God salvation being good in person Eternal in person serve the membership free of religious drama of salvation

Two eyes or ear or hands us with invisible God the highest our life countless Eyes or Ear or Hands take care each other One God Jesus Coming Again New Age Uplift

The membership being good soul Pair with God life itself the highest pairing with all Abraham Christ of God

Eternal the Eternal God the Eternal. Enlighten each other our final destination Eternal. Salvation the return process in Progressive Revelation begun prior to our substance heaven and earth. Heaven and Earth as creation is our world instead Another Substance in the Eternal. Another Substance Almighty God Substance, the unman wordless nameless timeless shapeless no scholastic. Passed the salvation stage the destinaton is Eternal. Salvation communication humanly in Progressive Revelation, this Age Offer everyone of us individually in person at will take membership in Eternal the home, the enlightenment in life itself the highest living prayer and worship. Ambitious student always in advance prepare, register in heart for the higher level. Eternal salvation is in God pure life but religions serve wisdom of the world against God pure. Do God pure of no religiocity will attain Etenal. The membership always the life itself the highest prayer over the words. The invisible holy heart taken the membership in the almighty God proactive of the heaven and earth, that you live God pure always. Holy the membership indivisible inseparable all in all one God inborn above known and unknown. Take God of millenium living over religiocity. The progressive revelation God Offer in the millennium, the salvation uniformity living in God pure individually in person in simple at will everyone can perform the inborn all levels of people no scholastic. Holy unman the offer offer the highest life wordless nameless timeless shapeless above all created concepts and substances, enlighten and live in the eternal salvation. Religion a community service the best is in the name of God.

Eternal Salvation membership taken will serve God pure in greater against the Satan. Take the membership otherwise still live in the prodigal as a prodigal son. Morals are humanly the weapons. Heaven is the center of the morals to live the salvation life we say God dwells in the Heaven. The progressive revelation for eternal salvation the millennium offer taken the mebership will serve God pure in person enlightenment life itself the highest worship above religiocity and wordily notions. Taken the membership in always alive one mind one one service one spirit the parents may take the membership for infants too in the invisible holy God heart. Religions ask to do the salvation through their process is their business while the salvation God pure individually in person fulfillment the Millenium.

INTRODUCTION: July 4, 2020 was my 80th birthday. Another Substance my enlightenment God above all the heaven and earth subtances. Another Substance Eternal the beginningless endless indivisible inseparable nameless timeless shapeless all in all holy almighty God the highest life proactive of all other substances, unparellel above our visible and invisible and belief and scholastic. Eternal the evermore Home for all of us is in non-Self. God pure is instant happening Holy Spirit the purest functional agent God proactive of the heaven and earth. Salvation is the processe for return to the eternal. Heaven and earth is substance in the progressive revelation for the return. Heaven is the morals of earthly life for the salvation God dwells in Heaven. Salvation all in all the same all people. The New Age offer us choice of taking membership in the salvation, rather than hanging around religiociy. The willingness God pure wish on us to return in the Eternal proactive of the heaven and earth. Obey God pure wish attains Grace of God to fulfill human life to eternal salvation. Humanly in person joined to Return to Eternal the enlightenment humility no harm or ruin or scholasic overcomes unholy earth. Eternal is Wordless the wordless nameless timeless shapeless above all the substances and the concepts, is totaly Another Vision the highest alive in person. The membership God pure above traditional traits and diversities, the path Eternal.

OTHER HEAVEN AND EARTH: Heaven and earth is a human signifying good and bad. Besides our substance other heaven and earth too which we do know how many of them and the elements and size and scholastic. Other heaven and earth also inevitable to separate the removed angels to different locations rather than them together. We say heaven and earth for all of them in the highest of human ways. Eternal God Another Substance. Heaven and earth other substances. Heaven is the morals on earth to return to the Eternal. As no moral the eternal level the Grace of God on God pure wish and life fulfills the Eternal. Every one in God pure heart can commit the return to Eternal life.

HOLY SPIRIT: Holy Spirit is the purest form of life, eternal agent performer God proactive of the heaven and earth. Holy Spirit is eternal in the innocent of God with eternal membership above the heaven and earth. Certain angels were separated to the heaven and earth, yet eternal membership for them still open the return is salvation. Heaven is the morals to practice the return. No moral the eternal level. Holy Spirit is the guidence for the Return. The return through progressive revelation the heaven and earth is a stage, there might be other heaven and earth, however, the Holy Spirit the same all in all everywhere. Our subsance heaven and earth, your practice the morals helps a soul return to the eternal. Every human can take membership in the eternal is in he wish and enlightenment shall enforce the menbership already with the almigty. The enemy knows God more than the heaven and earth substance shall harm and ruin us with scholastic, however, the Holy Spirit timelessly available for the protection. Another Substance God and the Holy Spirit, the message Another Substance from our substance, remember no moral in the Eternal Level.

ETERNAL and ETERNAL SALVATION: Eternal is almighty God holy proactive of the heaven and earth. Eternal is Another Substance. Heaven and earth our substance, heaven is the morals for us to follow to attain the eternal, so we say God dwells in the heaven. Eternal is holy unman thus humanly God pure life itself the highest living. Eternal salvation is the soul return to the beginningless almighty existence holy proactive of the heaven and earth. Eternity is obeying the heavenly morals.

JESUS AND JESUS CHRIST: Another Substance is God. God the human substance or other substances is not God. Jesus identified in human substance can be incarnation, that there are other incarnations but not Another Substance. People believe and say: Jesus is God, Jesus is Son of God, Jesus is a member in the Trinity, Jesus is Grace of God, Jesus is the Salvation, Jesus is Prophet of God and so on countless but none of them fulfills for Christ Jesus if not of Another Substance. Jesus is the only human lived Another Substance on earth. In Jesus is Christ. Christ is a selection word in human ways for Another Substance, holy unman the Wordless. In Jesus is Another Substance humanly worded Christ. Return process of removed angels begun prior to the heaven and earth was unman and Wordless signify Christ.

BELIEF IN MIRACLE HEALING: Another Sunstance God above the heaven and earth, Another Substance healing Miracle Healing, we may attain it is happening among us too. Our substance the heaven and earth, medicines and herbs and treatments, while the almight God unman proactive of our substance still available. On earth both herbs and weeds from the same mud while very rare miracle herbs too come up grow from the same earth that God proactive we never know when and where how will happen to us. Because it signify there is God Miracle in our god pure obedience to our substance.

GOD IN NEW GENERATION - New Verdict God for New Generation: God proactive of the heaven and earth is the holy one God above visible and invisible. Not only one God all people but also of all in all holy proactive of the almighty Eternal. That is above of known God from religion, above of your religion serving you as holy God. That is one God eternal of no diversity that the name and time and shape and word and so on all in all unman the eternal even in a split second of our substance. Take member eternal in advance during the human time. This substance life you can’t trust anybody other than God, because they all from the substance heaven and earth that they may talk heaven and do the earth on you. That God salvation for you individually in persom from God although living and serving the community in the name of God. God above visible and invisible. In your heart holy of God take membership in God proactive of the heaven and earth is your salvation wish and request and worship eternal life. You may still continue your faith order community as as necessary in the human life media. There is no wordily membership on God proactive of the heaven and earth membership other than yourself regiseted with God in the heart. However, you may testify before others the Member you taken with almighty God eternal.

NOT AGAINST YOUR RELIGION: God proactive of our substance the highest membership God in you is not against any religion because our substance is already of God begun the heaven and earth. While it is your soul position proactive of the heaven and earth. Another Substance your eternal is free of religion. God made the body of man and man made gods and religions and they are one against the other that the earth is a place both in invisible of spiritual virus and physical virus that almighty God above visible and invisible of man. You may take member God proactive of both viruses. In position the heaven singify virus position early of the symptoms that you may treat yourself and healed. Utter severe virus of no symptom until life ends, signify the end of our substance prophesied but we pray not to happen.

NEW VERDICT OF ETERNAL TAKE MEMBER IN ADVANCE ABOVE YOUR RELIGION: Uplift yourself move upwards youself in God as you know God eternal above the heaven and earth. New Verdict yourself above religion, God member in you proactive of the heaven and earth is the holy one God above visible and invisible. Not only all people one God but also one God all in all is holy proactive of the almighty. That is eternal God above religious holy serving in you. Take eternal member in advance during the human life. This our substance life you can’t trust anybody other than God, because they all from the substance heaven and earth that they may talk heaven and do the earth on you. God above visible and invisible. In your heart holy of God take membership in God proactive of the heaven and earth is your salvation wish and request and worship and holding the key to eternal life. You shall still continue your religious community as omnipotennt and omnipresent of God and there is no or impossible of wordily or temporal od physical membership God proactive of the heaven and earth. Take member in heart of life and may testify through God pure in yourself. That All Member One God almighty God eternal alive existed free of the heaven and earth – take member in life in heart in you are God proactive of the heaven and earth for the peace and eternal salvation – God life itself the highest prayer and worship and the membership - God proactive of your own life don't copy others but do it through own life. King David was a cruel man and became in God proactive of the heaven and earth and his prayer testimonials only he knew what it was and what it is - Jesus lived a man was born proactive of the heaven and earth that others may not be able to serve as him while may do in God pure human substance. And so on many that Join the Eternal proactive God pure free of religious notion.

NEW VERDICT SALVATION: Register in life and heart now itself joined the eternal and feel you are God pure non-Self member with God proactive of the heaven and earth. It is your uprade and uplift above all religions and of no harm or ruin anyone, It is new generation of people on earh. It is God is infinity of oneness in you too. It is above all you know and the prayers on earth. It is you and God and you with God and individually in person in God and the blessing you are able self dependent in all respects in human life. It brings the highest blessed experience in life. It is you and your home eternally blessed of God more than of a premitive blessed after joined the modern.

UNIFORMITY IN SALVATION: Everyone all the living wish the same no harm or ruin, miracles and progress in life that is uniformity among all evey living. But coming to eternal salvation religious salvaion is not in uniformity. So here comes the new millineum salvation in uniformity that everyone can take the membership and live in the enlightenment taken the membership.

MILLENNIUM SALVATION ONE GOD ONE WAY SALVATION ALL PEOPLE NO RELIGION: God is our highest life, itself in person above the community. The highest proactive heaven and earth morals for human salvation we say God dwells in heaven. Eternal salvation individually in person on heavenly done. God eternal Invisible another substance above our visible and invisible and scholastic. God eternal inseparable indivisible non-Self heavenly unity humanly love care humility of no harm or ruin, in the simple most one God all people. God the eternal salvation uniformity inborn in all people free of religion. Practice God above you are good. No moral level eternal, practice God above salvation religiously. God another Substance ABOVE our visible and invisible that even a plant no human heart or mind or body, knows where its food available under the earth and its soft head roots through thick soil reaches there saves the tree. Holy God substance serve individually in person on degree will for the salvation. Progressive revelation for the salvation the millennium offer God make us anew, every human an incarnation of God take membership in the eternal salvation. God pure spirit hidden in our invisible heart the temple of God. God miracle even from the mud on earth, mud itself unman seed both weed and herbal, weed of the past could be herbal of the future. All these and more morals on earth God proactive of the heaven and earth. Heaven and earth itself Incarnation of God. Abraham Christ

TAKE ETERNAL MEMBERSHIP - THE FUTURE: Learm from Coronavirus - person to persion spread - person to others super spread - Then most dangerous Community Spread, if happens the people and instituitions, all kinds of caretakers, prayer warriors, all members in the family, shopping places, you name it all in all in the community will be affected, and futher worse spread to other community and no individual service even for the dead could happen. In view of all those may take member the highest prayer in the eternal salvation by selves in person the millennium offer make youself a humble incarnation of God.

RELIGIOUS LIMITS: Religion our substance one of the other substances further apart from the heavenly morals. Heaven and earth our substance heaven the morals even no match eternal level. Another Substance, God, Another Existence, Eternal, mighty the almighty God, Beginningless Endless Eternal, holy unman one God all in all the Highest. Religion confuses the people with Another Substance holy almighty eternal indivisible and inseparable endless existence proactive unlimited second to none of all other substances. God non-Self pure but interfaith coalition selfish of no heavenly moral. Eternal another substance no moral up to the eternal level. Religion old traditions even in the millennium fulfilment no more disparity in eternal salvation. God pure in the millennium fulfilment everyone is God incarnation. Eternal beginningless God pure enlightens no religion. Religion as scholastic substance lacking wordless proactive the heaven and earth. In our substance God made man but man manmade gods and religions and beliefs they limit against each other, instead the unity indivisible inseparable. Eternal salvation individually in person above religion every one can take membership free of religion, the millennium offer no prerequisite free for all people and all religions. Taken the membership enlighten to God pure no harm or ruin non-Self in person the highest life fee from religious limits. The messager Abraham Christ, why Christ, the most common for holy unman in every language.

TESTIMONIAL GOD IN SERVICE PROACTIVE: In 1958 at my 12 year school a teacher gave a pocket size Bible, in holy I saved even though only little bit English I knew. After four year college I served non-infantry soldier with an Infantry Battalion of Kashmir and Punjab residents of the Indian Army, I was the only Christian there, so in honor I used to show them the bible. Serving at border with Pakistan, on the August 15, 1965 holiday on the Independence Day of India, at 8AM Pakistan begun non-stop heavy artillery bombing on us. In rush took shelter in a nearby trench. One of the soldiers aloud remind me keep the bible with me. Within two minutes on returned with the bible no trench instead a huge hollow, soldier bodies scattered unidentifayable still dying. The bible in 1958 was God proactive saving me from the war, Wordless other experience others too my life Abraham Christ


GOD CAN COME OUT EVEN FROM A REJECTED PERSON: God pure life, individually in person is above the community, itself the highest worship. God holy proactive heaven and earth is the eternal above all religious notions. Heaven the morals for human salvation so say God dwells in heaven. Eternal salvation individually in person on God pure life. God Invisible another substance above our visible and invisible and scholastic. Eternal in simple, the highest all in all one God all people, God inseparable indivisible is unman non-Self purity humanly love care everyone of no harm or ruin or scholastic. God pure eternal salvation is only one way for all and is free from the religious. Guide the enemy on good God than praying God is good. Learn and practice the morals from drama of salvation religion. God Another Substance ABOVE visible and invisible earth that even a plant no human heart or mind or body, knows where its food available under the earth and the soft head roots through thick soil reaches there. Holy God another substance proactive of the heaven and earth works and serve above the human. God through progressive revelation offer the Purity proactive of the heaven and earth is the highest blessing, makes us anew. God pure the Spirit is hidden is every heart temple of God, and every life is in the home of God. God made the mud is hidden with miracles on manmade temple. Mud seed both weed and herbal, healing medicines and once in a generation herbal also hidden in the mud, even most wanted vaccine for virus treatment is hidden in the weed. Long time weed could be herbal for the future. All these and more God proactive of the heaven and earth in truth will appear. Heaven and earth itself Incarnation of God. Abraham Christ

I AM RELIGIOUS MEMBER SHOULD I TAKE ETERNAL SALVATION MEMBERSHIP: YES because no religion is eternal, even the heaven and earth itself is not eternal, no moral is eternal level. Eternal salvation the final destination God pure inborn in every human in the highest perfection in person the same all people in you too free fo religion. Religious is community diversity, eternal no diversity. Even the enemy of God too in the religion. Salvation individually in person take the salvation membership in Uplift yourself the millennium incarnation of God than a religious tradition. God pure in the progressive revelation the Millenium Offer, take eternal salvation membership enlighten life in person above the community worshipers.

SOLDIER ON DUTY LIFE ITSELF:First time ever this Age offer all of us join the eternal salvation God all in all the highest life all of us. Taken the membership leads to God proactive the heaven and earth no harm or ruin. Another Substance God Eternal. Testify God pure willingness the return to Eternal. Uplift life from unholy sufferings that no earth apart you from the Eternal. Register the Return in life itself Eternal evermore, the Messenger Abraham Christ of God.


First Time EverEternal SoldierMillenium OfferEternal SoldierTake MembershipEternal Soul God Spiritual OfferEternal SoldierWhy Wait Eternal SoulGod HealingEternal Soldier KEY TO MIRACLES. One person two thousand years ago over two billion persons the millenium - eternal salvation through progressive revelation in person join eternal soldier at will and live in the enlightenment in born God pure life - no hurt or ruin no name or fame or title or scholastic. God pure is free from spiritual virus of any kind. Abraham Christ Eternal Soldier we pray.


Eternal, Another Substance, the highest existence almighty God all the way totally Unman. Proactive of heaven and earth, eternal is above humanly known existence. Heaven and earth our substance the heaven is moral for life on earth so we say God dwells in heaven. Holy the purity Another Substance happens in human life itself and the eternal salvation on God pure service. Salvation is heaven and earth preparing the eternal proactive of the. Impossible for man other than experienced wordlessly the highest existence. Anything in human life impossible of man is from Another Substance. Impossible of human happens holy unman God is nameless and timeless and shapeless, non-Self proactive the heaven and earth alive with us above all we believe or humanly serve. Service of the Eternal is above our ways of wisdom love and peace, visible and invisible and so on. Eternal the indivisible and inseparable sameness inborn among all of us free of the diversities on earth. Heaven and earth the heaven signify morals for man to practice on earth, for we say God dwells in the heaven. Heaven and earth as creation a germ and its magnitude may spread global that the almighty above our visible and invisible. Heaven and earth incarnation of God is our highest wisdom. Our return to the purity Another Substance proactive of the heaven and earth is the Eternal Salvation free of diversity, the Salvation for all and one God all people. If was not born life holy eternal alive proactive heaven and earth God pure non-Self

Enlightened in the ultimate truth one God all things is the highest in human life. God the ultimate truth is Another Substance proactive of our substance the heaven and earth. Salvation is attained the ultimate truth. Life purity itself the highest prayer from our substance. Heaven and earth is an incarnation of God but disobedience established it as creation. God has no religion. Enlighten God from our substance the worship is in heart nameless. Although in community service the Salvation in person on God pure life. Enlightened in God free of creation no harm and ruin. One God "Prayer One" inborn in every human non-Self of no name or fame or harm or ruin or righteouls only of no disobedience. Another Substance the Almighty one accord regardless the our diversities. God invisible everyone invisibly standing the line God for all the happening. God pure stands closer with the Almighty. The enemy unpredictably repeats and stronger than before will be defeated by the Mighty miracle even possible in split second as we are in God. No human perfect so God concession the Grace of God, God the Father shall appear as the Son of God came again. Eternal Salvation through progressive revelation shall come true against the enemy wish. Prayer One heart of every person is God invisible speaks through tGod pure life.

UNTIL ETERNAL NOTHING HUMAN IS ETERNAL - NEW AGE SALVATION UPLIFT NO RELIGIOSITY. SALVATION PURITY HUMBLE SIMPLE NO SCHOLASTIC OR HARM OR RUIN. The milleninum every human in person take membership in the Eternal Salvation and serve. The membership uplift Moral Obligation Salvaion God Pure Life the highest . Eternal fulfilment all the souls in Eternal. Eternal a simple example that a ten year boy see eighty years too far while eighty year old see ten year instantly was near. Every birth itself a death but not identified in death until death. Jesus was a human while Christ human ways eternal that human to eternal.

Holy Almighty Eternal, Eternal of Eternal, Holy the pure Beginningless of Endless Eternal, Another Substance, Pure the Eternal. Mighty the unman in liturgy God the Spirit, God the Father of all things, Kingdom of God, miracles and mysteries, visible and invisible, known and unknown. On rebel and unwilling to obey of certain angels the Eternal still available to them known as Salvation through offer Grace of God concession. As they refused the Grace, God decision the salvation for them through the Grace guided Progressive Revelation of incarnations, the very first known to man heaven and earth miracle of God, and the highest God himself came down on earth in human ways the Son of God in the name Jesus with the message of eternal salvation for all. The offers prior to the heaven and earth in Unman of another substance. The rebal established heaven and earth harm and ruin as creation instead incarnation of God, and even made false messanger against the Son of God. The salvation, predetermined as in our case the heaven and earth, bestowed in Jesus the Son of God incarnation. God do on Jesus prayer, that God pure Jesus in you. Jesus the purity Kingdom of God Christ the another substance inseparable and indivisible of all the planets and universes. Trinity the highest three identities God the Father the head of all things and the Son the continuity in human ways and the Holy Spirit our eternal purity. Salvation in person enlights everyone in God. Many Christian Denominations on one Christ or many gods on one God or contradicting messages in the holy book, etc. are inflection of the disobedience. It is not worth even to mention the things done by them in secret but everything will exposed by God visible in many ways, and finally everyone will be obedient upon the Son again come the Father himself. Salvation language in mystery as lacking God pure life yet is the light FREE of the earthly, belief in gods, religion, harm or ruin as God. God made man, the enemy in man made gods and religions to work against God and man. Many beliefs are the enemy creation for man lacking the Ultimate Truth. So the Son of God came to save the blind man from blind again. Jesus for all people the incarnation Son of God. Where is God the enemy say "I don't know - how I know" but you would say "In my life". Salvation the obedience to the Mighty is life in humility every human child of God, we all are. Holy mystery reveals the first miracle of the father God heaven and earth, God made male and female, and Jesus the son pure water became wine, and belief in the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit in similitude. God the beginningless Pure begun a beginning the heaven and earth concession offer the Grace of God Salvation as necessary through the Son. But the enemy made visible and invisible virus on earth. Jesus is the Grace proven between the very first known miracle of God the Father and Jesus the Son through water became wine. God pure colorless tasteless odorless before our time made the first known miracle heaven and earth, and the first known miracle of Jesus water colorless tasteless odorless became wine another substance tasty and odor and color and short time energy signify earthly life the Grace as needed, similitudes the very first both miracles. Grace of God as necessary not all of them needed wine. The Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit or any word for human messaging purpose otherwise the Substance is unman. God pure life on earth visible is Jesus and invisible is Christ. No man is perfect yet God pure highest Christ your name at least testify innocent wish . Beginningless eternal endless eternal the eternal to eternal salvation for all humanly serve beyond the human in Christ, the mystery of God serving among us beyond the heaven and earth. The enemy makes assembly in the name Christ thus Jesus the Son of God taught us God pure life in person the highest. God salvation another Substance no harm or ruin but the Satan creates harm and ruin and selfish many gods and beliefs and nations one against the other, on too much happens 10, 25, 50, 100, 1000, 10000 year plagues on earth. A person age 90 years see God and the world different of 10 and 900 while God pure always the same. God pure no harm or ruin the humility heart pray of no enemy namelessly for all including all planets and universes. God non-Self the life itself the highest prayer and truth and worship overcomes all the factions. Trust in God eternal existing from before our time of the heaven and earth, non-comprehensible to us. Glorify God the entirety in worship. God pure life beyond belief and the heaven and earth serve Miracles wordless timeless split second and timely of the world and beyond. Eternal salvation the life itself the highest performance wordless pure. God incarnations other universes or planets as in our case Jesus, the Entirety all planets and universes one salvation God for all the spirits human language Christ in myself Abraham Christ, God pure your prayer too, this service since 2000AD, in oneness of all people and more, Peace of no harm or ruin, life itself the highest everyone at times involuntarily too do God, many more will be healed worldwide. The salvation or miracle inseparably one accord all souls and people THROUGH non-Self humility everyone has Fulfilling in the name Jesus. One person two thousand years ago Jesus today over two billion persons Glory to God healing and peace and salvation everyone no hurt or ruin anyone. God pure is free from spiritual virus and selfish preachers. try amazing healing.

The Almighty is the person - God the highest moral one God on the Almighty - lessening the moral are many Gods and together is Ecumenism - word of God is moral on the Almighty for human standard - Earth or another planet or galaxy the Almighty is the same One but the moral or the word or God can be different life - The Almighty speaks to man in human ways - but the earth shrinks and misrepresents - God is the most misrepresented on earth by the forces against the Almighty - Christ is the action of the Almighty fully performed in human Jesus - thus is Jesus Christ - Jesus is the Christ activated in man or human - be Christ than a Christian or Buddha or Hindu or Muslim etc for the Almighty you serve in your life or the least a religion

Christ in person is Volunteer in the Trinity anointed in the Mighty - Christ is the universal last name for every human I'm Abraham Christ, but mostly misunderstood as Christians only - Good Samaritan is the Samarian Christ - Jesus was Christ even before the Christian - Do the Almighty you are Christ of no religion - not knowing you too did Christ - you did not know because you didn't know the truth of salvation - Christ is the jnvisible action of the Almighty - (It was Christ in me on Sunday worshipping service, the only one Christian in the camp of about 700 soldiers, I was assistant to the priest at my Army Camp Hindu Temple at India-Pak border area)

If Jesus was born at another time and place the Christianity for religion would have been different accordingly - while the Action the Almighty remains the same. In the book of Esther the word God is missing but the action is the Almighty God that is the Christ - I invite all people to the Action the Almighty person -

Each of us see many things in advance that we are seed of the Almighty. A seed might not know itself and the Tree while the seed itself the tree and no seed is out of the tree. God know us even though won't. Bad seeds are a separation from the good seeds. Good seeds are kept together and wish all seeds be good. God pure is our seed on earthly life and wish salvation for all the spirits and souls that you are Seed of God on earth or in the world - your salvation is not just limited to yourself - my salvation is not just myself - every seed must be save the salvation each other for own salvation fulfilled - my salvation is the entire spirits and souls past present and future. God the Father and God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and God the seeds we are in God the Son again come himself the Father of another name of the Tree.

God and moral are word or Word of God - Word of God and the moral on the Almighty with the Almighty without beginning, timeless, ageless, endless for the Christian says Word of God - it is "Volunteer the Almighty " the action Almighty by you - The action the Almighty (Christ) you will find every human is Almighty Service Branch - likewise angels stars heavens you too a branch of the Almighty together with them - I feel I am - God is invisible truth and you too are invisibly standing on the line with all for your next - attain Online in the Action - prayer changes life, pray the Almighty will listen you - your prayer invisible Online to the Almighty is Powerful that it changes even the Almighty for your blessings - if you feel standing on visible line pray for the Mighty Almighty will move you to Right line::

Eternal Salvation new offer in new generation above all religious diversities - religious free new verdict eternal God proactive heaven and earth one God all people heaven the morals God dwelling - Prayer One God in every person invisible speaks through inborn God language