ETERNAL is Another Substance unman of no heaven and earth possible:: TRINITY is the highest three positions in human life. "Almighty God" and "Almighty Yes" and "Gate of God" the Trinity in human for God above heaven and earth. Eternal Trinity is Field of our Eternal Salvation Ever. Holy Trinity is God human ways the heaven and earth milk for growth in the salvation field. Eternal Trinity ever borderless of no day and night heaven and earth diversities. Eternal Salvation and the Field for ever God Eternal never close even if the heaven and earth ends or its gates closed. God ::: Another Substance ::: Eternal Almighty God - Eternal Trinity and Almighty Yes and Gate of God, in simple Being Good of God neutral the Way and the Truth and Life universal humanity, we can Volunteer God in person, between persons and communities and nations make all things possible the Peace in the depth of the noun Eternal Blood.

"Eternal Trinity" Almighty God, Another Substance, our Salvation through Grace of God in many ways Holy Trinity the food for us to grow salvation through Jesus Christ. In God all people and nations in the big city of New York during 1997 - 2001 God blesed I conducted God Healing Seminars, on the morning the one scheduled for 11-9-2001 the Seminar Center has been permanently closed after the terror attack on the NYC WTC Twin Towers. Rightway upon visitors allowed at the Ground Zero Site in October 2001 myself present at the site, I prayed for all the souls ever and evermore on earth in neutral God without measured who is enemy or friend all are equal children of God and our neighbors in "Almighty God" and "Almighty Yes" and "Gate of God" the borderless space ETERNAL FIELD all are saved FREE of narrow and misleading day and night ways of the world. In the Upcoming of Jesus for no one will be lost. For all be be saved risen ascended in the Eternal For all be saved risen ascended in the Eternal of God: Eternal Trinity the Almighty Yes the Gate of God the Borderless Field our salvation the Holy Trinity of Eternal Trinity of Almighty Yes the ETERNAL BLOOD in the Depth of Eternal Noun Jesus the Way and Truth and Life fulfilled we all are equal one Member in Eternal God, Another Substance:

ETERNAL BLOOD IS LIFE IN THE DEPTH ETERNAL NOUN UNKNOWN IN HEAVEN AND EARTH LIFE: ANOTHER SUBSTANCE: EVER THE BLOOD ALMIGHTY: In simple Word of Miracle God Invincible in Jesus Blood our salvation and resurrection and ascension Eternal::: The Depth in Blood that overcomes our sufferings and tears the heaven and earth - God innocent life itself Eternal Blood our prayer for all. Innocent suffering itself Eternal Blood in person serving in the heaven and earth diversities signify JESUS the Way and Truth and Life neutral for all humanly we live shall overcome of the Eternal Blood. Eternal Blood the Eternal Noun Word in Depth Coming Again permanently overcomes the faith declarations of the heaven and earth. Until then all the innocent of the Eternal Blood suffer of no human word possible. Non-smoker child of God I am victim of no cause found Lung Cancer of severe pains and sufferings no cure no healing other than the Eternal Blood. Soon I shall be in the Eternal Blood from there too I shall pray for all.

"ALMIGHTY YES" God fulfilled Yes, borderless space, in person God testimonial life itself free of faith matters. "Almighty Yes" on served invincible compassionate kind humble innocent, in simple "Being Good" non-Self light of life for others too. "Almighty Yes" all people and souls one community under God. Every human ever on earth "Almighty Yes" testimonials all aligned with one God. "Almighty Yes" ascended life in tears God miracles. "Almighty Yes" wordless initiation and introduction and continuation and revelation and experience and progression and confirmation and acknowledgement and validation and celebration and approval and authorization and ratification and verification and indivisible and inseparable self attainment and endorcement and eternal salvation and all the values fulflled Another Substance God in person "God Yes" all in all. "Almighty Yes" God attained beginningless the person serve others in God. "Almighty Yes" aligned with known and unknown of all things serve Godhead human ways. "Almighty Yes" salvation the eternal salvation none left behind. "Almighty Yes" your salvation fulfilled with all saved. God sent angels "Almighty Yes". Initiaton and introduction and beginning "Almighty Yes" humanly baptise the baby in pregnancy itself spiritually aligned with almighty God. Baptise the baby in "Almighty Yes Baptism" the blessing in the inborn itself in the pregnancy while the baby still in the inseparable life of the almighty God. (Been lost let us meditate and respond and recover our Almighty Yes Baptism). "Almighty Yes Baptism" New Age One Baptism above religions. In person yourself "Almighty Yes" God salvation free of faith matters.

"Almighty Yes" - the experience God attained in person is wordless "Yes" - "God Yes" - "Life Yes" - "Prayer Yes" - "Impossible Is Possible" - "Being Good Yes" - "Being Good Invincible Testified" - "Righteous Yes" - "Beginningless Endless Borderless God Yes". "Yes the Yes the Ever in many ways the same Yesterday and Today and Tomorrow the Evermore", God all universes and the planets borderless of more space "Almighty Yes" within human life. "Almighty Yes" experience in person above the heaven and earth taught - "Almighty Yes" testified in person above godhead - "Almighty Yes" nothing more humanly possible of the time. "Almighty Yes" all in all holy humble and simple Yes no enemy or harm or ruin or scholastic or title. "Almighty Yes" in community and in person even in the instant serve and communicate the life itself "Almighty Yes" free of godheads. It is time for prayer "Almighty Yes" - let us meditate the experience and pray "Almighty Yes" in heart and soul and life and healing and unity and salvation perfection "Almighty Yes" changes in others too. In the Christian God the same yesterday and today and tomorrow the evermore in name Jesus Christ -"Almighty Yes" Jesus Christ ascented heaven instead Eternal. "Almighty Yes" God served, God worked, God happened, God done, God gotten. "Almighty Yes" Universal of all the universes new age communication Uplift God all people freedom from religious. "Almighty Yes" attained in person direct God fulfillment. "Almighty Yes" is above and beyond religious. "Almighty Yes" the Almighty and from the Almighty invincible the "Almighy Yes" already confirmed in Jesus before the human birth. Attained Jesus is attained "Almighty Yes" the confirmation in person and in the Communiy Service. "Almighty Yes" in person above the heaven and earth a social media. Social Media anyone with access post and repost falsewood inpurpose, the apple eaten wisdom still around. Jesus Coming Again the communication is in person no social or religious or spiritual media of "Another Substance". Holy Bible "Almighty Yes" in one Word is God, many words are social media on heaven and earth.

Human life itself God prayer for others too by word and deed and God, humanity is the service. Trinity of Eternal all people and souls and angels inseparable indivisible Almighty God and Almighty Yes and Gate of God. "Almighty God" is "Almighty Yes" is "Gate of God". All the three are the same in human is "Being Good" by word and and deed and God in simple serving in universal, volunteer community service and nation serving for poverty nations and God in human ways. God in human ways is the Gate of God opened in human ways. Eternal Trinity "Almighty God Yes Opened" is God miracle in our life, impossible becomes possible and done by our tears global universal unity, lacking cause global pandemic, "Now It Is Time For Prayer" let us all of us together pray "Eternal Trinity", I am Archbishop in Eternal Trinity after much not easy tears, Godhealing Eternal Trinity in me during the 1997 - 2001 conducted miracle healing seminars at NYC Seminar Center, one of them scheduled for 11-9-2001 could not be done as a result of the terror attack on the WTC Twin Tower and the Seminar Center itself permanently closed. "Eternal Trinity" in me immediately upon visitors allowed at the area in October 2001 from the WTC Twin Tower Ground Zero site itself I prayed for all the victims and the souls. Eternal Trinity is above religios trinity.

Heaven and Earth is problem life on us against God Eternal. Almighty God Eternal is Another Substance of no heaven and earth, however, life human father and son an the community in the continuity but the same, if Trinity, "Eternal Trinity" of Another Substance "Almighty God" and "Almighty Yes" and "Gate of God" above all the human one God all people and souls and angels, Peace on earth among all. Eternal Trinity above religious "Almighty God" for the Father, and "Almighty Yes" for the Son and "Gate of God" for the Holy Spirit that "Eternal Trinity" for all is free of scholastic and argument. Almighty or Eternal is Another Substance humanly the entirety depth Wordless of man, the Highest Power, Enormous Power and Wordless Ability that no human ways able to hold or communicate. "Almighty Yes" humanly communication in "Eternal Yes". All people any time "Almighty Yes". All the souls any time "Eternal Yes". In God Abraham Christ of God message "Almighty Yes" all people one indivisible communication for the invincible. The Invincibility "Almighty Yes" my life and your life and our life Abraham Christ of God welcome all world and people in "Almighty Yes". God human community "Almighty Yes" Being Good indivisibily serve Godhead non-Self Jesus Christ Coming Again for let us be ready and wisdom the invincible "Almighty Yes". "Good Samaritan" was a parable "Almighty Yes" for we all will be.

Jesus Coming again Nameless for salvation of Fallen Souls, "All Souls Saved" - Own safety first "Almighy Yes" protection for others too saves all world. "Almighty Yes" in strange too happens never to compare with modern world science and technology global one system for many universes. "Almighty Yes" more about God and the angels and the heaven and earth and all things including the enemy than humanly knowledgeable

Human life in "Almighty Yes" community service perfection. Almighty the title for God and new age title religion "Almighty Yes" all people. Meditate attain "Almighty Yes" in person, absorb, attain, enlighten in life. "Almighty Yes" wordless salvation before and after Jesus Christ, biblically languaged "Jesus Christ" is the Christian, people lied and deceived and failed me all such the pains and sufferings itself back to them "Almighty Yes". "Almighty Yes" the heaven and earth ends the same my life

We are human beings in one God the Almighty is neutral of all of us, religious ways lacking the neutral is absenting God. "Almighty Yes" indisputable experience, Life itself godhead the purity every human Being Good is free of religiosity. Jesus Coming Again "Almighty Yes" eternal ways proactive the heaven and earth for all the fallen. Meditate protect "Almighty Yes" in need if gates of heaven closed tears itself begin "Almighty Yes" - New Age all of us from religions uplift in Being Good blessing each other "Almighty Yes": Each part of Trinity itself Trinity: Father itself Trinity, Son itself Trinity, Holy Spirit itself Trinity, Being Good in person itself is Trinity, everyone parable God: Infinity parable God: What is the highest number, how many numbers between zero and one and how many are numbers in one, all the three infinity the same answer. Our infinity even if some missing still is infinity. In the heaven and earth infinity of numbers everyone is the sum of its infinities within and all will end at the time of God. One the highest of us is one God. Above all of them ever Inseparable the indivisible infinity invincible Another Substance Almighty Eternal in human simple parable one God we can open Gate of God the Almighty Yes:

"Almighty Yes" my life

"Almighty Yes" save each other

"Almighty Yes" heaven and earth end the same

"Almighty Yes" eternal takes over

"Almighty Yes" in person everyone

"Almighty Yes" my invincible religion

"Almighty Yes" in experience

"Almighty Yes" my religion all people

"Almighty Yes" my tears miracle

"Almighty Yes" my protection

"Almighty Yes" my prayer

"Almighty Yes" my evermore

"Almighty Yes" my health

"Almighty Yes" my business

"Almighty Yes" my finance

"Almighty Yes" my family

"Almighty Yes" my children

"Almighty Yes" my church

"Almighty Yes" my job

"Almighty Yes" my true religion

"Almighty Yes" my priest

"Almighty Yes" my going and coming

"Almighty Yes" healing the world

"Almighty Yes" Being Good Religion

"Almighty Yes" our love

"Almighty Yes" my salvation

"Almighty Yes" my study

"Almighty Yes" my neighbour

"Almighty Yes" my answer

"Almighty Yes" God

"Almighty Yes" victory

"Almighty Yes" no more enemy

"Almighty Yes" miracle

"Almighty Yes" everything good

"Almighty Yes" my light

"Almighty Yes" my power

"Almighty Yes" my recovery

"Almighty Yes" my response

"Almighty Yes" my religion

"Almighty Yes" my spirit

"Almighty Yes" I am in

"Almighty Yes" no enemy

"Almighty Yes" my wish

"Almighty Yes" my wesite

"Almighty Yes" my blessing

"Almighty Yes" my doctor

"Almighty Yes" my medicine

"Almighty Yes" my parents

"Almighty Yes" my peace

"Almighty Yes" my angel

"Almighty Yes" my efforts

"Almighty Yes" my wisdom

"Almighty Yes" community

"Almighty Yes" my knowledge

"Almighty Yes" my divinity

"Almighty Yes" my world

"Almighty Yes" my nation

"Almighty Yes" my communication

"Almighty Yes" In God we are

"Almighty Yes" my attainment

"Almighty Yes" wordless in me

"Almighty Yes" instant

"Almighty Yes" my revelation

"Almighty Yes" in person experience

"Almighty Yes" God my God

"Almighty Yes" Your Blood ETERNAL BLOOD Meditate

"Almighty Yes"

"Almighty Yes"

"Almighty Yes"

"Almighty Yes"

"Almighty Yes"

"Almighty Yes"

"Almighty Yes"

"Almighty Yes"

"Almighty Yes"


> God with us, God with us free of religion, God in you no religion, "Almighty Yes" the greatest and highest and eternal community service. "Almighty Yes" for new age religion, invincible God all people.

Question: "Almighty Yes" yet how come we are suffering: Answer: We are affected by the heaven and earth around us.

Be true to yourself, chase efforts with honesty, if fails enjoy Jesus Coming Again, this message in your ways for Jesus Coming Again working in you.

God with us in person every human life, God with us in community the communication, God with us Universal sameness "Almighty Yes" the peace God with us







ETERNAL: Human Communication Purpose: Holy Eternal God Father Christ Jesus Soul and so on HUMAN LANGUAGE, humanly no man even Jesus did not or say Eternal of the ETERNAL, Our father Who Art in Heaven not eternal of Eternal. Jesus Coming Again the prayer Our Father Who Art Eternal not heaven, that Eternal Salvation in Progressive Revelation begun Proactive Heaven and Earth that Jesus coming again is not the past local birth or the human whereas fulfilling the revelation with global universal new age uplifted life for all of us ETERNAL unimagined of all people of no scholastic or religion or culture or tradition. Jesus Coming Again is not the way Known to Man. You may Join in advance Jesus Coming Again. Jesus Coming Again is Human Communication whereas the the COMING is Unman.

Master Heaven and Earth the entire universe of many substances our heaven and earth like a muster seed one of them. Eternal the beginningless endless that until Eternal nothing of us Eternal. Eternal Existence Proactive Heaven and Earth - Eternal only Eternal that human understands in drama morals human ways - Eternal always or God always the entitiety all in all fulfilled complete, God never create anything or need to create anything that Heaven and Earth Incarnation but the enemy in its status says as creation of God. God pure infinity every human incarnation but the enemy creation many gods against man and God - Enlighten heaven and earth incarnation of God with the soul name Christ or God pure name in your heart attain Eternal miracles in life no religiosity. Enlighten with New Age human salvation uplift you are light of the world life Eternal.

12 Revelations---Jesus 3 Times---Salvation---First Time Ever---Millennium Offer---Eternal Soldier---Why Wait---Join Now---Key to Miracles---Abraham Christ---U.F.O

God, Another Substance, Eternal God, Eternal is all about God nothing else, in simple truth Eternal is not Heaven and Earth, and anything of the Heaven and Earth possessed. The Spirit of God or the Soul of God is Eternal. Eternal from Eternal and return to Eternal. Eternity God pure the human ways. Incarnation alone not but with the soul of God is Eternal Salvation. Incarnaion alone is morals only the heaven and earh, that Heaven is morals for salvation God dwells in heaven. Eternal Salvation eternal is God Proactive heaven and earth, the Soul in human life attains Salvation - the soul God pure nameless a name Incarnation Christ. You acquire God pure life nameless but humanly name is our substance communication. Eternity is human position serving the purity and in continuity the soul attains Eternal. Eternal unman name or fame or title impossible in the Mighty nameless timeless shapeless purity eternal in the split of timeless every second. Mighty or God or any matching name word is human standard common term each other where as the Mighty of Mighty is Unman no human ways possible. Eternal all about Eternal- Eternal is human vision of the Creation whereas passed the creation the Eternnal another level existence INCARNATION at least the least of God knowledge able. Creation is the Satan offer and INCARNATION IS GOD OFFER to attain Eternal and the Spiritual Offer Purity - for humanly possible of the Eternal in the INCARNATION (not creation) is a presentation - God make new all things of creation and Eternal is Nameless and God make ages to ages Eternal is Timeless and God above all things Eternal is Beginningless is so Endless - God is Full in Full or All in All timeless no creation in God or by God or from God so the incarnation is the human a subordinate incarnation through Master Incarnation Heaven and Earth

Eternity is the human attaiment of Eternal. The existence is Eternal and the existence with Eternal is Eternity in human ways is continuity to Eternal - Eternal is Beginningless is Nameless is Timeless is Endless and Going Back to Eternal in human ways is Eternity. Destination is Eternal where ends the creation of wrong and right and time and space and names to destination Eternal - Eternal is inseparable so eternity is not Eternal - God make all things new is Eternity for God (make) new all things to Eternal - Eternity in all things under creation - ETERNITY IS THE HUMAN WAYS SALVATION TO THE ETERNAL and the Salvation new all things in the human (God make new all things) - Eternal present in the eternity everything under creation even the split second or ages Timeless - Eternal present in the eternity everything under creation the least or high name Nameless that under the creation nothing is Eternal. Destination all things new became new all things. Eternal second to none God and creator beginningless endless unending or for ever of no end, so on - in the eternity beginning and names and time and end etc. Eternal not only no name but also no space of the creation needed, exists even in every split second. Eternal second to none the existence of everything is from the eternal that everything bends to all things new is God, until then the value religiously we serve Christ. Eternity is the attributes we serve Eternal - Serve eternity above religiously or regionally from the Eternal conscious, religiously right or wrong or not necessary still can be the Right of the Eternal. Religiously the belief can be null and void and corrupt of the world - yet Eternal in every Split Second the eternal in every human and in the enemy too that the Eternal is one God all in all. Eternal is Visible for those who feel the Eternal in selves or feel the sole in self. Humanly almighty one God all people salvation free of religious secrecy. God visible divinely is Word of God. In human sense, the term, "eternal" signify countless and infinite and endless and everlasting duration, however, God all in all of the almighty Eternal is beyond all the Human including Beginningless and Endless and Past Present Future and Nameless and Timeless and Omnipresence and Etc. that nothing of the creation is able to fully testify God the almighty. Eternal in sense forever the aspect duration of God while is true we human understand and wisdom and feel all the aspects beyond the one duration, that everything God is measured in duration, that names and things everlasting is Eternal, the love, peace, care, relation, righteousness, etc. all in God is everlasting. Human everything limited not eternal while God is unlimited in simple God is eternal. Human entrance into God duration is the Salvation. God existence above the creation unman that other than parable and revelation, etc. mankind is not capable to comprehend the Eternal, that it is not the eternal truth is blocked but the eternal is invisible to those who live under the creation. God the everlasting in duration is also everlasting beyond name and things on earth that all names and religions and foolishness will be disappeared in the eternal that in vain is people fighting in the name of God or a religion from a prophesy or geography. I urge all people and nations to unify into the Eternal to nameless and timeless truth the eternal almighty. Christian: All almighty the Father - Eternal eternity the Son - Mighty the Holy Spirit I, Serve the Salvation, signify eternal sense ever-abiding presence eternal God � The mighty infinite of all things, wish eternal All to be, Eternal beyond one aspect the Duration and human salvation, would you be all the aspects in Beginningless Endless Invisible Nameless Unman Almighty. Once entered begun with a beginning yet God eternal Beginningless beyond the entry. Abraham Christ IAM - God eternal Eternity the salvation all peoples

Eternal is timeless existence even exists in every split second, where it is nothing under the creation knows - the attainment is above knowing where the nameless of beyond the creation - the Satan might talk well but still not knowing or serving it. Good God time is timeless time eternal life time even in the split second - God good time is eternal time timeless life time - Good God Eternal Life Timeless Time Abraham Christ Eternity is healing time all people. What is the God and what is Almighty. What is many Gods and one God and the Almighty. Both are the Same yet God is under human life and Almighty is the Wholesome - The Eternal existence of Life above and beyond the creation is the Almighty, the physical appearance for the creation under the creation in human ways are Gods and one God and the Almighty the incomprehensible existence but worshiping signify the presence of God under diversities of the creation. The creation representing the Almighty is one God humanly one God all people, and human diversities under the creation is many ways of understandings to many ways one God and to many religions and beliefs and testimonials, and many names for the life source existence. An example is the Sun under the creation, the Sun is the life source of Physical Existence - God is human existence while the Almighty is the Spiritual Existence nameless from before the creation. Thus the God above creation or beyond creation the Almighty is Nameless and Soundless and Spaceless and Shapeless and Beginningless and Endless and no creation in the almighty. Almighty of no shape that no shape of the almighty is possible, if you make a shape must not call it the almighty. The Creation itself is a shape of the Almighty but is not the Almighty, a statue may be a shape under creation but not the true existence that no man shall call a statue is the almighty God. Existence of the Eternal or the Almighty is Unman attainment that every human can attain in the PURITY of life. Eternal feeling even in the split second of human life is timeless of the past and present and future. Eternal is present in the shortest of Split Second. Eternal immeasurable of past or present or future or any earthly ways. Eternal is unman the almighty. God is the only eternal and eternal is always God the almighty and is Timeless or Beginningless or Nameless or Soundless or Spaceless or Eternal is unman God eternal. In the Eternal dictionary everything word is one word Eternal. My feeling I am Eternal so I write these above all I participate the human life. Eternal is not a philosophy or theology or human knowledge. A man in his human field can be on the top of the world, eternity everyone is norms, the name or time or space or sound or life or ranks or experience or anything a human life. Life human righteous is eternity yet being human being has only grey idea or knowledge of God, yet attained the eternal will feel it unman. There is way to the attainment. The attainment is the solution (salvation) to recover from mistakes or problems or misfortunes or disasters. God is ETERNAL but ETERNAL is unman thus ETERNITY is the solution in human life ways. Attributes of God in human life is eternity. Serving eternity is problem solution, in simple purity - unselfish clean life - one life on earth all people - one life under creation the existence universal purity - the life beyond nature of earth - permanent existence willingness to live in God. The purity humanly we serve fulfills ETERNAL, and humanly the service is ETERNITY - eternity fulfills eternal. Eternity is human way fulfilling human life eternal - An example Jesus fed 5000 people with five pieces of bread and yet extra too but for God he could have done with the Word of God created bread without the bread from the boy, but being in human life the Eternal did so for the human ways of life. (Also the Resurrection the tomb stone moved for human ways on earth, otherwise everyone the Spirit no stone needed to be moved, that the Spirit all Second Coming no tomb needed to be moved). In the Purity the sameness all people, one God all people, but the Satan blinded the human being against Eternity. Creation many things governs the mind while God eternal governs the eternity. (A Sunday I was an ordinary visitor worshiper at a huge church, a person entering sided me was in deep thinking - so I asked why - he answered - the First time he is the reader - in comfort him a joke I replied - even the Pope make mistake - he sudden laugh - I said think Jesus reading. After service I waited and he came to me said it was miracle in him). Eternity in simple is humanity the destination is Eternal. Eternal power in every person but has to block the Satan blinded us. Eternal power in us is our purity. Purity we do, Eternity we do, is eternal we do in human ways, in simple is God we do, is one God all people has no religion, God creates only God standard that eternity in human or earthly ways, eternal peace. A story of God created heaven and earth is a creation of the enemy or the Satan to blame God for all problems, the Satan created the heaven and earth. Our mind governed by the creation is death or has end, but the mind governed by the Spirit is life and peace and salvation. Attain the mind governed by the Spirit. Religions have certain truth of God but in the hidden by cunning of the Satan every human is suffering from inborn. In the entirety whole of people is God, while partially only the Satan can influence. For God purity is the answer above all religions. God through purity is God of God greater than belief of the world. God is fulfilled God of no creation that Jesus prayed THY KINGDOM COME on earth the creation by the Satan. God the purity we serve is eternity we perform. Purity is clean or invisible existence that makes see through, neither magic nor astrology, in simple we say power God. Pure will be able to see through things when impure won't. Pure mind and soul can see things in truth. Purity is the invisible existence of visible existence. Purity is mystery or hidden see through. Purity is free of theology, psychology and human law. Any knowledge earthly lacks the Purity. Eternal purity see through everything and all things beyond creation. Eternal purity free of any diversity on earth, yet humanly can Perform the inseparable the invisible safety - strength - righteousness - relation - power - protection - peace - love - longevity - light - healing - all our insight the creator eternal of so pure nameless - timeless - spaceless - shapeless - soundless - invisible - uncreated existence that nothing under creation is able to substantiate the purity and no creation in Eternal. The purity so pure pass through everything and all things under the creation yet no man can touch or see it other than mystery experienced. ETERNAL is above and beyond explanations of everlasting and infinity and beginningless and endless and creator and so on. Eternal is the only purity that pass through everything individually and all in all together as well yet the Purity remains the Same, so in simple vision we say God is light. Eternal is the light so pure and simple pass through of no obstacle because the creator is above the creation but human life under the creation experience obstacles, a life in the purity survives the obstacles. Human way eternal is ETERNITY, that under the creation eternity is the way of human salvation to attain Eternal. Eternity maintains Peace on earth, peace means the purity. Do eternity for impossible becomes possible. God is my or eternal is my soul favorite or owner my soul so I commune the insight - Many were Healed- ETERNITY in simple is the attributes man imaging one God all people. One time one or countless times one is the same one means countless souls in one God. Eternity the attributes or features human soul attain Eternal Salvation. Eternity is human ability to attain Eternal regardless the diversities on earth. Diversities are the creation itself and man-made as well. Eternity from the Eternal came with the creation for human salvation with the Eternal. Diversities under creation various forms and life situations and understanding that developed kinds of belief on one God. Yet the Eternal always everywhere the same for ever and eternity is the human ways to attain eternal. ETERNITY is one God the Religion all people. God is mystery in simple is purity of life is greater than religious worship. Eternity is the religion from the creator came on earth with the creation and every human individually and personally and together able. Do eternity for above all diversities on earth. Eternity is all protections under creation. Eternity is God way for Salvation. Eternity is free of situational prophesy religion. Eternity is the Man image of God is to Science is soul of the creation. Eternity every human soul is image of God is Science in every existence under creation. God made man with soul is the image of unman God, in similitude the Creation with a soul we say Science that human can search and find. In the utmost of human meditation the creation disappears to the soul of God eternity, it is so human is able to assimilate with the soul of the creation. No terrorism in eternity, attributes of God is not terrorism. Prophesy religion teach repentance that every terrorist can repent and return to the purity of life representing God universal purity through peace always everywhere is eternity God. Why should be a follower when own experience. Eternity is the communion between God and human being. God the purity is so Pure that exists only in the Eternal. Eternity can be parable of Eternal. The purity so powerful that the heart serve Word of God. In the Purity all human worship float away. Eternal power Purity no hand made weapon withstand. Human life is between Eternal unman outside of the creation and the world under the creation, for both purity of life eternity for Salvation and longevity for Creation. Diversities under creation one man holy may not be for the other that Mercy of God prevails through Eternity. Eternal has no diversity. Eternal free of diversities all in all sameness one God - Eternity under the creation the ways human souls attain the Salvation features holy life in righteous of God. Eternity is the indivisible purity inseparability among all people every human personally and together able, mercy of God prevails the situation. God eternal charity is eternity. Eternity life righteous attributes of God free of earthly claims is the source of salvation, holy life righteous of earthly claims many religions for human life under creation. Free yourself from situational messengers of time and place to eternity the attributes of salvation. A messenger at certain time and place and people is due to impurities there. Even at the messenger many are pure there too. Eternity is inborn with human birth, in simple man is image of God, the salvation path to follow, where as religion is product of the diversities. A child lives in eternity. Eternity is the features God in human ways. Eternity is language of God rather than a messenger of human narrations. Least of impurities is most eternity. Righteousness every human is messenger. Eternity every human is messenger is the Religion. The creation is for the salvation is the Religions eternity. Human life started with religion eternity. Men arguing on diversities are lacking understanding of the Religion. Creation is the path and the attributes are cleaning pathways to Eternal, if the pathway broken of the world Eternal serve Mystery. God commonly the Creator but God greater is Eternal. Eternal is the eternity for human beings. Creation human is limited with human world but in ETERNAL the existence is Eternal. Purity is Eternal Communion to attain Eternal vision and salvation. Human soul served the purity attains Eternal vision and salvation. The PATHWAYS are not many but is Purity sameness. All the souls one and the same identity is Eternal. Everything under creation has eternity in it but not in the created form. God the eternal in mystery protects the human with heart of GOD purity served. Own experience is the Experience - Purity own self God is simple - others is mystery that never leads to the Purity. I AM with these very human features of Spirituality of communion Eternal. I AM Religion wise ETERNITY is the RELIGION one GOD ALL PEOPLE - Salvation wise ETERNITY is the ONLY ATTRIBUTES one GOD ALL PEOPLE - For peace on earth preach to attain EXPERIENCE GOD above all what is known. The creation shall pass away to your Eternal Being. Even the creation disappear in deep meditation. Serve eternity wherever you can shall attains Eternal Salvation. Eternal is all Good of no bad at all but Eternity is bad can change to Good

Eternal is outside the creation that the result appears in human life mystery or miracle always timeless instant. Eternity is our union oneness 'you and I' but Eternal the Oneness is Unman of no "you and I" that you may always feel I'AM. Eternal Salvation is all the souls in one identity Eternal of no creation effect. Insight yourself I'AM outside the creation that God I'AM not the creation. Holy is not the same among all, so also in the worshiping too if with holy. If no attributes served worshiping is drama of salvation. Eternal is the one and same among All so must be the insight of worshiping. Holy worship belief has many human faces, Eternal Communion the Purity heart of God of no created is Eternal. Holy worshiping is the believers and Eternal Communion is to serve life attributes God. Eternal Communion the same for all the Soul never dies while Holy is human life time. Eternal nameless of the creation holy is earthly feature. Eternal is one language purity but holy is many languages and faces. In holy certain persons holding holy authority while all the souls can perform equal is eternity. Eternity is the divinity to Eternal. Eternity is life the application and attained is Eternal. Jesus is eternity and freed from the creation ascended is eternal for human ways Christ. Christianity serves eternity but no one under creation is eternal perfect. Holy is certain belief. God namelessly Eternal the Eternal have Mercy upon me protect me purify me that my soul attain the Eternal. Own experience is the Experience - Purity own self God is self owned simple experience otherwise is mystery. God greater is personal experience. God purity above rhetoric of language and vocabulary and twisting words and ideas and mind education. Religion-wise ETERNITY is the only RELIGION one GOD ALL PEOPLE - Salvation-Wise ETERNITY is the ATTRIBUTES one GOD ALL PEOPLE SALVATION - Give up impurities in life where ever you are - The creation shall float away to your Eternal Being - Abraham Christ MNCC



Miracle in the Body Mind Soul

Eternity Meditation Move into:: God Eternal my unman is Eternal - Here I AM the insight Eternal - I AM Attributes Eternal - I AM soul purity unman God eternal - I am life of God. My life is mystery eternal salvation God - my life heart of God - my home the Spirit of God - my existence eternal of God (my body temple of God infinite universe) - my image purity eternal of God - my blessing healing of God - God eternal inseparable indisputable Eternal of no creation. I live human Eternal Communion - Saved my soul blessed with Eternal Salvation - Eternal Salvation absent heaven and earth - Eternity is God only God is visible in the purity - visible in mystery. Eternity - nameless - timeless - spaceless - shapeless - unman - in mystery unlimited of God - the ability of God you may insight always with God. Such I am heart of God in the human life - you too be (Attain this chant in life above words of chant - Be in Eternal above Unman)

ATTRIBUTES OF GOD: (Aseity � Eternity � Graciousness � Help . Holiness � Immanence � Immutability � Impassibility � Impeccability � Incorporeality � Love � Mercy . Mission � Omnibenevolence � Omnipotence � Omnipresence � Omniscience � Oneness � Peace . Providence � Purity . Righteousness � Simplicity � Transcendence � Unity � Veracity � Wrath)

God greater above eternal. Eternal is just a nature of God. Man is image of God eternal too the image. Attributes of God yourself you can serve of the purity so pure nameless timeless spaceless shapeless invisible soundless. Attain God beyond eternal generate mystery.

ETERNAL COMMUNION greater with God of no diversity than creation attributes HOLY COMMUNION? One man holy is not holy to another man - but ETERNAL all men all angels same PURITY - God Eternal - Though you speak of men and angels, and move mountains but not in the purity you are not in Eternity - Eternity is communion God - Question Why even at age 120 or more no man wants to die? Answer yourself first then see below the last Sentence...

Eternal is indivisible is visible in the parable Good Samaritan, the communion eternal above Holy Communion, (in the ferocious battlefront of 1965 India-Pak War an Indian soldier I fed and saved life of a 105 age blind woman who was left behind alone in a deserted village, Klawinda near Sialkot City. ::(Attributes of God: Aseity � Eternity � Graciousness � Holiness � Immanence � Immutability � Impassibility � Impeccability � Incorporeality � Love � Mercy . Mission � Omnibenevolence � Omnipotence � Omnipresence � Omniscience � Oneness � Providence � Purity . Righteousness � Simplicity � Transcendence � Unity � Veracity � Wrath) ::Eternity in Mankind the insight one destination Eternal. Eternity is the only sameness among Mankind because the insight is Eternal. Holy of one man (earth) may not be to another but eternity the purity you and I and angels the same for one God. Eternity is image of the Eternal. Eternal is not heaven and earth rule of law. Eternal is nameless timeless spaceless shapeless beginningless endless purity communion righteous God eternal even instant action above the creation - eternity in the creation is heaven and earth is communion. Eternal purifies the creation in Oneness through eternity. Jesus Christ is eternity is called the Son and the eternal is called the Father and the Purity is called Holy Spirit. Jesus the model of eternal served eternity. Purity is eternal communion for the father and the son are words of situational communication. Eternal Communion the Purity is no more bread and wine hand made but can be used as symbol of unity. Air and water and light so on are needed purity for life on earth. Clean of them is the same word-wide - Eternal Salvation God the purity of life the same every human. Life on earth more than one essential water or light or heat or air, etc. in its purity same worldwide, likewise under creation holy belief many religions God the creator greater One holy Purity is eternal. Impurities in the mind and world and in belief too is the material world. ETERNITY is the indisputable oneness of no human or creation it it and impossible - Eternity is God purity inborn insight invisible in every human being making the self image of God beyond learnt belief - Purity in human life Eternal Communion one God Communion the salvation communion among all people above religious creation. Insight eternity the best friend and partner and live yourself invisible of God. Air or water purity invisible of common eye is indisputable indivisible, God beyond eternity invisible inseparable wordless oneness you and I and all are in the invisible purity of life, in human life we say one God. Eternity the beginningless and endless unman holy above the creation heaven and earth, but under the creation as less in purity one man holy may not be to other but eternity is God oneness all are in the Same. Religions are drama of salvation and rehearsal as well, there can be no eternity in religious teaching, yet needed for life on earth. Eternity above living on earth yet the purity we share and partake. Eternal Communion the purity all are connected with God above belief Holy Communion. Purity in life is the Communion eternal above wordily characteristics. The purity of life is invisible sameness among all regardless wordily life - Eternal Communion above religious communion - Every human can link life with the purity nameless of God in every instant of life - is Eternal link. God the Eternal Communion always in very split second but appears naturally at times in mystery of the utmost need. Communion of worship natural life may be guessed as a parable to Eternal Communion. Eternal Communion is PURITY GOD all in all. Eternal Communion God the celebrant always we participant in life purity. Eternal Communion always but visible in mystery at the utmost need of human situations - Mystery is God able all things in Unman. Eternal undivided and indivisible purity - undefined Mystery - have to be in God to identify the mystery, the highest attain God in self. God and Eternal and Mystery always unman and the very same man and angel, at least believe and trust in the purity of life. Eternity and Eternal Communion above any and all belief nature of man. Eternity no disparity God all, the Destination of all - Greatest is Eternity God and all angels and people. (Mystery you can celebrate Eternal Communion by self above religion and Holy Communion, I AM Eternal Communion). Enlighten with "Eternal Communion" do "Eternal Communion" above religious. "Eternal Communion" is the final Destination God the purity where you stand no religion. Holy Communion a belief where you belong to when not in truth of God Eternal Communion. Eternal Communion is all heirs inseparably owned the father in Peace. Live above holy communion I am not breaking any religion: Colossians 3:1-3 If then you were raised with Christ, seek what is above, where Christ is seated at the right hand of God. Think of what is above, not of what is on earth for you (human life) have died and your life (risen) is hidden with Christ in God (Eternal Communion), 1 Corinthians 5:8 not with the old yeast the yeast of malice and wickedness, but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth, from eternity God created the heaven and earth (Genesis 1:1), the about 100 verses in the Bible the heaven and the earth will pass away (Matthew 24:35, Mark 13:31 etc.) So have the Purity eternal communion above ending communion? Vocation man can be farmer - teacher - driver - police - priest - scientist - etc. Be in the VOCATION of God the Eternity. Attain eternal chant life Risen with Eternal Communion Holy no evil will possess.

Our birth and life and death are creation in the of heaven and earth - for our salvation Eternal Another Substance - one day extra one year extra or many years extra all the same mystery - a tree all the leaves all go one day early or late, the same for the tree too - that we all are image of the creation in God eternal that never die - regardless age one year or 1000 years or more all are attribute eternal of God. We are in mystery - We don't know us - Eternal we are the human in simple flower today and doesn't know where we are and where from came because it is there just to partake the eternal through eternity the fieldl.

UNTIL ETERNAL NOTHING HUMAN IS ETERNAL - NEW AGE SALVATION UPLIFT NO RELIGIOSITY. SALVATION PURITY HUMBLE SIMPLE NO SCHOLASTIC OR HARM OR RUIN. The milleninum every human in person take membership in the Eternal Salvation. The membership uplift Moral Obligation Salvaion Life the highest . Eternal fulfilment all the souls in Eternal Truth of God Christian is not a Christian, in the same Hindu is not a Hindu or Muslim is not a Muslim, Etc. that the ultimate truth in every one of them is Eternal beyond twisted situational diversities. In simple the ultimate Truth is nameless purity inborn in every human and the attributes are common among all people individually and personally able. If you pray God of Abraham Issac and Jacob the greater would be God of Abraham Issac Jacob and mine and yours and Jesus Christ., Etc

Eternal Trinity Another Substance the Eternal Salvation of the heaven and earth Holy Trinity in the day and night diversities among us of the world, Holy Trnity a shadow of Eternal Trinity

ETERNAL BLOOD: BLOOD of ANOTHER SUBSTANCE: EVER THE BLOOD GOD ALMIGHTY: ETERNAL BLOOD IS LIFE IN THE DEPTH ETERNAL NOUN: Invincible word Eternal Jesus Blood our salvation and resurrection and ascension Blood::: The Depth Word Blood that overcomes sufferings and tears of the heaven and earth - the life itself our prayer for all. The Blood God miracles in many ways in God in different situations the Way God the FIELD GOD. God Field neutral for all overcomes the world humanly we live. Jesus Coming Again ETERNAL BLOOD JESUS OF GOD permanently overcomes the faith declarations of one against the other. I may be joining the Eternal Blood soon and I shall pray for all fom there.