Worship God Eternal free of religious, religiously could be the apple wisdom Adam eaten spiritual media still around us, that advantage of religion may also be viewed as disadvantage that anyone with access can misguide. Christ the Soul God pre-Scripted is almighty God but scripted in the hands of the world is selfish. Another Substance have the One Eye for the countless of two eyes look at you is your Third Eye you pair with God in myself Abrahan Christ of God. God almighty, Another Substance, unman in human lifeline communications and revelations revealed and unrevealed are countless verses ETERNAL God Holy Spirit Christ the Salvation Soul, so on ....... Eternal the unman in human ways our holy scriptures. God pure unscripted every human serve free of religion, the soul of God scripted is Christ in Jesus God in human ways. Eternal of no biological. Given my name: Abraham - Salvation name: Christ. God pure every human in the soul of God. God pure Soul every human Christ of God life no religiosity, God the same revelation all people no religion, every human Pair with God the sprit Soul of Christ, signify for all human life as myself Abraham Christ of God supersedes title Rev Bishop. God pure every human may attain salvation name. Every human life opens eternal salvation God proactive the heaven and earth for the soul. God pure human ways testify your choice salvation name, in me Christ. Purpose of human life is salvation for the soul. Salvation name attained human life is the highest in purpose, without attained it, the life religion is like a student pleases a teacher for higher grades, disappears in the in vain, attained the purpose the righteousness will be enlightened for evermore. Human life upset the very first at mother, then father, sibling, friends, teacher, co-worker so on, besides on selves and furthermore at the almighty God, at the Wisdom all the upset will disappear into in vain, that is a way to message what is incarnation, in person self content God feeling. God pure stabilises amazing healing and eternal salvation. God, Another Substance, supersedes Heaven and Earth if attained afterwards is Eternal. Eternal the Another Substance God unman in human ways Christ the highest human life. Proactive Heaven and Earth Wordless Christ, not only Christ but also we all in Eternal. Take membership in Eternal Wordless as you may have God pure a choice name. Heaven the highest God pure moral Christ humanly is Jesus and Christ unman is wordless of Eternal, and nothing but Eternal is Eternal. Christ human ways God pure proactive heaven and earth no religiosity. Serving Christ in truth every human incarnation of God. Creation itself of malingnacy harm and ruin, that the enemy of God spreads in Christ everyone new creation, instead incarnation. (please forgive the repetitions the check if attained). God life from ancient local to new age global universal Christ the Value Peace and Truth and Life enlightens eternal salvation one God every one. Join God new age Spiritual uplift no religiosity or Pre-Requisite other than willingness God eternal proactive Heaven and Earth, God pure eternal obligation falsewood correction, Grace of God salvation and miracle healing one God all people no harm or ruin or scholastic. Willingness back to Eternal in life above the human. God separated disobeyed angels at different locations and substances and one of them we live heaven and earth. Master substance Heaven and Earth itself wordless among others. The enlightenment God pure will lead to the salvation life. Register the willingness in heart Temple of God. Each location in differences the air heat and water might not be same as in our substance. We say heaven and earth in tradition otherwise are God incarnation, not the eternal Spirit. Heaven the morals for earthly life God dwells in heaven no moral the eternal level, obeyed the morals shall attain Grace of God to fulfill eternal level. God pure in human ways made possible is our substance for eternal salvation. God pure life itself the highest worship nameless the same for all people a name the best in me is Christ. You may attain the highest Another Substance Eternal in another name of the geography. The New Age uplift every soul can take membership in the eternal above visible and invisible and scholastic or religiocity, taken the membership holy invisible in selves will serve God above all the diversities. God pure beginningless itself always the highest position in everything. Heaven and Earth above all the local separate heaven and earth is Master Temple of God not only unman but also above even our Archangels. It is scary in the human but not if attained the Eternal Proactive the Heaven and Earth. Another Substance God humanly a name Christ no harm or ruin. God pure life everyone is God incarnation we all are, is in the progressive revelation for the salvation. Christ eternal proactive Heaven and Earth for the salvation of all the souls. Christ of God above visible and invisible other substances. God ABOVE HEAVEN AND EARTH Christ serve INSTANT in Eternal free of religious belief traditions. God pure is obedience of peace uniformity oneness each other. God Holy Substance ABOVE visible and Invisible, name and nameless bless all return in Eternal. Why wait Acclaim God proactive Heaven and Earth alive in your life. Christ of God your soul supersedes any religious title in the temple of God Countless eyes look at two eyes and your two eyes look at countless eyes is the Third Eye Almighty Yes myself Abraham Christ of God in innocent God purity the borderless space the life pair with God human communication above the heaven and earth third eye

My picture in in everyday life testifies Jesus picture. Eternal Yes free of human color show scholastic of Adam eaten the apple drama of salvation. Jesus revelation above heaven and earth morals is Another Substance the Truth in Water became Wine still in the human life until all fallen souls saved, wine returns to water upon all the souls saved. Ends the heaven and earth morals upon fallen souls saved. Unman Revelations proactive the heaven and earth, milk the baby-food revelations in the human will be replaced with Jesus Coming Again salvation of the fallen souls, New Age Eternal Uplift taking over generational traits of religions. Jesus Again is communication no religious system, in practice communication return to eternal rather than offered through willigness, Eternal God pure no religiosity life. Life attained the highest justice God all live in the Eternal. New Age Uplift no religiosity song Almighty Yes, My God, God Mine, I am for God, God for Me, God Belong Me, I belong God, God Belong All, Etc, . God Eternal Salvation the Purity Soul let us say Christ of God. Christ humanly begun with God named Abraham, Abraham Christ of God the uplift myself.

Acclaim God proactive Heaven and Earth itself free of prophet for our salvation, other than Eternal everything else has its stains and matters and each other. God Another Substance, all souls great or small are in the same for the salvation. Even though the heaven and earth or humanly are countless births, deaths, lives, shapes, characters, tastes, and so on all are the one and the same in the Eternal Another Substance. Our position subsequent to the heaven and earth, while the message in Eternal existence beginningless Eternal God in us shall be attained for the Salvation.

God unman impossible of man and morals are heaven and earth possible and Jesus is unman in humanly revelations of human salvation Eternal the final Destination. Eternal attainment for all through progressive revelation begun unman proactive the heaven and earth. Christ the Soul of God humanly Jesus the Son of God. Jesus the Word attained Christ the enlightenment proactive Haven and Earth. Jesus and Christ or Salvation and Eternal the Wordless of Another Substance, worded humanly possible in Jesus Christ. Another Substance Eternal no earthly word or ways fulfills the Eternal. Revelations are chunk of God communication for example of many life styles that food more than the Milk as grown, life temple of God unman proactive of the heaven and earth. Attain God in person above all religiocity. Religion is community life while life God the salvation in personal above religiosity. Christ is God life human community above heaven the morals. Abraham Christ in the honest and simplest and purest of God in the human testifying the almighty, it is not against any religious name or fame or title. Religious service human qualification. Soul of God you may select a Choice Word God if not tradition Christ. In my honest purity heart God my prayer many were healed. That itself enlighten me Abraham Christ I am God blessed me. Miracle of God save us. God is holy miracle above visible and invisible. God above invisible. Another Substance God above human wisdom visible and invisible. God save us with holy miracle. Miracle of God thus Abraham Christ. It is my life testimonial life itself the highest prayer. It is my life testimonial God above any human wisdom and religious ways. Trasmit God from heart and life superseeds heaven and earth wisdom learnt from the world. Live in God above belief. Blessed are you blessess me in God for my testimonial Abraham Christ. I pray every human to attain Christ in personal life. Life Christ not possble if not Christ himself. Life Christ not possible as hold earthly title and name and fame and harm and ruin and narrowmind and no humility. Blessessed are one God humble. Religion ends as health ends. Oldage is no more like youngage. Attain Christ make life young alive always. Holy God, Another Substance, do miracle in the life of this substance. At least 21 God miracles personally happened in me - Holy God heave mercy uon me and do a miracle to me at this time of Caronavirus pandemic. God pure the first humanly known miracle of God heaven and earth otherwise no man existed and knew God as we are now. God pure the entiriety unknown to man, however, we are not limited with the heaven and earth, that we can enlight from the known first miracle of God and the first of Jesus humanly water colorless shapeless odorless tasteless pure substance became wine. That Grace of God concessions for human salvation is the the Son of God very same substance the Mighty. God pure it was not necessary all of them were wine lovers or consumers. Water signify God pure the entiriety free of substance the heaven and earth and wine life on earth. continue -------, God the unlimited eternal infinity but man knows only through limited substance begun of the heaven and earth even in the enlightenment non-Self. God pure non-Self the highest wordless life possible through Image of God human life. What is the highest number or how many between 1 and 3 or how many the one itself all are infinity itself a parable for one God. God above all diversities of the planets and the universes and the heaven and earth, the highest one itself is is infinity of sameness or oneness the eternal, and is no harm or ruin anyone. God another substance God only God never elseone. God substance existing always eternal beginningless endless eternal timeless spaceless nameless, God pure the one itself is infinity. God unman Enteriety is more than we worship of the heaven and earth. God substance no belief of the world can fulfill, however, the miracle personally can happen to anyone. God incarnations, progressive revelations for the salvation of the souls, the Son of God the very same substance of the almighty God in the name Jesus, humanly language we call the Father for oringin and the Son for continuity and the Holy Spirit for the pure. In worship we glorify the Wordless entirety God. God invisible shall appear in Truth to show the enemy. One person two thousand years ago Jesus today over Two Billion persons Christ no hurt or ruin anyone glory to God we all are as anointed. Adam lived 900 years might have wished more, a person age 10 feels 80 years is too far and 900 is too too far while from the Adam all many years like instantly short, the name Christ humanly too much while everyone should be resurrected in Christ above a faith standard. Abraham is my traditional name and Christ is name risen and anointed of God in me, at least the humility of me. If you have testimonial God only God helped call yourself Christ because it happened of God human ways in you. All those miracle before and after Jesus 2000 years ago, enlight yourself in the name Christ for seeking today miracle from God or in the name Jesus. Miracles the almighty blessed me, prepared me, messaged me, protected me, guided me, saved me, didn't give humanly I fully eligible instead used me to live ordinary to help others. God appeared in my deep sleep and called me Christ. God pure existence before the heaven earth Christ no word scripture fulfills the message, own experience in God speachless of no human language possible is in me. God pure wordless, however, names or words are our communication. Glory to God communication itself submittal. God eternal of beginningless substance unman no quote of the world fulfills the anointed experience. We are another substance begun of the heaven and earth, however, shall glorify and wish the entirety Eternal. God in every child before learning namelessly the same, after learnt words necessary for communication among people, otherwise Purity humility no hurt or ruin. In the progressive revelation salvation for all souls, incarnation of God humanly begun with very first miracle the heaven and earth not the substance of God, to Jesus the substance of the Mighty and further Jesus coming again, which might not be the same as before. As you attain the Heaven and Earth an incarnation of God rather than creation, shall anoint with the highest. God pure honest heart wish the highest. Our miracle healing is the Mighty before the heaven and earth, and overcomes all the exercises of the world, and shall enter eternal Unknown from the righteous done. One God is infinity of oneness in God incarnation free of created diversities - Christ is Almighty God substance always in the progressive revelation higher enlightening for salvation of all the souls and in the worship assembly God pure shall see everyone as Christ above the human. Mighty in personal life God pure experience every one of us is an incarnation of God serve and signify Key to Miracles - - the wording as creation itself the Satan cunning in the name of God - Instead Heaven and Earth an Incarnation of the Mighty the non-Self, the purity in the human is Christ. Heaven and earth as creation is the enemy agenda misled to human gods and satanic gods to people and gods one against the other, causing world problems diversities separations and terror. Humanly Jesus the Incarnation of God for the holy Substance Christ no hurt or ruin or destruction we help everyone to Peace and Joy and Salvation. Life journey of the Soul miracle healing Christ action not with history at all that pray Holy God Healing second to none from the above heaven and earh. God as creator in belief make duplicate world sin against God and we suffer. Live God pure honest tesify youself Christ in name second to none, shall defeat the Enemy:

GLOBAL VIRUS: Magnitude of the earth is an invisible bacteria. Global crises makes everyman God temple in heart, of all the prayers just one person prayer heals the virus, as we don't know who that one person, we request we urge all the people on earth to pray for it will be done. Mud itself seed both the weed and herbal but the herbal very rare is precious of God Miracle Healing. What all a human if absent of God. Jesus born of the Holy Spirit - Jesus said "I am the Life - I am the Resurrection - those who seen Me have seen the Father" that Christ Jesus existing proactive of the heaven and earth, the indepth of the Christian Life is Christ

Abraham Christ

(Abraham Christ of God - wordless nameless timeless purest purity unman in the Mighty not religious proactive of the heaven and earth. Spread billions of praises Jesus came Spread billions of humility Jesus came Spread billions of healings Jesus came - my Jesus came Attain the strength billions of times more Jesus came in me. Mighty instant itself infinity of experience, memories, thanksgiving life itself the highest worship I am Abraham Christ of God, testify, enemy word is creation instead Incarnation. Heaven and Earth humanly the first miracle incarnation of the Almighty in the progressive revelation salvation for all the souls to man the image of God to son of God the unman substance of the Father. Heaven and earth another substance not of the Mighty, however, the life elements God Value present everywhere and without them no existence. Jesus not of the heaven and earth substance is Christ. In the human equity we call God the Father and Jesus the begotten Son of the very substance of the Father. Jesus has no religion in Christ no religion. No man is perfect religions are human standard communication however anyone can raise in God pure above religions as Christ in Jesus for all people and souls. The imperfection, enemy of God blocking people with belief, through people created belief heaven and earth created instead incarnation, created religions, religions created gods, peoples and religions and gods enemy of God create mud against the Mighty. Righteous of all of us GOD visible through invisible of the Incarnation rather than created. Life existence parallell of God always righteous ways and the impurity unrighteous parerelling despair. Life to life - Heart to heart - Instant to instant - Visible to visible - Value to value the almighty God is visible and seen in my life I am Abraham Christ of God. God visible greater in heart there is no name or word or explanation fit the experience thus the Value is Nameless Timeless Spaceless the MIGHTY. God proactive of creation is another substance always with us not of our substance God is Unman. God substance Christ unman serve God human ways Jesus. Second coming of Jesus God human ways shall be Unman beyond of all people predictions and names and beliefs. Salvation in the progressive revelation God made the first man Adam in the image of God from the mud the earth and Jesus the son of God is not of the human the Incarnation victory God pure over the enemy through suffering in life you may too acclaim Christ the substance in Jesus. Christ substance no hurt or ruin as God of all people our communication the oneness you may wisdom in your culture to overcome belief diversities of religions. Revealed of God all the earthly shall end when God make new all things to the Mighty, until then Spread billions of praises Jesus came Spread billions of humility Jesus came Spread billions of healings Jesus came - my Christ Jesus came.

Heaven and Earth humanly known the first miracle and incarnation of the Mighty. Anciently people say five elements of life, light and heat and air and water and sound. Those are necessary for life we are of the heaven and earth space. God is another substance not of the heaven and earth and universes. Eternal beginningless endless God the Father of all things existing before the heaven and earth pure in God we believe Jesus Christ is God in human ways, a Son not of the heaven and earth substance, as is the case with us, but a Son begotten of the very substance of the Father before nameless and timeless and spaceless eternal. Jesus is God in human ways like in every respect except sin. Jesus Christ we imitate but human lives in imperfections is the case with us. Heaven and earth we call creation instead Incarnation of God. We call God the Father and Jesus the Son for the substance beyond the human equity. incarnations of religious are subordinates only of people diversities with name or fame or title humanly - while the Highest like the Mighty free of them the purest universal God alive proactive of Creation - Creation the highest incarnation above all others and Son of God Christ Jesus lived of the Creation. Angels or Holy Spirit alive direct God is not living under the Creation. We living in the incarnation MUST pass to live with the MIGHTY is the SALVATION God Spiritual Offer I am Abraham Christ of God for all souls and peoples. Religious of peoples might disagree the message i am but Mighty the God given me the messages. Religions are built in houses in the creation and Purity is the Creation incarnated home. (Tribals still look at the Sky and Sun and Moon and Stars and worship them are in the inborn of the creation that mordern or tribal the belief in purity saves). Purest Purity word is Incarnation of God heaven and earh, and the word creation is enem deceiving and impirity.

Soul of God proactive in Creation spiritual offer Christ the Soul active of the Creation heals the world - Christ is infnity of oneness in the diversities of the world. God is one among all the infinity and Christ is the soul until second coming in human tradition. Christ is authority of God - Christ is government of God - Christ is human life of God - Christ is God purity the Purest in human life and Salvation proactive of creation is Christ. Christ is progressive revelation God in creation. God relation no name or fame or title in selves is Christ of God. Christ the highest worship free of malignant. God the soul purest purity impossible of human so Grace of God salvation Christ God humanly in belief. Christ purity the purest One amongest infinity of diversities in oneness the one God. Christ the soul purity service is image of God. Christ the nameless proactive of Creation is free of diversities. Christ the Proactive unknown of creation, so not known is known to about 4000 denominations, all in Christ of God, that the belief saves to salvation through faith religion. Christ the progressive Revelation timely in Holy Spirit proactive of Creation. Life Christ outside a religion has more to give and take Abraham Christ is church in Christ. Church the soul of God overcome Church an organization of human diversitiy. God in tradition Christ overcomes human tradition Christ. Christ in small places or the least among men serve greater in the soul of Christ. Human poverty is lacking Christ and wherever the soul is Christ human life is blessed. Live in Soul obedience is proactive of creation free of drama of religious salvation. Soul overcomes the inheritance through religion is Christ. Attain at least for a split second proactive of the creation at miracle healing, and the highest prayer done the healing happens. Christ is common communication God humanly the tradition Soul of God outside of religion. Christ known within religion Son is human level life diversities not the highest. Soul of God free of diversities is inborn with the highest life but everything a reaction the creation itself. Life Proactive of creation can attain beyond of the word of prayers is humanly Christ. It is possible in every human at least during the days of sorrows in reconciliation with God. Seeking the highest attains God Spiritual Offer through Grace of God humanly the soul Christ I am Abraham Christ - free of reactive religious Christ - calm and cool - not reactive high worship Holy Spirit. Every person regardless diversities stands first or last the line God unprintable second to none, standing next with God selected me Abraham Christ and I volunteer help others in the Soul. The best simple answer God is miracle in human life. God infinite and unman another level but man sees in human ways. Parable the light itself the highest is not the Sun. The sun we see is only a reflection in the earth’s atmosphere and the sunlight after passed through infinite distance of time and space and darkness that God the truth is different of the man. The soul of God healing comes after immeasurable objections and inabilities is lacking the image. On earth we live day and night is the other side from 12 hours gradually changes to the maximum of both six months, beyond no shade or side is timeless free of earthly ways. Earthly ways Jesus son of Mary for Christ soul of God and earthly ways Christ soul of God is proactive of Creation. Soul of God with us is Christ for miracle healing. Sun the earthly light and Christ earthly life and both unman or immeasurable miracle. God another level proactive of the creation is unprintable of the creation reactive. God human tradition printable is not all the truth thus is human changing from time to time. Attain life God in the selves who you are. God the soul alive outside of day or night or birth or death or human wisdom that Christ overcomes diversities in the creation, even the earthly source of life the Sun. Christ in me is not a name or fame or title or religion, in me Abraham for Jesus and Christ for God and Abraham Christ is joy of God in me, the highest life for everyone in me). Life itself beginningless outside of the creation is soul of God. The Soul in action fatherly of God from human ways that God of God attained shall live overcome all human expressions of God. The purity the highest prayer and worship alive within everyone. Living in the creation fatherly of God while attained the Soul shall live with communication above human terms and terminology, however, use the term for others only - likewise of dress for others and eat for selves. At the end of creation, proactive of creation unaffected God new all things, that not known was known in the creation, that what was believed as God was not God, that Christ is progressive revelation the soul timely of the Holy Spirit. Christ is soul of God and Jesus is son of Mary in God we stand God. Divine in reaction live Christ in Proaction. Early days conditions felt should not have born at all but later at age wisdom feel no creation at all was better. So Christ clear human feelings to the indivisible of God. Human messages drama of salvation can be sweet enemy too. Source of life Christ for proactive of human salvation while the Sun is reactive life under creation. Christ the proctive is not for a name or fame or theory but is for life, God is life - every existence is in the life of God, Christ is righteous infinity of God - so be righteous in seeking God Healing - God is timeless of no human time or action that God's time in the soul of God action the Holy Spirit PRIEST OF GOD parable Eternal Christ - Joy of the world is wordily things while joy of God is namelessly of the Holy healing the world. God is salvation and Christ is regulations and worship is Man. Diversity is infinity of oneness and God is infinity of One, human life positions proactive of creation and creation active in both the purest is soul of God active. These mesages heaven and earth are created, visible and invisible, Jesus and Christ, yourself and Christ, Jesus Christ Second Coming, Mighty Salvation Blessed are we God together, Abraham Christ unborn uncommon enlightenment of the Second Coming - God make new all things common to every human - God new everything the creation merged in the Migthty. God person to persons, generation to Genrations, ages to Ages, creation to Creatons infinity the Mighty actions Timelessly and Namelessly and Spacelessly the eternal life a muster or mango seed or man can open the Mighty. Second Coming of God nameless of God in name human is Progressive in the Revelation and as attained you may attain early like Four Year College could be graduated before the years by the wish of the selves. What is purity in you is free in you but not free of the impurity you live with is the world of sufferings.

Mighty is the salvation Soul indivisible inseparable purity the purest proactive of the creation - Mighty the nameless timeless spaceless unman God eternal the Creator. Mighty the proactive under creation humanly with name and infinity of diversities in oneness is one God. Mighty the proactive of creation is the mighty God the salvation soul God - Mighty is the purest purity no matter where. Mighty direct without interruption is Miracle Healing. Creation itself is interruption and reaction and action that under creation everything the same. Diversity is infinity of oneness in God and the purity man and unman the same is the mighty one God - God the mighty eternal forever proactive of creation unman and unknown inseparable indivisible the mighty sameness one God under creation is diversities with infinity of oneness. Lacking the mighty purity lacks God, however, on innocent belief of mankind Grace of God spiritual offer in birth of proactive of creation on earth name Christ - Mighty the soul of God purity Christ offer saves innocent belief in human life, thus both the tribal and modern saves - cannot violate after known. God indivisible is present in the diversities is the oneness - Diversities in the creation outside human universe known an unknown are also infinity the same oneness in one God - the purest presence proactive of creation overcomes the enemy malignancy. The purest human life free of title fame name is the highest joy in God. Soul of God eternal salvation, the offer humanly situations holy spirit with diversities and unknown ways is in the sameness of one God. What is a diversity outside the oneness of one God: Brocken and said other things while Gospel reading at Holy Mass and none corrected the reader (other than Christ of God able strong message to the reader).

Mighty miracle healing for the body and eternal salvation for the soul. Salvation of all the souls through progressive revelation new age free of religious. Religions are many false about the Mighty. People created religion, religions created gods, people and religions and gods mud against the Mighty. Abraham Christ of God messages to all souls and people to live and serve the purest purity proactive of creation in reception of God incarnation of the Ages again coming of Christ is eminent and inherit the Salvation namelessly Mighty + miracle healing prayer click here.

Sufferings and diversities and prayers are many, they are important in human life but the most important life itself the same Spirit - in simple many sufferings the same world and many functions the same Body - many prayers the highest life itself. Many everything the world while the Spirit second to none free of creation and beginning and end and diversities. The same Spirit nameless go beyond creation to be in God the truth above belief - be God in selves second to none - even an enemy or the Satan too can be in belief you never know - the world is enemy so go God above the world - serve God from the life of the world to go above God. Be the purity let it be own body and blood alongwith all the others in it is body of Christ (at least the Body and Blood of all the participant it it alongwith Christ). God is the Purity in all things of Love - Truth - Peace - Salvation - Blessing - Healing - Etc unlimited offers - God and in God second to none are things everyone of us heard and knows, so for us God in miracle while miracles are common in God - to serve the highest meditate in prayer for all the souls lived and live an will be that I do meditate God salvation for 79 billion souls including the past and present and the future life on earth, after next birth day it will be for 80 billion souls and so on as long as I live and able that no one is left behind without my prayer. Even the one itself is sum of countless numbers. I pray everyone to do this grace service prayer - in God and for God even split second is unlimited grace than wating of the length of time that the Spirit superseeds earthly ways. One God itself above billion or thrillion of man that the same Spirit is God and the highest in everything is God - God is the One Spread Universal power and truth and truth and peace anf honesty and so on countless Suns of universes and the earth is just a least among them and Christ is human our ways the same Spirit in the Master Universe - many Suns and all many difference in the Same Spirit. God everything and Christ the purity human ways through suffering and sacrifce - the highest humanly known "Jesus on the Cross" - Blood of Christ on the Cross is beyond religious Jesus Christ - God Spiritual Offer grace of God offer to everyone of us FOR US to serve the grace to others - Christ we serve each other God is my purity - attained the purity God or Christ or your religious faith is wordless human another level in Faith - Many holy books if attained the Holy is the tradition God and Christ is the Soul by name - so I am Abraham Christ. At least take a split second join the Soul wish peace and blessings to all the billions everyday. God prayer itself the highest life. Christ the Lord Jesus son of God is Grace of God wordily spportunities while Christ the Soul of God is Mighty. Christ the Soul of God Spiritual Offer in life itself the highest prayer and Soul of God salvation is Life Purity the image of God the Grace of God body mind life miracle Healing.

Seen God yourself in dream signify certain genuine attempts impossible became possible, life great victory attained. Seen yourself God in dream is the highest human within the human, the highest belief within the belief, mighty God within the God, the miracle of God attained, the mighty strong divine power held invisible appeared visible, attained God, beyond the image, etc. June 5, 2019

Seen Cross yourself in dream signify certain innocent suffering to victory ahead to life impossible became possible, trying of an honest attempt close to be fulfilled, to great victory attained. Seen yourself Cross in dream is the highest human within the li human life, is the highest human value within the practice and the mighty God within the belief - meaning of God attained, is the deepest sense of divine power attained in the soul, etc.

Seen God in dream signify Christ the soul of God in the human - alongwuth will see oher things in power of God but won't remember exact what is seen - it is attainment what God done direct on prayers heard - impossible became possible - June 5, 2019

Trend now a days - Go Paperless - even newspaper too - Religious too - Money exchange too - it is progressive revelation God becomes free of traditional ways

Seen yourself God in dream signify certain attempts in life impossible became possible, trying of an honest attempt became fulfilled, the great victory attained. Seen yourself God in dream is the highest human within the human, is the highest belief within the belief, is mighty God within the God, is the miracle of God attained, is the mighty strong divine power held nameless within, etc.

Nothing except Eternal can offer you Eternal. Other than Eternal no one can offer you Eternal. Eternal Another Substance no one else knows. Religion or heaven and earth are not eternal while the morals God pure blesses to Grace of God eternal salvaion. Christ is eternal in human ways for human salvation. Christ Eternal Proactive Heaven and Earth humanly called Christ after Jesus. Another name Christ is God Pure and Another Substance Christ is Eternal. Divine the selves beginningless unlimited evermore eternal inheritance God - attained from human life is Salvation - God in human ways Christ to attain the salvation whereas if no creation at all who where when why how God the beginningless timeless soundless spaceless soundless endless all power unman entirety the Soul all of them of Christ everone of us the purity proactive of creation we are. Life under creation human life under diversiies - Prayers - Pains - Sufferings - Beliefs. Creation we know is a small section and life under creation is function of the eternal soul - our prayer is not just one function in life - not even the most important function - life itself prayer is the highest function God - do purest purity in life and Christ is the highest in the human life - Is Christ - the life Purity to be done - Purity done Salvation done - the perfection done in human ways - alive with Purity all the prayers all alive visibily for creation and invisibly for the Soul in one common the entirety word is God of all people and Christ a believer - Divine selves in God life than repeating prayers of others that all are not true before God. Tribal or Modern, nonbeliever or believer, diversities are many but God second to none all of them the Soul Spirit in selves to function. God in human ways the presence and attainment testified I am Abraham Christ of God - God inheritance the lifted enlightenment the unman in self experience while religions are human articles for God whereas through God with God in God is the pefection. A 10 year old sees 90 years too far while a 90 year old see 10 year was not too long ago is the same people see things accordingly. A mother the highest communication to a child in the womb than afer birth is God invisible and creation visible. God the creator is for the human life but beyond in the highest unman level free of creation still right-here for the body mind soul Miracle Healing God in person to you - please click in heart purity prayer to contact the Mighty God human ways Attain the Soul of Christ the Soul of God the Spirit beginningless endless Eternal Spirit miracles in life.

No book including Holy Books needed for God or the Salvation but they are needed for the people of the world. God the salvation indiscriminatory second to none that the tribal or primitive or modern all human beings stanfing the same salvation God the same Spirit. Every person behave what they live and where they live and when they live and why they live and how they live and who they live that Christ in every person go beyond envirmental or religious life for God in born the same Spirit common truth sameness among all. God is purity unman that no human wording of name or time or space or sound or wordhip or prayer fits the entiriety unlimited value. You can attain the Salvation without doing the religious this is the glory of God but religious is you are between man and God the second to none. Good or bad or crazy a person talk or behave accordingly only however person in God is alive unlimited. Creation is innocent composition of Eternal the invisible and the communication sharp is called God and the word in human communication is God Holy Mighty Creator Christ for all of us I am Abraham Christ in serving Almighty Miracle Healing one God the most simple healing on earth for those who seeks through life itself. Everyone testifies the Mingty but uses different termonology in the same Spirit, every word is a terminology in the Mingty - for healing and peace and salvation go beyod the word termonology to attain the vertu truth beyond a human objective. Every birth and death and sickness and suffering is a wodily standard terminology while blessed are many alive with spiritual of the Spirit and in that will eliminate and disappears all the sufferings. Attain the Soul of Christ the Soul of God the Spirit beginningless endless Eternal Spirit

GOD Spiritual Offer miracle healing in simple blessing of God - God is not a man or woman or spirit through the appearance of a human media. True God is spread of Universal Power above of the Cosmic Universe invisible from the universe the naturally always everywhere and the tranformation in human levels are many beliefs one God all people. The spread is alive with all powers even in the instant split second happening, and slowly or in the due situations. This power or the spread rigt at here is so infinite and ever go beyond all the Universe of many Suns. God the grace of God testified in the bood of Jesus on the Cross the mighty healing nothing but God and is a natural transformation under the Sun we live. This transformation is possible and availble with all of us and in all of us through honest innocent suferings and sacrifices and the desire. God is the time human beings pray many things to change, ncluding the weather. All in all man can count countless images inside one image of God. Life byond we know and believe. God beyond what we know. Know God eternal beyond religious. Heaven and Earth if were created should have been created apart many years. Light direct from God is not the same as from the Sun. So how it could be - at some time of the year at some places say and night are equal - but gradually chanhes to longer days or longer nights - to six months long day light or six months long dark night - and that is the standard on earth - BUT think deeper - in the universe the earth is only a small area - outsede the earth the infinity is always the same of the light. What is this earth - it like of a hospital - the earth is like a hospital and everything on earth is like in a hospital room.

ETERNAL (Religion of God for persons of God) GOD became MAN – Satan became Man – Man became God and Man. God become man to grow in God – is the assurance prophesied for, the conviction of things hidden in faith - not seen, the function of faith in relation of God is Spirit. God became man or God gave His begotten Son in the Christian faith wisdom that no man is without God is the Satan in cunning became in man. Christ the faith in the Spirit was inborn of unman for Jesus was a conviction in the faith after man was made in the image of God, that man the image itself purity eternal any name or title is not a burden for the Salvation. Eternal the sameness of God the purity timeless from ages to ages but man has changes according to wordily situations, so the differences yet the Spirit of the Lord and is the same. God the eternal is always everywhere that there is no became man or not lacking to give something – the man changes to God the current always world became man of God and many changes in mankind for God – God became Man the Christian of 2000 years ago is no more the Christian of the old man – God became Man is living in the past is drama of salvation – while the miracles of God through Jesus was function of the eternal timelessly of any place and person and faith. God became man or gave the begotten son so supports in wisdom the Satan became too man taking over the people of God than even the Satan taken over Adam and Eve in the bible, and in such wisdom Man became God and multiplying is the lacking of the faith and truth and purity. “Eternal is God and Faith and Mighty and Sameness and no addition or subtractions or given to spread that all things and places in God. I am Abraham Christ a messenger of God in God. God so loved the world that He became man or gave His begotten son is satanic expression in the Christian – while God so loving the world He gave himself to the world that whosoever in God shall not perish but will have eternal life. God himself in the world Christ identified through man is Jesus and the eternal is unman that Christ in Jesus was inborn of unman.

ETERNITY: Christ is human ways God who when where why what how of the Eternal above creative drama of salvation - this is my body is God make the body new through creation while God salvation eternal neither old nor new - Abraham Christ is God work in me with me through me God make the creatve new through God with God in God no more religious ways. God so love the purpose of the creation that the Healing is the mission God above body of the creation above the human. God eternal second to none human ways Christ - although Eternal nameless timeless soundless shapeless spaceless beginningless endless existence no body the creation, religiously soul Christ is expression in the Puriy. Eternal neither in belief nor a human language communication yet in everything even in a split second. Eternal who is self attainment, eternal who work I am Abraham Christ - Eternal neither religion nor fits any thing separated from the eternal but in simple human standard is Christ I am Abraham Christ - God is God of no religion or no Father Son Holy Spirit Trinity but in simple Purity in yourself God is Eternal is Purity - the Father is Purity the Son is Purity the Holy Spirit is Purity the Trinity is Purity the Eternal is Purity in every existence and be strong in God purity you too are Christ - Would you be One - Do Christ above religious and cultural and human law aspects. "Word of God" is wordless almighty insights the Word in man. Every living and nonliving in the universe namelessly do God in such Christ is humanly an identity. Eternal makes all things new... eternal is free of human created values that Christ is level for those who in the Spirit. All in all God is not a word of man or limited with man but between God and Man communication Mighty sharp is Word and Christ sharp word for God. Everything under creation in Diversity. What is in us beyond the creation has no diversity among us, Christ free of diversity is the Christ you should a Christian in Christ, I am. The traveler bleeding knew he needs help and a stranger, Good Samaritan, fulfilled the need but more than that parable we all need help invisibly too and who can come to the help, beyond creation, the almighty in the creation is beyond the creation and is eternal all peoples, no pride or selfish or drama of salvation no diversity hat is the Christ one salvation All in All. In the almighty of no diversity unrighteous is dark on the almighty. And light is serving righteousness of the almighty all peoples. Beliefs in God are many on diversities but serving God together is practicing the almighty above the diversities, serving the light above darkness. Righteous is light of the almighty, Nameless all in all. Humanly names in the diversity but serve righteousness together the almighty. Smallest to the highest diversities will shrink down to zero that in the almighty there shall be no diversity, and human salvation is from the almighty while can be direct from the almighty God beyond a belief, everyone can pray direct to God or Pray from God the almighty. For example religiously a Christian at church worship may pray God through Christ because of a belief while all times or other times commonly or naturally pray God - Almighty is God above the creation while God is human existence of the creation. God is human standard of the almighty although not all in all the Almighty. The Almighty above the creation is the God eternal, Beginningless Endless Timeless Spaceless Shapeless Holy of no human explanation possible, God the almighty serve instant of no God education of the man. The assimilation all in all of the creation or a man under creation into the Almighty is nameless but Christ in human ways until all assimilated - Abraham is my human given name at birth and Christ is my Almighty Identity attained or confirmed in me in human life in human ways that I am Abraham Christ that I pray from God above all prayers on earth (it is own experience wordless or no word can explain or instant happening above all religions - you should be too in human ways of human life - this is my personal enlightenment and testimonial of the almighty God). Eternal and almighty are the same in human is God. God is eternal almighty human communication is God. Christ is the performance and communication God in human ways, would you be one in taking share God. I performed Christ I am Abraham Christ (communication Nameless Christ and name Abraham). Christ is human life of the Almighty. Almighty God man identifies through Christ, man identifies himself for God above religious identity. Religiously people are narrow minded on God. Christ immeasurable of God Purity in human life. Christ is all people religion, Christ is value of Christian. Purity religion is Christ the religion almighty God. Purity is above all religions. Purity you are above all religions. The purity you will attain unique God worship. Christ is God human salvation. God invisible that mind is the longest road to the destination if Christ missing. Almighty is the position Christ above the creation. Almighty is the Word of Creation and Christ is the Word of Man. Christ is eternal of the human ways, the existence God regardless the creation - Holy position under the creation humanly God communication to feel it and do it in human life to who is image of God above a wordily talk - while anybody even the Satan can communicate wiser but does not. I got this anointed of God message and Feel it and do it to myself Abraham Christ. God second to none the Nameless communication within every human being that God human ways biblical is Christ - In simple of all people God of no religion is Purity - the purity is undivided, the almighty undivided - but anything under creation is divided (man is divided male and female - life is divided birth and death - creation is divided heaven and earth - so on countless divisions). Communication above creation is undivided - Communication under creation is countless yet the Spirit of life existence is above the Creation. Nameless is beyond the creation our existence with the almighty - Christ unman of God is the purity Nameless. In simple purity in human life fills in for the almighty, the purity in human life is the image of God, that Image of God is anointed of God above the light and heat and life above the Sun - that in the Purity man can serve the Light and Heat and the source of Life from God above the Sun, it is the most simple humble innocent neutral pure wordless - soundless - speechless helping human from my human life - my human life with human body while feel Living of no creation or I may say between the Beginning and Eternal of Wordless. I Feel my life this is we all are toward the almighty that ask anything according to his will for it will be heard says Abraham Christ (pray/worship position above the creation above all prayers under creation - blood of Christ faith on earth under the creation but beyond the Blood is Invisible purity). Jesus was human life communication but the communication above the creation is wordless Christ of God. The purity God is above all known words - sounds - prayers and worship and rituals - God anointed everyone is above the ordinary (the Satan serves so perfect wonderful meaningful wisdom but directs left for right or South for North that we shall not reach the Salvation). God anointed person or existence is above all wisdom prayers of earth. Anointed of God is Nameless happening of no external influence. God anointed everyone fulfills presence of the almighty. The eternal agelessly present even in the split second that God the amazing unman can happen even in split second, child or older, expected or unexpected, man or unman, can happen instantly above all the work of the world. Christ is God anointed human life you too can be, I am so Abraham Christ that I am member with the almighty above the human world, I testify on attained Christ. Religion is human membership with the world. Purity is the "Word of God" Christ of God, our purity in the almighty God. God anointed is free from the Satan and its contamination. God anointed performs communication invisible of God. Would you be anointed of God - if yes the worship through the name Christ is Christian while for all people God above all religions Beginningless Nameless Timeless in human ways is life Purity - attained Christ the purity is above religious Christian - anyone of any religion can attain the purity Christ - the purity is the attributes for Christ over the diversities on earth - than a wording Christ. In simple the purity begins with the image of God - lacking the purity Christian still stand beginner only - that rituals are media service and priest is only a media worker and worshiping is enjoyment of human mind, rather than a faith of salvation the almighty. Christ in human ways the Spirit of God free of any contamination of the creation. Enemy of Christ can present well before the world but hiding the position Christ. Christ the prayer is free from the Satan � attainment Christ is free from the Satan - Christ is the Salvation attained. Be in Christ above human worship, be in God above worth+ship=worship. Again in simple: God anointed you are above all prayers of the wold - God anointed is above all prayers on earth - Would you be one? you will serve miracle healing for others. God anointed I am Abraham Christ:

All people, regardless any differences good bad rich poor right wrong male female young old color creed nationality shape size belief style culture religion or of no earthy difference, invisibly everyone stands the same line (queue) God, an invisible line (queue) anointed of God, for what is next to happen, the most purity stand next to God and least stand the farthermost, perform where your position be - attain God anointed by the purity of life - The line is anointed of God that Christ the line - attain anointed stand next to God - closer to God - Most people believe the religion, whereas religion helps only to enter into the First Lesson, pass to God free of contaminated life - Abraham Christ.

Parable of Salvaton

Christ is Christian God but belongs to all of us I am Abraham Christ belongs for all of us serving the almighty Miracle Healing one God all healing. Christ is the most simple Almighty Human life serving the almighty says Abraham Jesus Christ God Healing Miracle Healing Made Easy you could be miracle healing recipient - Jesus parables signify God healing for you Abraham Christ of Jesus ChristPrayer more than we pray (a parable): A forest many animals - birds - fishes - creatures - they live in there from the Beginning of countless years in the image of the forest and live in the image, they know the place and prayer for survival. They feel they know well all about the forest. But do they? There are more things about the forest than they know. The same is the human life in small village or big cities or if moves to elsewhere another planet. A priest you are a Media man while purity you are God man.

Who is God - very impossible for man to reconcile the identity (because God is unman beyond human existence) - however - in simple anointed of God human ways feels the answer (who God from the human to the identify God): Involuntarily every existence under the creation anoints and seeks an existence second to none, the existence is God, the existence second to none anointed by every being is God. The one existence that all the infinite existences anoints and seek (the animals - birds - fishes - plants - unknown to man - all living and no-living) is God. God is the existence so easy to be ignored yet the existence everyone anoints is God. GOD is the only one existence deserves blessings from every existence and everyone anoints God. Man can know God from human ways of life and no man can know God from the eternal of God - God is the only One Existence all in all Beginningless and endless Eternal. God the eternal exists in split second. The truth in prayer is the depth of the purity existence. A president unanimously anointed by all people second to none. Attain this message in wordless eternal, the answer who God is? Attain wisdom every grain of sand at the beach blesses the ocean for how great the ocean be, while no grain of sand see the Ocean?

Christ the unman prayer possible only with the almighty we all could be the participants � Christ the unman prayer is possible in the Purity of human life - Christ is human communication that signify relationship with the almighty - Christ the communication every human can serve Word of God � Christ is expression the Purity our life fulfills God is not a religion � the word Christ religiously is not the Word of God - religion is a learning subject and Christ is unman happening in human life - Christ is not Christian � Christ can be in Christian and Non-Christian as well - Christ is the almighty God living in the human life - Christ is every aspect of human life is God the almighty - Christ of God in farmers, teachers, bus drivers, soldiers, employees, priests, etc in every walk of human life - Fulfilled Jesus is Jesus Christ � Christ is the almighty taken the Care of the body mind and soul with the eternal - that the human body and mind and soul shall appear in the Eternal ways - Free yourself from wordily to Eternal existence for it will happen with the almighty the Nameless and the Beginningless and the Soundless and the Spaceless the Eternal - Serve the purity and honesty and attain Christ is above all prayers on earth - that your prayer can be above all the prayers on earth - if understand and join me in Christ miracle happens beyond all the knowledge and prayers � Divine the selves for God will anoint you will be able to say your name with Christ.

Your heart is where your possession - Whole world is heart of God - Christ occupy whole world - Christ the heart God in human ways � Christ in you serve from the top of the world - Christ the heart of God and God the heart of Christ and everyone of us too as attained. Attain yourself Christ, then the life or death or beyond in the hands of eternal God - attained Christ yourself above all the prayers you pray - attain the testimonial - Abraham Christ.

ABRAHAM CHRIST: Life or death or beyond in God is the same. - Every human in the same invisible value practice to own it. - Every human at least one thing on the top of the world. � Every human at least one thing in common - The best is lacking the Satan � Prevent us from the Satan, lead us not into temptation, help us from temptation, prevent us from temptation, save us from temptation � etc. � all are the same value Christ - ABRAHAM CHRIST

Prevent us from what is not of God. ABRAHAM CHRIST - lead us not into temptation - lead us into God

Jesus was not a Christian to be the Christ - you too can be in Christ of no religious Christian - Christ the super life or faith or purity self-attained in own life experience is above all religions on all earth. Jesus was not a Christian to be the Christ � do God you too can be - GOD-CENTERED our life PURITY IN LIFE

Many things of miracle happens in every human life yet no belief is the highest. If not Christ every belief is on the same queue same line waiting for the truth, understand in God every one of them is the value Christ I call in my human life. Christ is the communication value in every wait for the truth. Prevent us from what is not of God. ABRAHAM CHRIST

Jesus was not a Christian to be the Christ - Christ the super life or faith or purity attained in own life experience is above all religions on earth. The entire universe is Christ the heart of God - Christ is greater of the Theology or Philosophy - top of the world theology or philosophy yet the existence of life is unknown - Jesus was not a Christian to be the Christ � you too can be a Christian or not yet can be in Christ.

Super faith is simple presence always everywhere. God the unman the leadership on earth can be achieved through practice beyond religious propagations.

CHRIST is spiritual union and ABRAHAM CHRIST the value is invisible union my human life with the almighty God. It is self-attained value own life experience of no propagation comparable. It is value in my life above all prayers on earth. Abraham is a traditional situation given name for my human and Christ is traditional anointed name God that both are understanding of the Word. The value is beyond the human ways. Christ is God in human ways. The value beyond human ways for the almighty all in all existence. Every human is in the traditional ways one way or other but attain and practice the value together in the almighty of uniformity of no diversity.

Word is value, Christ is the value, the understanding is the value, everyone the value, universally the uniformity no diversity, one God Christ value all in all.

Although we don�t know all in all yet the wish and value and heart Christ is God the Word. Christ the value is the same Communication all situations. That you too be in the value with Christ in me, the value is unman metaphysical above human language, GOD the value Christ your prayers will be above all the prayers of the world. Attained Christ shall be free from all religious practices. Other than the attainment no prayer or worship can fulfill Christ. Christ the value free from the Satan, attain Christ you will not pray �lead us not in to temptation� but shall be in the protection already. The Satan cunning in prayers imitate God to blind the world. Christ is the world no blinded by the Satan. Live free or exempt from the Satan. Repulse any attack by the Satan. Serve uniformity or no diversity that serve every one like you wanted to be served.

Christ is cooperation and co-existence and protection and the safety and rights of life and salvation of the souls, Christ is wordily approach God free of the Satan. Christ is not religious sovereignty. Christ is not religious claim. Christ is the morals above all Commandments on earth. Christ alone is Universal Moral the choice and opportunity to improve the lives of millions of people throughout the world and eternal Salvation.

Christ is God in human ways � human life Christ existed with God and in God Beginningless - the existence is beyond a story of creation � Story of creation is a story of the earth blinded of the Satan - Christ is the value of God the Word unman for human beings. The Word is not a creation that anything contaminated is not of the Word. The earth is many contamination not only the food but also the knowledge - if the earth was created by God no contamination possible - no evil possible - no death possible - all eternal is God. I am Abraham human ways my earthly tradition, and the Beginningless Communication for the human in me is Christ. Christ in me is nonreligious value although sounds traditionally.

A Case Study CHRIST: At a busy place I was talking with a 69 year heart surgeon 40 years. On m question he answered � �How many? � Look at the people in here � can you count them? so much surgery performed and that I don�t even think I am heart surgeon, yet always mind with many things of the day to day surgery - in an hour I have to call the resident to check the respiratory of the patient last night�, he continued, �in my field I am on the top of the world � yet � I don�t know the philosophy of life�. I responded "Christ" � he replied �that is Metaphysics � let me do what I am doing nameless� = I responded - in simple invisible of no separation is "PURITY"

Another Case Study CHRIST: I was a volunteer at a hospital for the Pastoral Care Department. Hospital mission is Patient Care, patient-centered service. My job was to visit multi-national all faiths patients at the bedsides to comfort them, and refer to the staff if any service requested, and pray God if they wish. I received an email from the Chaplain asking me to spread the word that the chaplain conducting a seminar �How To Cope With Love One Dies�. I replied it would be vague for the volunteer when the patients and the love one are there for healing and pray healing and want to go home alive as soon as possible. Moreover it is severe violation before patient's rights of life, and the hospital slogan "(the hospital name") means your health is everything. To make a long story short, the hospital legal department answered I am on a different philosophy. (I disagree that too because PURITY is the highest of all philosophies - nameless above their philosophy).

The value Christ is nameless and soundless holy communication in human ways. No one of us can do the Christ all in all and no one of us know the Christ all in all yet unbiased life is the simplest way beginning of Christ you are. Christ is not a body on earth that Christ you are is on the top of the world. But must attain the union to claim the name Christ. You too may divine yourself Christ. Abraham is my given name. Christ is my communication value with God. God is eternal and the holy is unman. Eternity is the attributes of communication with God all people one God in human ways. Eternally is position value performances. Theology is religious term and Philosophy natural term. Abraham is my human position anointed in God by the biological parents and Christ is an anointed Communication holy image unman position in me. In unman holy value of Christ it is nameless and soundless and it happens of no creation. Abraham Christ I am a beginner in God human ways I sought the beginning from my position eternally in me. All in all many prayers and knowledge life yet I don�t know the philosophy of life because it is beyond all the creation. Abraham Christ my destination is God but in the human I don�t know where it is and I don�t believe any human who knows it. My testimonial Abraham Christ is my least that the highest is unman. Many things of miracle happens in every human life yet no belief is the highest. If not Christ every belief is on the same queue same line waiting for the truth, understand in God every one of them is the value Christ I call in my human life. Christ is the communication value in every wait for the truth.

No definition, philosophy, theology, knowledge, education, religion fulfill the almighty, might be they fulfill for a human style, but no to God the almighty - all values of human life are incomplete - purity is self alliance with the almighty - self alliance is the heart or purity of no theology or philosophy fulfills Christ or the almighty - no knowledge fulfills Christ - no knowledge no theology no philosophy fulfills Christ of the almighty - added with my human my heart Abraham Christ speaking thus the fulfillment in the almighty beyond what I say to you - the purity is natural truth, natural spirit, natural salvation and the same purity in the unknown high existence is God the almighty - you might know all these things but I say these on my heart my dedication my attainment speaking - when I pray or worship God with others I feel my body my mind my heart my purity my position above with the unman unknown Beginningless eternity life norm with me

Christ is representing the ETERNAL in human ways for all people - Christ is not a religion - Christ is PURITY in human ways - Christ is the ways for human Salvation - Christ is unman fulfilled in Jesus - Christ is human salvation among all people - Christ is one culture and attribute one God - Christ is possible only with the Almighty - Christ is life God in human ways we all can - Abraham Christ I am in the honesty and dedication and the enlightenment and desire and willingness and attainment above all religious Christ or I may say Christian. That Christ is not a Christian. Jesus Christ was not a Christian. Christ unman is possible for anyone of us with the Almighty - I am - would you be too or already? The attainment I am Abraham Christ is God humanly Christ in Jesus human ways - And your you should be too Christ is humanity - Christ is God Healing Miracle Healing Made Easy you could be miracle healing recipient - Jesus parables signify God healing for you Abraham of Jesus Christ - CHRIST YOUR ANOINTED NAME - CHRIST YOUR SURNAME - CHRIST YOUR NAME FAMILY OF GOD - YOUR HEALING NAME - CHRIST - YOUR+CHRIST - JESUS CHRIST - ABRAHAM CHRIST - CALL YOURSELF - tell everyone your healed name+Christ - THE SPIRIT OF GOD IN ME BECAUSE GOD ANOITED ME - GOD IS MY LIFE MY LIFE IS GOD - GOD IS ETERNITY I AM GOD'S INFINITY IN THE ETERNITY

God Healing gift in every life spiritually testifies Jesus himself the greatest of all parables heaven on earth that every human can adopt parables in life for God miracle healing happens - (this website is not a religious declaration) - God is able to heal all the problems - Jesus parables signify God healing Christ Parable Christ is God - click here

Christ is Greek word for anointed - what is your word - call yourself Christ - Jesus Christ - Abraham Christ - let others know - your NAME+CHRIST and healed - The Christian is assembly of the anointed - Christ your name

Holy is unman - Holy in human ways is Christ - Christ is Holy - The Almighty - Christ - Salvation - God - Almighty is the Holy = Holy in human ways is God Holy - the Almighty spoken to man in human ways - Highest moral is one God - the Almighty presented the Self in human ways is Christ Jesus - on Greek influence in language was called Christ - Christ is all people, not just Christian - Holy is the Word commited or promised in human ways - Volunteer the Almighty - Do God - Do Christ - Feel and Call yourself Christ - vision CHRIST you are

Present the self Holy then you too are own name Holy in human ways - Name+Christ - if not prefer Christ in Greek call in your innermost ways in the Holy - Your Name+Christ you are above religion - What is religion? Religion is drama on God - Belief differences are religions - religion is drama of salvation - Brain is where your memories kept - God is where human prayers kept - Holy almighty where your life kept - world is where your living maintained in the flesh

Own experience is the experience even for God too - A person of God is an Experience more than a physical person - I am Abraham of Jesus Christ. Would you be too a person of God ?

I am invisible - invisible I am never born on earth - the invisible I am is a visible existence in human ways. Creation is visible existence of the invisible purity - the creation is parallel and simultaneous and one with the others is God invisible - You are visible and the visible is not mine and mine is not visible - I am there wherever is God and wherever God is no one else needed there is God invisible - wherever you are present no one else needed there is God in you - I am Abraham of Jesus Christ - I request creation not on my need but the purity where I am invisible - all in all creation is not visible to every created - Christ is human ways

Blood of Jesus on the Cross signify Christ the Blood of God alive with Eternal Life - Blood signify life purity and Cross singify life on earth and Christ the Blood of God alive with healing and eternal salvation testimonial of Abraham Christ of God Archbishop MNCC - Pray God make you Saint than through a saint tha all are not saint before God - Testify Christ own life for Christ own name and continue with miracles - Why Christ

God is the assurance of salvation the achievement of the relation worship in truth of things not seen." God is the human Title Deed in spiritual business transfer of positive power to and fro definition of faith, in English. God and faith and other words of salvation in any system is one and the same with trust in the Mighty relation acting in faithfulness and trust.

Abraham Christ word "For God so loved the world, that he became the world, that whosoever in him have everlasting life."

Abraham Christ word "Without being in God it is impossible for the salvation that those who diligently seek God is rewarded."

Abraham Christ word "Must be in the works of God the purity undivided to believe God in the world."

Abraham Christ word “For the Purity alive hidden infinite neither visible nor invisible but the personal manifestation through working of God."

Abraham Christ word “God shaped the world to his works and by works was faith made perfect to believe in him"

Abraham Christ word "Body without the spirit working is absent of God, so the prayers are also dead"

Abraham Christ word "God the spirit working in body mind and soul shall risen with the one Spirit above all differences"

Abraham Christ word “World is an Institutions of God the Higher Education and people each other are students and teachers and staff and have a responsibility to take care each other, that human is unique university population and itself has to make the place safe even in emergency instances”.

The goal of Abraham Christ is to message all people with common standard simple knowledge for human safety and healing and salvation of the souls protecting every faith in God while exists differences are common in wordily life. God faith is not the same in the human differencest, but is life values alive of purity and faithfulness and trust.

Abraham Christ word "Every word is a common terminology the highest is God and every word on situation is God - In the Christian is Christ"

Abraham Christ for every human life sung Psalm 23 God is my life every soul rather than the Shephered: Lord is my God - Lord God is my Spirit - Lord God is my life - the Lord my soul Spirit - I am Spirit iof the Lord God - The Lord is my peace - the Lord is my happiness - the Lord is my victory that no evil win over me - I am in the Lord God the creator and the true Spirit of all things and I alive with the Lord God for ever.

Abraham Christ on Christ of God in BODY & MIND HEALING

God Human ways CHRIST - Christ the Soul of God - Christ nameless is God - Christ the besy answer God all people unity in GOD

Abraham Christ on Christ of God the HEALING

Mighty God we pray God the same Christ Jesus prayed - the Mighty, Nameless - Timeless - Shapless - Invisible of this universe - will give all the blessing we deserve in Grace, make us able to serve Christ for others.

Abraham Christ on Christ of God the HEALING

Mighty God we pray blessing, the same Christ Jesus who is healing and love of the Mighty, will give all the blessing we deserve in Grace, make us able to serve Christ for others.

Christ in simple human is preparedness, response, recovery, protection and salvation activities that are purity in life culturally appropriate and easily understood.

Christ is soul of God focuses unity among diversities and frequent communication and guiding behavior among human that helps support the unity.

In Christ we are effective at solving difficult problems because they leverage the different opinions and outlooks for the unity.

Christ is soul of God proactive of Creation active through purity in human ways

In Christ culture influences and reactions to situations empathize serving victims.

In Christ diversity also applies to the different generations for peaceful ideas and values and attitudes to the unity.

In Christ build and develop and retain and engage every human to engage global goals and sustain the unity action plan.

In Christ everyone is needed each other to improve understanding each other and gain the unity

In Christ something as simple as the way bridge differences and improve understanding.

In Christ the Communities get unified each other through an inclusive and diverse human culture that motivates everyone to perform to the best of their abilities

In Christ every one each other creating a viable environment that makes everyone recognized and promotes understanding among creating highest life in God.

In Christ helping life to each other is for inspiring Christ in the diversity.

In Christ always Purity first before act, be in proactive and respond graciously for the unity

In Christ keep a person busy to seek insight.

In Christ the world population is becoming more racially and ethnically dissimilar and cultural values remain constant and unchanging is Christ in testimonials.

In Christ diversity encompasses both external and internal characteristics that make every one of the human is unique with race and ethnicity parable to God many universes and stars

In Christ if human made a misstep, the best thing honestly apologize and express willingness to Learn, show such happened innocently.

In Christ communicate clearly and concisely, focus slowing down and not to rush communication, use normal communication respectful of cultural and language differences relevant to unify the diversity

In Christ race and gender and sexual orientation would not apply in public life and the term Gender Identity refers to describing a person’s gender assignment at birth, not identifying a person’s internal psychological sense or a person’s curiosity about the opposite gender or describing other people’s perception of a person’s gender.

In Christ diversity is being inclusive of individual differences and styles and victory attributes God.

In Christ every action has purposes that appreciation of diversity helps build relationships that foster community-based preparedness

Christ is generally defined as acknowledging, understanding, accepting, valuing, and celebrating the variety of characteristics that make individuals unique in God.

In Christ life is inborn of natural of no electronic and information technology products is required to attain the Salvation

In Christ activity during of a disaster inclusive everyone stand in the goal action plan and the best action in service saving life and response and recovery is to normal life is Christ action.

In Christ universal always unity of people makes life fearlessly livable not only human also is the salvation one God all people.

In Christ a non-Christian may be higher believer that the invisible of Blood of Jesus on the Cross is the Christ above a believer mindset

Christ in simple human is preparedness, response, recovery, protection and salvation activities that are purity in life culturally appropriate and easily understood.

Christ is soul of God focuses unity among diversities and frequent communication and guiding behavior among human that helps support the unity.


In the image of God made Adam - but co-mingled with others formed unholy generations taken over - so to recover Jesus Christ renewed offer for the entire mankind with faith and belief and function of the granting. Through this many were accepted in the Image yet many more yet to be. God will renew all for all to be in the Image, at that time a new generation of name will be in use for the nameless proactive of Creation says Abraham Christ of God

Image of God commissioned by God the very first on Adam - but the Image co-mingled with others formed unholy generations - to recover Christ soul of God through Jesus son of Mary that Jesus Christ in human ways offer for the entire mankind through faith and belief and function . With this many became in the Image but not all. Therefore for all God make new all things to convenience everyone in the Image of God and the salvation the nameless proactive of Creation says Abraham Christ of God

Image of God, incarnation of God pre of the heaven and earth fully unman is unknown to manind, while only certain of them post heaven and earth known to man. Incarnation of God pure in me the deepest and the highest in me I have taken membership in the eternal salvation from the human, the first time ever of the human for others too to follow me of the millennium offer one God all people no religiocity. You may learn and follow the eternal salvation from me one God all people and souls the millennium.

(Abraham Christ of God - it is not any religious but is wordless nameless timeless purest purity unman in the Mighty proactive of word creation. Mighty instant experience, memories, thanksgiving life itself the highest worship I am Abraham Christ of God, testify, word creation is enemy word against the Mighty Master Incarnation of God Heaven and Earth - Mighty incarnation the life elements God Value present everywhere and without them no existence. Violating the Purity, people created religion, religions created god, peoples and religions and gods they enemy of God share mud against the Mighty. GOD visible through invisible is the Incarnation above physically of the created. Life existence parallell of God always and the impurity parerelling to despair, serve God experience in righteous ways. Life to life - Heart to heart - Instant to instant - Visible to visible - Value to value the almighty God is visible and seen in my life I am Abraham Christ of God. God visible greater in heart there is no name or word or explanation fit the experience thus the Value is Nameless Timeless Spaceless the MIGHTY. God proactive of creation is not a created physical vision even not of any human imagination. Human level communication Abraham Christ a forerunner of the Second Coming of Christ is Nameless Coming with all people. Salvation in the progressive revelation God made the first man Adam in the image of God from the mud the earth and Jesus the son of God is not as the offspring or descendant but Heaven and Earth the Mighty Soul Unman Incarnation overcomes the enemy goss up creations. The soul in human physical Jesus the purest offer Christ the Grace of God oneness shall overcome belief diversities of all religions and peoples. Revealed of God according to various Regions of the Earth shall end when God make new all things Christ the unman unborn will come again the second coming, all times salvation is staying with the Mighty and religions are wind blowing in the creation). where are you and where you would be in the Mighty - This message above in fine print.

My great desire with one God alive among all people is the heavenly universal moral the one Community on earth for eternal salvation for all. It shall come that God will visit us with the Happiness on us and give it to us the life itself the highest. God himself proved to each one of us Life itself the highest prayer and the Salvation and give us in person on done God that every man can do God. Bless God as you see good and bad in your ways. Blessed is the righteous Judge and righteous among us. Prayer is the only weapon after done God, prayer the only great weapon inherited from great fathers brings miracles for all people, a weapon proved in thousand battles and warriors in millions, even on the evil doers when the gates of prayer are closed in heaven those tears are open that the righteous among them are saved of the Eternal. When anyone in person or family or nation or the world submits the heart to the Great Father in Eternal no evil can prevail against them. No evil can bit the man and the people and the souls of our Great Father God Eternal. Eternal will grant life even if died before the wicked. He who sacrifices a whole offering shall be rewarded for a whole sacrifice. Great Father God Eternal message us:::Where I shall permit my name to be mentioned I will come to thee and Bless them and whom have bestowed my greatness I will perform them::: Sought the Permission granted me to pray for all from the beginning of the human, wherever the prayer impossible including the Last Rites of all deaths on Wars, Epidemic, Disasters, unexpected and others. Jesus is God human ways the Bible and Christ the Soul the action. Christ the Action the Spirit of Great Father Eternal, this meditation Jesus Coming Again universal prophesy of no local or religiosity. Eternal, God, Christ the Soul, Abraham believed in God, Blood of Jesus on the Cross, Another Substance, the past and the present and the future all immeasurable Eternal Substance. What is Christ: Christ is life pair with God Almigty, another language and another communication Eternal readiness Lifeline mitigation, preparation, recovery, response, readiness, wilingness innocent purity life Pair and Pairing with God, Abraham Christ of God Archbishop Ittycheria Abraham MNCC, superseded by Abraham Christ of God.