In the India-Pakistan war 1965 I was soldier with an infantry battalion 8 Jammu and Kashmir Rifles (8 JAK RIFLES) of the Indian Army. We advanced about 10 miles deep into Pakistan reached at a village Chawinda, Sialkot District, Pakistan. On our advancing the villagers already been deserted thus was easy to occupy. We searched houses found a very old 105 years old blind grandmother, who has been left behind, she was lying on a broken charpai (broken bed), she was unable to stand up or realize the war and we are Indian soldiers occupied the village. she was alone over two days - On realised humans around she non-stop saying Allah Hoo Akbar and she was extremely happy noticed someone there - the war itself was Hindu-Muslim on Kashmir. I was the only one Christian soldiers with 8 JAK Rifles and the lyrics she was innocently on faith God (Although I was not a infantry soldier I volunteered to serve water and food and home letters to the soldiers in the frontlines). On asked her age she won't remember the year but said she was born at an year of certain incident, the other soldiers with me knew which incident was that thus we figured she was 105 years old. I am not from Kashmir or Punjabi or North India to know the incident in the tradition. Even I don't know Hindi well enough. I was friendly to her and treated her like my mother or grandmother - but she didn't know who I am or who we are. She won't even remember her children or she is a Muslim or Pakistai. The time was ferocious and crucial, everything in rush - cease fire doesn't mean no firing at all. Chawinda was a village with houses built with hey other than one two story brick house - Somehow the side walls were protecting her from injury or her hut not been burnt - even she survided about two days without water or food - she couldn't stand up - dead animals - cows and buffaloes were decaying smells bad. Right away I gave her bottled water from my pack - occasional ground fire was still on, cease fire does not mean firing ended - we didn't know what to do with her at that crucial situations - we saved and fed her and taken care of her three days until the cease fire settled into full effect and handed over her to Pakistani soldiers.

(My grand-mother who was living 95 years that time died 10 years later at age 105 years in Kerala State - India - My grandmother Annamma Abraham Pantradiyil house - tomb at Malankara Catholic Church at Oonnukal Omalloor Pathanamthitta Kerala State pin 689647 India - Last time I visited the tomb on September 29, 2016. Then again in February 21, 2019

MIRACLE AT CHAWINDA CHURCH SIALKOT PAKISTAN - DURING THE WAR THE VILLAGE CHAWINDA BEEN DESTROYED BY THE INDIAN ARMY - There were three brick buildings there as I remember - one was a one level building I got a feeling it is a Christian church - other was a two level (two story) bunglow which was house of a Genral in the Pakistani Army. Third was a four wall small brick building - I saw a broken CROSS of the Christian so looked around and found the building is a church - I was not supposed to go alone inside any building - all others with me were strong Hindus so I can't even say it a church I want to go inside - anyway I made a way to go inside and I was praying in silence looking at the alter - all of a sudden I saw two persons in the the alter - it was unexpected and I was not supposed to be there - it was a moment of agony in me - within the three seconds these two men appeated in white long rob like of a Christian priest with lighted candles in hands and disappeared. I didn't tell anybody because I was not supposed to be there by self - then nobody going to believe me to trouble

I have many testimonials I did God but not necessary to write all - the the healing ministry on the net I am doing God Christ - If you have and would like to publish here please email

Prayer is important but life itself he higest prayer I exerience life itself I am in God went insde the church in the very crcial war time situation. I wish to visit that place again but happens only God approves and will make a way to visit there as a regular vistor - DO CHRIST THE GREATEST IN THE ALMIGHTY - DONE CHRIST YOU WILL FEEL AT HOME GOD

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But I could not help Nursing Assistant Sepoy Namdar (AMC/Army Medical Corps) of the unit (Home state was Bombay/Maharastra of today) whom I know well. He was about 23 years old. On August 15, 1965 at about 8:15am when heavy artillery enemy shelling begun on us, he could not find a bunker to take shelter and while running he was severely wounded of the shelling and fallen. I believe he died unattended on 8-15-1965 at about 8:20AM. This was before the War two weeks was in September 1965.