Eternal - Borderless - Always Open - All of Us - Non-religious

Even if the gates of heaven closed on you still open never closes Gate of God for greater victory in life.

Live inside Gate of God for others too for you will be blessed of God salvaton neutral for all of us. From inside the Gate of God shall free you from the diversity heaven and earth day and night darkness that no day or night beyond the earth. Gate of God inseparable and indivisible always, live insider not outsider of God.

Your Tears in the Gate of God is Joy of life the highest prayer “Almighty Yes” within life itself the highest prayer, only evil doers may harass you.

Heaven and earth guidence coming from the fallen souls seems Gate of God but are not neutral for all is not Gate of God salvation of all of us the Eternal Trinity

Eternal God in Eternal Trinity Gate of God the Eternal Salvation for all of us is above the Holy Trinity in the heaven and earth day and night diversities

GOD BORDERLESS SPACE SO WHAT IS MEANT BY GATE OF GOD: Gate of God borderless has no gate and it is not a gate, it is wide open neutral no harm or ruin or scholastic simple of being good each other. God himself Borderless and Borderless God in you self, but our wisdom boarders God and heaven due to evil doers. Gate of God Opened is demolished the gate of heaven.

Demolished the gate of heaven overcomes the tears of the heaven and earth in Almighty Yes the Gate of God. Even if the gate of heaven closed the tears overcomes the gate of heaven. God your highest life experience the testimonial above all the words of wisdom on earth, for it is Gate of God identified in person.

Heaven and earth religion walk with God for you are not alone, instead live in God. Almighty Yes welcome you Pair with God inside the Gate of God than walking with God outside the Gate. Anybody can walk with anyone without pairing the walk. Inside Gate of God is the life Pair with God. Jesus served Gate of God for we live inside rather than a walking of religion.

Grace of God salvation Gate of God in you the service for all neutral all no harm or ruin or scholastic in you fits all in heaven and earth life for the peace one life under God let us live global human in God above faith matters wherever the presence.


Gate of God opened mean not it was closed before but is no presence gate of heaven and earth whereby live with God everywhere demolished the gate created by the evil doers, the borderless opened in every space and moment in life. Even if the gate of heaven closed on you. Tears means the repentance opens Gate of God. Gate of God means gateless space in God.

Gate of God our life energy source in our existence heaven and earth. Heaven and earth sovereignty claimers fake Gate of God strange and mysterious with their classics untrue art never practical of becoming invisible God, whereas simple human life itself the highest truth almighty Gate of God practical.

Almighty God and Almighty Yes and Gate of God, Trinity non-religious all people Trinity, the Father and Son and the Holy Spirit, in testimonial Archbishop Ittycheria Abraham A/K/A Abraham Christ of God

THE RELIGION OF GOD - GOD OF HOLY - HOLY GOD OF ALL PEOPLE IS THE SALVATION - Our great desire in God is one Faith Community all people. It shall come true God will visit us with the Happiness on us that WE DO GOD. God himself will prove universally born every human can do God. Life itself is the highest prayer, Prayer is the only weapon after done God, prayer the greatest weapon inherited from great fathers brings miracles - a weapon proved in ten thousand battles and warriors in countless millions - even on the evil doers when the gates of hopes are closed in heaven if those tears are open that the righteous of them can be saved with Gate of God. Demolish the gates of heaven, Own the heart of the Great Father Holy inside the Gate of God where prevail no evil. No evil can bit the man and the people of the Great Father, even if died before the wicked He will grant the Life. He who sacrifices a whole offering shall be rewarded for a whole sacrifice. Great Father God says; Where I permit my name to be mentioned I will come to thee and Bless them and whom have bestowed my greatness I will perform them. Jesus is God in human ways of the Bible and Christ the Person in the action. Attained the eternal truth not the senses of life but in the boarderless Salvation will be the guide-

RELIGION IS DRAMA OF SALVATION for wordily human ways understood, What is wrong in what is right, for right shall be opened and wrong abolished - HOLY IS RIGHT and Holy is Christ in human ways - many are wrongs in one only one RIGHT - INVISIBLE HOLY GOD VISIBLE IS JESUS CHRIST -


Join human Salvation the Almighty All People - highest spiritual healing and protection from evil - God will prove His salvation directly to you on your done God - that every human can do God - The Salvation is not a religious greatness - Joinn Now

GATE OF GOD; Almighty Trinity the Almighty God and Almighty Yes and Gate of God - each of the three the same inseparable indivisible one Communication in itself


GATE OF GOD: What is the highest number, how many numbers between zero and one and how many are numbers in one, all the three infinity the same answer. Our infinity even if some missing still is infinity. In the heaven and earth infinity of numbers everyone is the sum of its infinities within and all will end at the time of God. One the highest of us is one God. Above all of them ever indivisible infinity invincible the inseparable Another Substance Almighty Eternal human simple parable one God we can do is "Almighty Yes" human possible Gate of God