True God explained by the heaven and earth or any human form is not the True God while True God function in every human, Scripted Word is human communication while won't fulfills the Truth. No religion all people universal worth, Bible is humanly recorded Word. God above Bible communication that God is all complete. No human perfect while if there a perfect human knows God. God invisible omnipotent and omnipresent always everywhere shapeless timeless spaceless nameless invisible spirit the entirity of the existence all the countless galaxies stars planets everything all the same one plain surface or the one plain truth or one plain field everywhere the same one shape no human language can explain that the earth we live spiritually of God is not spherical but is plain one straight plain. All these are one spiritual plain or spiritual field or one spiritual home or one plain God. We all are born in the spiritual and serving the holy is offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God (in Christians through Jesus Christ). God many ways we heard and learnt but can be recorded wrong while God is the same one plain truth for all. In faith the Holy you may not accept all the recorded text the Word for the truth yourself. People argue on others but the best is with by self. Mankind to know anything a plant or bird or land or planet or man or woman from itself that learn God from God that Jesus Christ is the word Son of God so far on earth direct of God that know God from Jesus Christ - Sins may be forgiven in the Mercy of God but must practice God to attain Eternity. On repentance intentional lie may be forgiven in the Mercy of God however practice God to attain eternity. Greater is practicing God for the eternity. God the Word is eternal but the word recorded on earth is not eternal that religiously nothing is eternal that should come out of records of religion for the destination eternal God. Attain and see straight plain one field the entire existence in practice God. Religions are human criterion we are community but on attained the higher can go beyond in personal life. Stay with them being above. One doctor many patients and medicines. One God no religion all together simultaneous all people, one God no religious text eternal. This message for entire all people.

We all are born in the spiritual house of God � We live in the spiritual house of the Lord God � Not only born but also we feel born and live in the spiritual house and serving the holy is offering spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through our Lord in the belief (Jesus Christ or Buddha according to our tradition). The Cosmic Universe � the galaxies � the stars - the planets � and everything in them are one Spiritual plain field or one spiritual home � one plain field � one truth � one God � that our life is extension eternal existence for those who believe in the eternity


One God omnipresent and Omnipotent is all together sameness simultaneous no partial or incomplete or gap or lacking. God prior to the creation the same heaven and earth but in the ways of the situations - that presence of God is the same always everywhere. A rich man not visibly carrying the wealth but is rich is the same spiritual God. God is every place at a level is the level equal that no partial presence or lacking the truth for the level. Creation is human existence for God - Heaven is human eternity for God - God is eternity of Life - We human live human level in the understanding but more to know God. One God every human is all people the sameness always everywhere with same understanding humanly one God all people, regardless tribal or modern or books of religions or never heard of God. I am messaging for human salvation because I am in man life. That every human is born with God explainable. That the Truth missing among men is not altogether simultaneous of God among men. Wordily ways can be different but the attributes among men in God is the same everywhere. God ways can't be different for one God all people. Testify in yourself for one God. One God is one invisible system than a belief.

The highest common in numbers too is one and the one itself is added of infinity of numbers. Infinity of numbers between two numbers, zero and one or one and two, and is the highest explainable is the same infinity, one itself is infinity that God is the same one all people - everything in its way. We believe in one God Our faith and life is one God but would you testify God of your life. Anyone can be great testimonials in God that you too can be. The testimonial explanations humanly impossible of God. Religions all of them fail to prove the one God. enemy of God takes advantages religious Gods are created Gods the truth missing.

But it is God of truth for those who can't attain the testimonial. Many persons attained the testimonial in personal life. God the Spirit or holy unknown existence always everywhere is second to none so pure in purity that no image or idol or diversity possible. God so pure clean no comparison or superiority or religion or education or second to none. O masters know that you have the Master above. That there are controversial words and verses in every religion book. God so pure so innocent so important so in yourself can't be called your father but can be the Creation not the father. We submit and deal with God praise and worship and acknowledge God through our level. Many religions are many confusions. Is it possible or worth to know God. Is it worth to know God if can attain without knowing. The place prior to creation and nothing of the created needed there and possible there. That God ask us to be pure for there. But under created is different that nothing of the creation is pure like God. That under creation is confusions lead to lies in the cunning for superiority. Image making knowledge is lies that all religions are lies on God but the clean purity of no image God of all of them is not a lie in them. God through creation who is God and what is God and when and where and how is God is images and fake on true God. Better is a man who speechless of God. The created can understand through creation but people misunderstand or misinterpret the truth is the problem many religions and each religion has its own image on God. The greatest and Most high of God that no man can understand the true God. Religious image on God is worse than hand made idols. For example in the Muslim too no image no idol no sculpture no picture while their Holy Book images God through what is to be observed while no human knowledge or observation can fulfill true God. That knowledge on God is not all the Truth or may be any truth.

One God of all people is not partial to certain place and people only. God is simultaneous, in that universal or heavenly or God's truth imagine a wisdom staring from a local to growing world wide is partial and lacking the wisdom of omnipotence and omnipresence among all people. God the creator is one and God the creation is one and God among all people is equally one. If one God of all people why not in all people even after thousands of years passed that none of these religious are the true God. That if not simultaneous among all people is not the true God even though every one says the one God. No man is able to speak the truth of God. That world of religious no religious God is true God. A man can be a scholar in religious studies but can't be scholar in God. Majority can be authority in democracy but not in truth. God through birth and growth and the acceptance and omnipotence and omnipresence among all people is common of all.

God is one and one only all agree all together, second to none, Great - That is something beyond all the Holy Books created images on God. For example in India religions are Hindu - Muslim - Sikh - Buddha - Christian - Jain - Jew - and others all believe in one God of no image and image possible but every belief itself is an image that none of them is true God. It is the same worldwide where religion present. Where for everyone the truth of God is relation righteousness

- God is equally for all - God is not partial - s In the same if is God the message should be simultaneous for all people. Look at the Sun or stars which are less than God yet is simultaneous all people every moment and day. The Supreme truth there is Way can be simultaneous all together all people. It is NOT of God omnipresent and Omnipotent God but wordily only religion or messages or belief start at a place on earth and spread from there that it is not only taking time but also not God equally to all that many are left behind, language and cultural and geographical no exact of God can't be purely translated. That anyone claiming as true God from a situation can't be fit to another situation. Should have simultaneous worldwide, every message must be altogether current worldwide. Otherwise God always everywhere is not served or the Truth, if delayed is not God. For Mighty of God should not have to depend on sinners spread the Holy. For Mighty no bloodshed or communal love or comparative religion or cunning needed. God the ways of the creation or the human ways the Truth always everywhere served simultaneous among all peoples for the Justice of one God served. But that was not happening yet by the world of religions. Each religion act self Hero above the common God of no fake. So I have vision and message from God the Supreme Master Holy Almighty will appear Omnipotent Omnipresent in Mystery that no people or religion or culture or language or situation or place is left behind that all will be served same time. (there shall be A BIRTH on earth and shall be born simultaneously at many places at many people, places, languages, religions, cultures, beliefs, that no human being will be left behind for God). THIS MESSAGE human I said IT WILL HAPPEN in God. A birth or message of God for all people should be simultaneous among all people without any delay.