing creed with no healing result makes no sense in Holy God

We must live eternal in Christ Jesus beyond our profession of faith This is not in obedience to other creeds of the Christian - Living in Christ risen in Christ feel in self both God and manhood - This is my request of salvation for all through Christ that angels know all languages - Know that a mission of God other than of humans is hidden in the Church

If The Athanasian - The Apostle's - The Nicene - Creeds are profession of faith in the Catholic. The Abraham Creed is Creed Healing that one God is heavenly one - same on earth, but earth has past present and future and change human standards that God must be understood accordingly. I had seen Sky in the Sky same of the Sea and in sameness with earth all the three is same the Sky same the Sea and same with the Earth in unity - was snow white, the energy strength was highest bright - The Truth above truth that the Truth is above earthly

In the identity of Healing you want - You may make Abraham Cross of own choice of size, color, shape, material, prayers and even foot the cross on the Holy Bible or attach the Bible with the Cross

MEANING BAPTIZM OF THE WATER AND HOLY SPIRIT: Not knowing the background many are confused on the usage water and holy spirit. John the Baptist, the forerunner of Jesus had begun baptism of water - at the baptism of Jesus there appeared Holy Spirit thus usage for the fulfilled baptism became "Water and Holy Spirit". At gatherings of Jesus free food was served, nonbelievers thanking the food wanted to be baptized, on such Jesus said: BELIEVE then receive THE BAPTISM OF WATER AND HOLY SPIRIT. Although Jesus did not need baptism (where in bible written the disciples or the Apostles were baptized) he was baptized for example for the new comers in glory. Whole family of believers received baptism means children and servants too to follow the master and for everyone in the family to be baptized upon the head is baptiszed to grow in glory.

There is no other lord the Word besides GOD and there is no other God besides the Word and we are right only in the worship the God the Word. In the name of GOD, the Almighty, the Healer, the Divine, the Gracious, the Merciful all Praise Worship be to GOD, Lord of the universe seen and unseen of the heaven, the Lord of the Judgment, Worship the Almighty; Only You we ask for help and miracle healing. Guide us in the right path the path of those whom You blessed; not of those who have deserved wrath, nor of the astray. Merciful is the Unman Lord of the clean Spirit: created and shapes, designs and guides, produces the pasture, remove darkness turn into light. We will recite to you; do not forget. Everything is in accordance with the will of GOD; that in Him nothing is hidden. Direct us to the easiest path that we will benefit of your mercy and kindness. Among us the reverent will take heed and unclean will not be blessed by the Spirit. Blessed indeed is the one who redeems his soul in the Spirit of the Lord and observing the Word. Word: God is Unman but humanly is Holy, one God, Trinity and the explations on the Word (Holy) no man ever able to narrate or comprehend, Unman beyond the Holy and the Holy Spirit.

Poor with rich can become rich - The Creed you are with the Spirit, the Greatest: Holy God - Trinity - Christ - Jesus - all saints in Glory - your before birth - your the future - none is sick - all power in heaven and on earth with the Creed, meditate the Creed for healing now and even for the Salvation. It is simple practice of God: simple life style, disciplined nature - spend time in God with others - restore and rejuvenate the self - healing in Unity above what you know and the faith - reject unclean spirit, darkness is trouble - You were unseen member in your home before birth now seen member sick can be healed by restore and rejuvenate the health with unseen Spirit - Divine Mercy, Divine Healer - Listen the Creed with heavenly wisdom - FURTHER - Listen the Creed THROUGH blood circulation in your body, sicken part of body or mind and spirit rather than only physical ear. Meditate the Holy is feeding you with the holy water - "anointed of the Word" I scripted the Creed

The Orthodox Churches accept the Nicene Creed, but does not use the Apostles' Creed or the Athanasian Creed, so as certain Protestants do not use the Athanasian Creed. The Healing creed is personal not an ecumenical creed